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The Best Bike Handlebar Bags for Bikepacking and Commuting

Written by Gary Johnson / Fact checked by Henry Speciale

best bike handlebar bag

Biking, both as a primary mode of transportation and a hobby, has become increasingly popular over the recent years. More people are opting out of cars and trains for their daily commute and are discovering the wonders of the outdoors with their bicycles and electric scooters. And while finding the right bike for your needs is already a taxing endeavor in itself, choosing the best bike handlebar bag can be equally tedious.

A handlebar bag is one of those bike gears that aren’t must-haves but are complete game changers when it comes to biking experience. Imagine not having to fumble around in your pocket for your phone or wallet. No more worrying if your stuff is safe in your pannier or trying to stop your messenger bag from swinging around at every turn.

When it comes to bike bags for your handlebar you need to consider what will most suit your lifestyle and needs. I gathered the most popular handlebar bags in the market and tested each one out for the top 3 most important qualities you should check: size, versatility, and.

  • Size and Capacity: Depending on where you’re going, you need a handlebar bag that easily fits all your necessities without throwing off your balance. Something small and compact might be better suited to urban settings while something with more space is great for off-road trips.
  • Ease of Use: In general, handlebar bags for bikes have to be easy to use when you’re in motion. You can’t keep stopping in the middle of traffic or on the trail just so you can reach for your water bottle. Similarly, something that keeps dropping or requires constant adjustments just isn’t worth the money in the long run.
  • Durability: Whether you’re bikepacking or going around the city multiple times a day, you want a small handlebar bag that will accompany you for a long time. It needs to be able to withstand that impact of motion, changing weather, and frequency of use.


Top 1
MATTISAM Bike Handlebar Bag

  • Insulated interiors
  • Touch screen pocket
  • Flexible but durable design

Top 2
Rhinowalk RK18995

  • Twill fabric innovation
  • Non-slip attachments
  • Dust-proof and mud-proof

List of Top-Tier Bike Handlebar Bag Reviews

1. MATTISAM Bike Handlebar Bag

When making larger road runner handlebar bags, it can be challenging to converge both storage capacity and balance. However, the MATTISAM Bike Handlebar Bag does this beautifully to craft an innovative bike bag.

A medium-sized bag (12.95 x 10.08 x 2.99 inches) with a 2.5L capacity, it’s easy to think you won’t be able to fit a lot. But the tapered rectangular shape and flexible structure actually allows you to bring snacks and essentials conveniently.

This is the first option I’ve seen with an insulated interior. You can keep your food warm or cold for about 1-1.5 hours, making it a great handlebar bag for bikepacking or commuting to the office.

The touch screen pocket also lets you take calls, check maps, and use it for extra storage while in motion. The reflective straps are also an added security measure for riding at night.

 Heads-up:  The only problem I had was storing heavier items like hefty metal water bottles or pocketbooks. The velcro straps can’t hold the full weight with these items and will snag off. This is worth noting if you plan on bringing weightier items.

Made from 600D polyester fabric and padded with insulators, this bag is waterproof, leakproof, and dustproof. You can feel the quality of the materials, and it doesn’t get scratched easily. It looks like it would last a long time even in less-than-ideal riding conditions.

 What We Liked: 
  • Insulated interiors
  • Flexible but durable design
  • Touch screen pocket
  • Durable against the elements
 What We Didn’t Like: 
  • Cannot hold hefty items
  • Velcro straps can unclasp if too heavy
 Bottom Line:  This is a high-quality city or road bike handlebar bag you can rely on for a long time. It’s great for carrying food and daily essentials, and can be a permanent accessory for convenient bike riding.

2. Rhinowalk RK18995 Bike Handlebar Bag

The Rhinowalk Bike Handlebar Bag is a 2-in-1 multifunctional bag I would love to recommend to anyone. It’s one of my favorites because of how well it blends style, functionality, and.

