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How Much Does an eBike Weigh? – eBike Weight Facts

Written by Gary Johnson / Fact checked by Henry Speciale

how much does an ebike weigh

Gas-powered motors with loud mufflers are slowly saying goodbye and what’s showing up to say hello are e-bikes!

E-bikes, with their great functionality, become a good choice for excercising. But, is it suitable for you? How much does an eBike weigh? For a bicycle that does every single thing a motorcycle can do minus the heavy expenses, you probably expect it to weigh a lot.

Surprisingly, it’s not as heavy as you might think. The average weight of electric bikes is only around 40-80 pounds (18 kg – 27 kg)


Weight of Different Types of Bikes

When you want to go into the specifics, the weight of ebike differs due to its type. There are several types of e-bikes that have unique qualities of their own.

If you want to know more about the types of e-bikes and how heavy they are, here are all the details.

1. Electric Mountain Bikes

Electric mountain bikes are used for off-road adventures, usually in the mountains.

Like a regular mountain bike, it has everything it needs to run smoothly on off-road destinations. The good thing about it is that, unlike the traditional bikes, it has a motor and battery for better performance.

An electric mountain bike weight is around 84 lbs or 38 kg. While its frame is relatively small, the motor and battery mostly contribute to its weight.

2. Folding E-Bike

A folding e-bike is similar to any e-bike; the only difference is that it’s a bike that’s perfect for travel because it’s made foldable and compact.

Mini folding e-bikes weigh about 30-40 lbs or 13-18 kg. And, the regular-sized e-bikes weigh around 40-70 lbs or 18-31kg.

3. Cruiser E-Bike

A cruiser E-bike takes after a cruiser motorcycle and has a rounded frame. It’s mostly used for cruising around the beach to relax.

Compared to the typical e-bikes, the cruiser e-bike is much more comfortable because of its large handlebars that serve as a comfy seating place.

This type of e-bike has fatter tires. The usual fat tire electric bike weight is around 60-80 lbs.

For the weight of a cruiser e-bike specifically, it’s 70 lbs.

4. Commuting E-Bike

Commuting e-bikes is probably the most seen e-bike on the streets. From the name itself, it’s for commuting.

This type of e-bike is also called a hybrid e-bike because of its similarities to other e-bikes. Because of their purpose, they carry larger batteries. This is why its weight is heavier than others.

5. Racing E-Bike

When you make an ebike weight comparison, you’ll notice that a racing e-bike is the lightest ebike among the rest. This is because they have a thinner frame.

They are for racing, and a larger frame or wheels need more energy to turn, whereas thinner ones can move quicker with little effort.

This e-bike comes at a weight of 40 pounds or 18 kilograms.

Ebike Parts Weight


If you’ve noticed anything from e-bikes, the bigger the electric bike specs, the heavier they are.

For example, if the e-bike battery weight is around 20 pounds, that’s almost half of the weight of a racing e-bike.

To let you in on the exact average weight of e-bike parts. Here are the parts that make up the majority of an e-bike weight.

  • Electric Motor – 10 lbs
  • Battery – 10-20 lbs
  • Tires – 450 g

Factors That Affect E-bike Weight

The two main factors that affect an e-bike’s weight are what we’ve already discussed earlier–the e-bike parts and the e-bike type. It doesn’t differ much from what affects the weight of a regular bike.

But aside from these two main factors, there are also other contributing factors that you should know.

  • Accessories – Suspensions and breaks.
  • Materials – This can be the type of steel used in manufacturing the bike frame.
  • Seat Size If the seats are large, the weight may be heavier.
  • Bike Rack If there is a bike rack, this also adds up to more weight.

Famous E-bike Brand Weights

Haibike e-bike

  • The weight of a Haibike e-bike is around 59 lbs. If you want an additional battery, the weight can increase to as high as 65 lbs.

Pedego e-bikes


  • Pedego bikes weigh around an average of 50- 60 lbs.

Trek e-bikes

  • A Trek electric bike weigh about 38 lbs if it has a small motor and battery combination.

Aventon e-bikes


  • Aventon ebike weigh a lot more than the other brands. It weighs as heavy as 49 lbs.

Specialized e-bikes

  • A Specialized e bike weight is the lightest since it is only 33 lbs to 47 lbs, depending on the type.



Should I be concerned with my e-bike’s extra weight?

If there is no need for you to pick it up and carry it wherever you go, then no. Most of the time, the excess weight actually goes unnoticeable. For some, a heavier e-bike is what they need as it fits their body type better.

A heavier e-bike may even be to your advantage since it’s stronger and lasts a while.

Are all e-bikes heavy?

As compared to regular bikes, yes they are heavy. This is because it runs on electricity which means it includes an electrical assist. If you’re not a frequent mountain climber, the weight is barely a problem.

Does the weight of your e-bike matter?

It all depends on your purpose of use. If you’re riding it to go uphill, it’s better to go for a regular bike since it’s much more lightweight, meaning it won’t give you a hard time carrying it.

If you’re only using your e-bike for daily commuting, it doesn’t really matter.

Do electric bikes have a weight limit?

Yes. Just like any other vehicle, e-bikes are designed to only carry a specific weight. Usually, the average e-bike weight ranges from only 220-330 lbs. The highest weight an e-bike can carry is 500 lbs and this is usually for cargo e-bikes.


Now you know how much does an eBike weigh? As stated earlier, electric bike weights don’t matter all that much if you’re driving it daily around the cities, the streets, or wherever you are.

But it doesn’t hurt to feed yourself some information. Make use of your newly found knowledge and share this with your friends. Who knows? They might need it way more than you do!

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