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Our environments have suffered much, and this is a critical time in human history where global warming and climate change are the biggest crisis. To contribute our parts in protecting nature and taking care of our health, we should rely more on bikes and other greenways to travel. Thus, spreading a healthy and eco-friendly lifestyle is our utmost mission. We can go to us to find the best bikes to ride to work and explore your cities. 

Who are we 

Gary Johnson 

I ride my bike to work for years, but is that enough? Our carelessness towards our surroundings has taken a toll on the environment. And now, everyone is responsible for changes; even the most minor contribution is counted. With this hope and spirit, I started with my partner to establish Biketoworkday to help more individuals commute to their work sites on their bikes.
We still have a long way to go in terms of covering all aspects that benefit bikers, but we build our work every day in the hope to make biking experiences more joyful and safe for everyone.

Henry Speciale

Bike commuting should be the trend for the next few years, and it is a convenient and eco-friendly way for us to travel. And we are here to make it a bit less troublesome for people who want to maintain their vehicle for a long time. So, the content I expect to put out here is offering help for bikers who are facing issues with parts of their bikes once in a while. We will develop our content toward such areas and hope that our information will reach a wider community, thus building many people who enjoy biking to work and travel. Let’s have fun and protect the environment together!

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You can always find us at: Biketoworkday.com, as we welcome any feedback from our readers.

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