The first thing I noticed was its shape. Most bike bags come in burrito or cube shapes; this one is a slim rectangle. At 7.5 x 3.5 x 9.8 inches and with a 5L capacity, you can actually fit in an Ipad mini, small lunch boxes, umbrellas, a small pump, and a light jacket inside. There is also a separate compartment for a water bottle and a small pocket for phones and wallets.

This bag comes with 3 adjustable rail systems made from non-slip leather to provide stability and prevent friction on the handlebar. The velcro straps felt tight and secure and the bag didn’t move even with twists and turns.

Like other bike bags, it comes with a shoulder strap that can be attached into a sling for you to bring the bag anywhere. But what it does better than other bike bags is that it actually looks like a shoulder bag and not a bike bag with a strap.

 Heads-up:  The only issue I found were the zippers. They tend to get caught in the cloth or fabric inside. My suggestion would be to keep fabric away from the ziplines.

Rhinowalk’s innovative “Twill Fabric” makes their bicycle handlebar bags waterproof as well as dust- and mud-proof. It protects the bag from the outdoors and acts as an insulator as well. It can be attached onto mountain bikes, electric scooters, and bikes with drop bars.

 What We Liked: 
  • Stylish, multi-functional design
  • Twill fabric innovation
  • Non-slip attachments
  • Dust-proof and mud-proof
 What We Didn’t Like: 
  • Zippers can get caught
 Bottom Line:  This is easily a top-rated handlebar bag for touring. The design and functionality of this bag pairs well with the needs of an average biker and can be used for different activities. It holds up excellently against others in the market.

3. Oranlife Bike Handlebar Bag

Oranlife’s take on the top-quality bike handlebar bag infuses premium quality items with ergonomic features that any biker would love. Whether you’re going out for a quick run to the convenience store or a weekend ride, this is the bike accessory you wouldn’t want to leave behind.

It’s full dimensions are 10 x 5.5 x 5 inches and has a 3.5L capacity. The burrito shape makes it lightweight and easy to secure onto bars but still allows for bulkier items to be stored inside. I was able to fit in a light windbreaker, a water bottle, my sunglasses, wallet, and keys, and still had room for a few small snacks.

Unlike other bike bags, securing this one onto handlebars is done through 3 Velcro straps. I was initially concerned about whether that would be enough to keep them in place during a trip but, even filled with contents, the bag doesn’t flop around or drop while in motion.

I like how big the transparent touch screen pocket is. I can put my phone or a small map inside and see both clearly. However, I did notice that my phone overheated during my trip. This didn’t happen with other bags so I’m worried if the plastic might be the cause.

 Heads-up:  This is a true waterproof bike. You can actually pour water over it and the contents stay dry. The polyester and TPU materials make it look stylish and premium while also being practical. I can even use it as a day bag by attaching the shoulder strap that it comes with.

 What We Liked: 
  • Waterproof material
  • 5L capacity
  • Easy to secure
  • Shoulder strap included
  • Does not flop or drop easily
 What We Didn’t Like: 
  • Touchscreen pocket can overheat
 Bottom Line:  I would recommend this to people looking for a medium-sized bike bag that they can use for work and short trips. It can carry everything you might need and be used for errands and daily commutes.

4. Roswheel 11494-D-Parent Handlebar Bag

An all-around front handlebar bike bag, the Roswheel bike bag is a great option for many city-dwellers like the old-fashioned timbuk2 handlebar bag. It’s fully functional while you’re in motion and can also be used separately as a shoulder bag for when you need to bring your valuables with you.

With 12 x 5 x 5.5 inch dimensions and a 5L capacity, this lightweight bike bag can easily store your essentials (i.e. phone, wallet, keys) and still have some room leftover. I noticed it’s very similar to a mini gym bag in that I can also fit a small water bottle and an extra change of clothes if I need to.

I love the fact that this bag has 3 compartments. Even though it isn’t that big, I found that I can actually put a lot of things inside. The material is flexible without being flimsy so it can expand slightly if you’re trying to fit in something bulkier. The zippers can also be used with just one hand if you’re in motion.

The top-tier thing about this bag is that I can unhook it from my bike and bring it with me wherever I go. There’s no need for me to bring a separate bag or stuff my pockets with the things I need.

You can really feel the quality of the materials used. I like how thick and padded the bag is. It cushions the items inside when I’m on a bumpy road, and it doesn’t get scuffed or scratched by accident. It’s not waterproof but it is water-resistant so you don’t have to worry about it getting wet when it suddenly rains while you’re out.

 Heads-up:  However, if you overstuff the bag it does sag and can be a distraction when riding. Some items also poke through because of their shape and edges.

 What We Liked: 
  • Spacious compartments
  • Sturdy materials
  • Shoulder bag option
  • Easy to bring anywhere
  • Water-resistant construction
 What We Didn’t Like: 
  • Can sag with weight
  • Bulky items can deform it
 Bottom Line:  Overall, this is a great bicycle handlebar pouch you can use daily for both your community needs and general carrier use.

5. WOTOW RBK3-AO-3 Bike Handlebar Bag

The WOTOW Handlebar Bag is considered a great option for those looking for a cross between a city bike bag and a mountain bike handlebar bag. Cycling becomes more convenient with it’s large capacity and multi-functional design.

With 14.72 x 8.46 x 3.9 inch dimensions and a 3L capacity, this bike bag is on the larger side. It can conveniently hold daily essentials plus small bike tools. It also comfortably fits my 3-layer-lunch box with room to spare.

One of my favorite features is the transparent touch screen pocket on top. It’s about 7 x 5 inches so it fits most smartphones. It’s reliable when I need to check my phone for maps or notifications while stuck on the road.

There’s also a shoulder strap included for you to use this bag as a makeshift lunch box carrier or a daily commuter bag. The installation is also pretty secure and simple to operate. You can use this on folding bikes, electric scooters, and even kid bikes. There’s an added safety feature of reflective stripes for night riding as well.

 Heads-up:  The bag is composed of 300D polyester fabric and padded with HDPE. It’s solid but the zipper does get stuck a bit. I wouldn’t recommend opening it while in motion as you might get distracted trying to open the bag. Otherwise, it’s sturdy and is water- and mud-resistant.

 What We Liked: 
  • Spacious 3L capacity
  • Touch screen pocket
  • Reflective safety stripes
  • Shoulder strap
  • Versatile compatibility
  • Water-resistant and mud-resistant
 What We Didn’t Like: 
  • Tricky zipper
 Bottom Line:  Generally, I would consider this an awesome bicycle bag, which checks off all the major points. I highly recommend it for people who use bikes frequently both in the city and mountains.

6. Moosetreks Bike Handlebar Stem Bag

If hydration and food are your top priorities for bike rides, then the Moosetreks Stem Bag is a must-have for you!

The vertical shape of the bag instantly sets it apart from all other bike bags for handlebars. At 7.36 x 6.06 x 1.88 inches, it has a 3L capacity in its drawstring compartment. It can fit a 32oz water bottle or be filled with food and necessities. There are also additional mesh pockets on the side.

Attaching it to the front stem is much easier compared to horizontal bags. The 3 straps keep it secure even on rough trails. Although I notice they tend to sag after a few hours.

My water bottle was kept cold because of the insulated compartment. I also like using this bag for my daily commute to work because it also doubles as my lunch bag. I can keep take out or groceries inside for longer times without the food getting spoiled.

Furthermore, the drawstring opening makes it easy to use with one hand. I can keep moving and reach for my phone, wallet, or map without having to stop.

 Heads-up:  The insulation and water-resistant nylon keeps the bag durable through long rides. It feels thin and lightweight but it doesn’t snag easily unless dropped on rocks. But I did notice that depending on how much your items weigh, the bag can drop if the straps aren’t tight enough.

 What We Liked: 
  • One-handed access
  • Insulated compartment
  • Secure attachment
  • Water-resistant
  • Able to use with one hand
 What We Didn’t Like: 
  • Not ideal for heavy items
  • Loose straps
 Bottom Line:  This is a great alternative for bikepackers who don’t really want to carry things apart from food and water. It’s light, reliable, and won’t get in the way of your ride.

7. Rhinowalk TF910 Bike Handlebar Bag

A mini waterproof handlebar bag from Rhinowalk that covers all the basics and adds more to your riding experience. This two-way bike bag is your new go-to bike accessory for all cycling trips within the city.

At 7.5 x 3.5 x 9.8 inches, this pouch is on the smaller side of options. But, even with its compact size, I can store my phone, charger, wallet, and a small water bottle. I like to think this bag forces you to only bring what you actually need and streamlines your packing checklist.

I was initially concerned with how this mini bag was going to hold up once attached. But fortunately, the adjustable straps were secure and tight. Even with a full load, the bag doesn’t wobble on the bars.

It also works well for drop bars and kid bicycles because of its small size. Like the other Rhinowalk bike bags, there’s a shoulder strap included. You can transform it into a cool sling for your camera, supplies, or necessities.

 Heads-up:  The “Twill Fabric” technology is also present in this bag. The thick nylon, polyester, and mesh material makes it waterproof, heat-resistant, and easy-to-clean. However, the zippers do get stuck frequently. So, you might want to check them when you first try the bag to make sure they work well.

 What We Liked: 
  • Multifunctional bike and shoulder bag
  • Twill fabric technology
  • Waterproof and wear-resistant
  • Compact design and structure
  • Durable construction from thick materials
 What We Didn’t Like: 
  • Zipper gets stuck frequently
 Bottom Line:  If you’re in the market for mini handlebar bags for touring, this one is worth considering for its superb design and functionality. It’s simple enough that even kids will love having it on their bikes.

8. Lumiere & Co. ‎Bike Handlebar Bag

The next option, Lumiere & Co. Bike Handlebar Bag, is notable for its convenience in various aspects. For instance, its quick attachment process via an adjustment clip couldn’t be easier. I can have this handlebar bag bicycle pack set up in no time.

Furthermore, I am thrilled that its positioning doesn’t affect my riding experience. I found its placement on my handlebars relatively comfortable and hassle-free. Honestly, I haven’t had a single problem with the location of this quick-release handlebar bag since first attaching it on my ride.

The inside and outside pockets also make the product more appealing. After all, these two separate pockets allow me to store and categorize all the items I need on my bike rides. I no longer have to decide what to bring along like with my previous small handlebar bags.

Additionally, this bag manages to be among the most durable bikepacking handlebar bags. It earns this praise with its waterproof construction made from tough 700D nylon. It’ll have no trouble functioning well as a handlebar bag touring pack or any other regular-use situation.

One last notable attribute is that the product comes in five stylish colors: black, navy green, purple, white, and yellow. I had trouble deciding what to choose because I adored all of them. Ultimately, this product’s yellow option was too perfect for my bike’s personality not to select.

 Heads-up:  Perfect as it may seem, this front bicycle bag does have one flaw in its design. I found it difficult to see inside the bag in low-light conditions. As a result, it’s become slightly annoying during my nighttime rides.

 What We Liked: 
  • Quick attachment process via adjustment clip
  • Comfortable, hassle-free installation placement
  • Convenient inside and outside pockets for storing items
  • Durable, waterproof construction made from 700D nylon material
  • Five stylish color options for user preferences
 What We Didn’t Like: 
  • Challenging to see inside the bag in low-light conditions
 Bottom Line:  Overall, the low-light issue did bring me a little frustration. But I countered by bringing along a small flashlight and storing it in the outside pocket for quick access. After I came up with this solution, the handlebar bag became a great addition to my bike riding experience.

9. ROCKBROS Bike Handlebar Bag

Another multi-function bike bag—the ROCKBROS Bike Handlebar Bag is perfect for road bikes, mountain bikes, and electric scooters. It’s also a great accessory for daily use as a stylish shoulder bag.

At 11.46 x 6.5 x 4.53 inches and with a 2L capacity, this is a mini handlebar bag that can hold your phone, keys, wallet, glasses, and other small items. The double layer design gives you extra storage up front for more delicate objects like sunglasses, cameras, or maps.

It’s round and has adjustable straps that secure it into place so it doesn’t get into the way of your pedaling.

There is a lot of structure and rigidity in this bike bag. You can’t pack in a lot of things except small essentials. But it is secure, looks premium, and has a simple zipper for storage. It also comes with a shoulder strap so you can use it as your daily shoulder or crossbody bag.

I did notice that when it’s full and you’re on rougher paths, it can move about quite a bit. Even when I tightened the straps, it still kept swaying. I don’t suggest packing it to the brim when you go on uneven grounds.

 Heads-up:  Made from 600D Nylon, TPU film fabric, and with additional PP plate support, this bag can withstand almost anything. It’s waterproof, sturdy, and retains shape very well. The zippers are also designed to keep dirt, oil, dust, and water from entering so your items don’t get damaged.

 What We Liked: 
  • Double layer design for easy storage
  • Versatile bike and body bag
  • Waterproof
  • Made from premium materials
  • Sturdy and compact
 What We Didn’t Like: 
  • Unstable in rough and uneven terrain
  • Cannot fit bigger items
 Bottom Line:  This is easily one of the most stylish and versatile city bike handlebars available in the market. It’s designed for the minimalist urban biker who wants something simple and long-lasting.

10. WOTOW Bike Handlebar Bag

A highly durable and wear-resistant bag that’s most suited for outdoor and mountain bikers. The WOTOW Bike Handlebar Bag is designed for braving the elements and carrying all the essentials for a whole day of adventure.

This bag has a large capacity at 3L and with dimensions of 10.47 x 7 x 3 inches. It’s made from soft materials so you can overpack if you need to. It can comfortably store all your essentials and open up without spilling any of the contents. It also has additional side mesh pockets for extra storage.

I noticed that unless the bag is full, it tends to sag because of its soft material composition. That didn’t bother me as much because the adjustable fastener straps kept it secure to the handlebar.

The touch screen pocket fits most smartphones, and you can clearly see the screen even if the outside is wet. However, because the pocket itself is a bit loose, your phone will at times slip and slide inside. I’m concerned it might fall out if I make a sharp turn or bump it with my hands.

 Heads-up:  The reflective pattern is a bit too small to be considered a safety feature but you can see it within 3 feet.

The 420 nylon and TPU water-resistant material makes the bag incredibly durable against moisture and dirt. You can easily wipe off dust, and it keeps your items dry and secure inside.

 What We Liked: 
  • 3L storage capacity
  • Water- and dirt-resistant
  • Secure straps
  • Easy to clean
 What We Didn’t Like: 
  • Loose touch screen pockets
  • Reflective patterns are too small
 Bottom Line:  While it might not be the most innovative bag, it’s durable and efficient for long day trips and bikepacking. I would recommend this bag mostly for adventure riders and mountain bikers.

11. Bushwhacker Waco Bicycle Handlebar Bag

A burrito-shaped handlebar bag for road bikes, the Bushwhacker Waco Bike Bag is a fuss-free option for people who only want something lightweight and simple to use.

The 3L main pocket comfortably stores essentials for a trip up the mountains or off-road bikepacking. There is enough space for a water bottle, your wallet and phone, some snacks, a map, and a portable battery. Because of its shape, the burrito handlebar bag can accommodate bigger items like a light jacket or towel as well. It’s full dimensions are 7.6 x 6.2 x 0.4 inches.

Unlike most of the most trusted bicycle handlebar bags in the market, this one only had 2 straps with which to mount. They were a bit loose so the bag kept hitting the bars and swinging to the sides while in motion. You have to tighten them to keep the bag secure.

However, the straps do work well for dirt bikes, scooters, and ATVs. It also straps onto your seat as an alternative to the handlebar. It hangs high enough below the seat that it doesn’t get in the way of your movement or falls off unexpectedly.

 Heads-up:  Thin nylon and polyester are the main materials for the bag. At first, it seemed like it would get scuffed or torn easily but it actually held up well for a morning ride. I noticed that it’s also water-resistant and the extra flat over the zipper keeps water out of your things. Just remember now to keep it under the rain for too long.

 What We Liked: 
  • Sleek and compact
  • Water-resistant
  • Adjustable straps
  • Lightweight and flexible
 What We Didn’t Like: 
  • Straps need to be tightened
  • Can’t hold bigger items
 Bottom Line:  This is an awesome bikepacking handlebag bar for minimalists and light packers. It holds just enough items so you can focus on the adventure.

12. OBOVA Bike Handlebar Bag

A favorite among veteran cyclists, the OBOVA Bike Handlebar Bag makes your bikepacking adventures and daily commutes hassle-free.

This mountain bike handlebar bag has a 135 fluid oz capacity in the main compartment. It keeps its 8.7 x 4.7 x 5.9-inch shape with extra padding. You can easily fit a water bottle, a small bike repair kit, some snacks, and a light jacket. Small items like keys, chargers, or cards can be kept inside the mesh pockets.

I love how the bag is so secure against the handlebars even after I loaded it with a full water bottle and some snacks. My phone was also kept in place inside the touch screen pocket, and I can use it without having to press too hard.

There’s a small reflective stripe for a safer night ride and a detachable shoulder strap for when you want to use it off-bike.

 Heads-up:  The waterproof zippers were a bit tricky because they kept getting stuck, and I couldn’t open the bag while in motion.

Similar to most road bike handlebar bags, this one is made from 400D nylon and an inner PVC protection to keep it water-resistant and protected from the elements. The zippers repel water and keep items dry. Plus, the touch screen pocket is very well-made.

 What We Liked: 
  • Made from premium materials
  • Water-resistant
  • Sensitive touch screen pocket
  • Safety reflective strips for night rides
 What We Didn’t Like: 
  • Water-resistant zippers get stuck at times
 Bottom Line:  The ideal bag for someone who really wants to rough it out bikepacking. This bag can definitely keep up with you and your adventures and easily transforms into a stylish city bag. Take it with you up the mountains or down in the concrete jungle.

Opamoo Bicycle Handlebar Front Frame Bag (Outdated)

The Opamoo Bicycle Handlebar Bag is an amazing companion for long-haul bikepacking in the mountains or just going around the city. It ticks off all the boxes you might want in a long-lasting bike bag.

The box shape of this bag hides its spacious 3L capacity. You can keep your essentials here and have room for extra snacks, water, and a change of clothes. At 11.77 x 8.15 x 4.53 inches, you can also fit in a tablet or Kindle or an Ipad mini. There are additional side pockets for chargers or keys as well.

The hook and loop attachments work well with most bicycles. There’s an even distribution of weight, and the bag stays secure while in motion. The transparent touch screen pocket held my phone well, and it was tight enough that the phone didn’t slide around. However, I did have to press harder than normal to use my phone through the pocket.

The reflective strips around the sides are actually bright. You can see them even under intense daylight. The shoulder strap was a nice additional feature although it does cut into bar skin if the bag is too heavy.

 Heads-up:  Made from waterproof 300D polyester fiber and padded with HDPE, this bag is designed to brave the outdoors. Although the materials are thick, the bag itself is pretty flexible so it can be prone to deforming. You can fix that by simply adjusting and ironing it back into shape.

 What We Liked: 
  • Secure attachments
  • 3L capacity storage
  • Waterproof design
  • Touch screen pocket
  • Thick and durable materials
 What We Didn’t Like: 
  • Touchscreen pocket not as sensitive compared to others
  • Prone to deforming
 Bottom Line:  Great to have in the city and great to have outdoors—The Opamoo handlebar bag can get you through all of your storage needs during your adventures.

Topeak TKTBPFL2B Handlebar 8L Bag (Outdated)

If you’re looking for something you can take with you on camping or bikepacking trips, this Topeak handlebar bag is a great option to look into. The FrontLoader has all the features needed for toughing it out in the wilderness and the unpredictability of nature.

This bag is great for compressing large items like sleeping bags, spare clothes, and mats. You can fit a lot considering it’s 19.7 x 5.9 x 5.9 inches. There’s also a built-in air release button that pushes air out to flatten contents for convenience. But this feature isn’t ideal for items that can be damaged by pressure.

The adjustable buckles and spacers allow you to stabilize the bag while in motion. The bag itself stays still and items don’t shift around. Since it has openings on both ends, it’s one of the top-quality handlebar bags for drop bars.

 Heads-up:  However, the roll-up feature makes it unsuitable for phones, wallets, or anything you need to constantly use. I wouldn’t use this for my daily ride in the city. I would have to stop and unroll it to get items. It’s for this reason that I would recommend it for longer, outdoor rides.

The bag itself is made from waterproof polyester and has rubberized grips to secure it safely on the handlebar. Dirt and dust can easily be wiped off and the rubber doesn’t flake off when wet.

 What We Liked: 
  • Air-release compressor
  • Waterproof material
  • Has spacers and grips for stability
  • Great for long, outdoor trips
  • Easy to clean
 What We Didn’t Like: 
  • Not ideal for constant item removal
  • Hard items may get damaged if compressed
 Bottom Line:  The Topeak Frontloader is a top choice for bikepackers and off-road bikers. It’s designed to keep your camping gear and survival items safe and secure while you enjoy the great outdoors.

BOBILIFE Bike Handlebar Front Bag (Outdated)

A versatile touring handlebar bag that you can take anywhere, the BOBILIFE Bike Bag is the accessory for those who value convenience and style.

Its mini size (8.6 x 5.0 x 4.7 inches) prevents you from over packing but keeps all your biking and daily necessities in one accessible compartment. The flexible structure of the bag also lets you bring bulkier items and lightweight clothing. Only a small water bottle can fit inside though.

The attachments are a bit loose compared to other bags but are still easy to mount. You just have to tighten it and be mindful of the weight distribution. So, it doesn’t move around while you’re in motion. I like how I can use just one hand to maneuver the zippers. They glide smoothly but don’t feel flimsy.

You can also wear this bag in 3 ways—on your bike, shoulder, or waist. I actually tried running with this around my waist and it works pretty well too. The touch screen pocket is a bit small but it still fits my phone.

 Heads-up:  The bag is made from stylish waterproof oxford that can withstand steady rain. It’s easy to clean and comes with an extra waterproof dust cover. The straps can get loose so make sure they don’t snag on anything and you don’t overpack.

 What We Liked: 
  • Stylish and sleek
  • 3-way shoulder strap
  • Easy to attach
  • Waterproof
  • Easy to clean
 What We Didn’t Like: 
  • Straps need to be tightened
  • Touch screen pocket is a bit tight
 Bottom Line:  This is a stylish mini bag that I would recommend to people who don’t want to bring a lot except for the necessities and want to keep using the same bag off-road and in the city.

What to Look for When Buying Handlebar Bags


When looking for the best bike handlebar bag, you have to consider a few things:

Bike Compatibility

Is your bike compatible with the bag you’re interested in? Depending on the handlebar, some bags may be more suitable than others. For example, a drop bar bike doesn’t match well with bags that have wide straps because they tend to fall off.

It’s best to test out a few bags with a bike similar to yours before purchasing.

Size and Capacity

Not all bike owners need to have a 5L bag. Some don’t even want to carry anything apart from their phone, keys, and wallet. Then, there are those who want to be prepared for any eventuality. The size and capacity of your bag should depend on your packing style and what you want to bring.

Functionality and features

What kind of features do you prefer in your bag? Do you want a touch screen pocket? How about a multiway strap? Maybe you want an insulated interior? Check out the different options and find the top-tier combination of features to make the biking experience the most trusted for you.


Can your handlebar bag be used outdoors? Is it waterproof? How about snow and dust? Does the leather scratch? Do the straps and zippers feel sturdy? Check every inch of the bag before you purchase. You don’t want something falling apart while you’re in the middle of a trail.

What Should I Pack in My Handlebar Bag

Here is a little guide for what most bikepackers recommend. You can add or remove items from the list depending on your destination and preferences.

  • Bike repair kit
  • Water bottle
  • Snacks/protein bars
  • Portable battery
  • First aid kit
  • Cash
  • Light jacket/shirt

How to Choose the Best Handlebar Width


Choosing the right handlebar width depends on your shoulders. Ideally your hands and shoulders should be in a straight line for the most trusted balance and stability. Measure the distance of your acromioclavicular (AC) joints on the shoulder. Your bike handlebar should be around the same width.

How to Install a Bike Handlebar Bag

Most bikepacking handlebar bags come with velcro straps or fastener straps.

If it’s a two-strap bag, align the bag with the center of the handlebar and attach the straps where they meet the bar. Try not to change the alignment to keep your bag steady.

For three-strap bags, there’s usually a center strap you can attach to the stem of the handlebar so the bag doesn’t move while in motion.

if you found a suitable bike handlebar bag. You can also explore other essential bags for your bike, such as saddle bags and bikepacking bags.

Do Handlebar Bags Affect Aerodynamics

It makes sense to assume a bike front bag or handlebar bag for bikepacking would affect aerodynamics. It was one of the issues that kept me away from them. But it turns out I was foolish in thinking this way.

For instance, handlebar bags are actually more aerodynamic than saddlebags or rear bags. So handlebar bags don’t impact aerodynamics any more than other available choices.

Are Wider Handlebars Better

It depends on what a biker’s looking for when riding their bicycle. For instance, a person who values comfortable and better handling would benefit from wider handlebars. It’s why leisure riders and mountain bikers often choose wider options.

On the other hand, professional bikers tend to pick narrow handlebars. It allows them to reach higher speeds easier while taking quick and sharp turns. So it becomes a matter of preference, as narrow and wide handlebars offer different benefits.

In my case, I like to take my time and enjoy trail rides, meaning wider handlebars are a better fit for me. I personally wouldn’t benefit too much from the quicker turns and higher speeds that narrow choices offer.

How Long Does a Bike Handlebar Bag Last

High-quality road bike handlebar bags or gravel bike handlebar bags will last a few years. But sadly, not all options available are what are considered high-quality products. It’s why finding top-quality options is vital to ensuring a successful buying experience.

Finding a durable option shouldn’t be challenging if a buyer follows our shopping guide. It’s just a matter of choosing one based on their specific needs and wanted features. From there, the entire process becomes as simple as any other buying experience.


Choosing the best bike handlebar bag can be exhausting because of the similarities in choices and the very subtle (but significant) differences. Check what you would want in a handlebar bag, how often you would use it, and where you want to use it. You don’t necessarily need to get the most expensive or the top-rated one. The top-rated one is the one that works for you.

Take your time in choosing one that suits your lifestyle and has the features you will frequently use. Do some research, test a few out, and enjoy the process of finding the top-tier bag for you.

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