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How Much is a Nishiki Bike Worth? Get Facts Here!

Written by Gary Johnson / Fact checked by Henry Speciale

how much is a nishiki bike worth

If there’s one bike that has got to be a dream for many cyclists, it’s a Nikishi bike! This Japanese-made bike has garnered worldwide praise and is simply a gold catch for many bikers out there.

So, how much is a Nishiki bike Worth? For entry-level bikes, it can be as low as $200. For a regular road bike, a Nikishi bike is worth around $400 and $500. Now, if you’re looking for a Nikishi mountain bike, it will cost you around $1000.

Understanding Nishiki Bike Valuation 

Nishiki-Bike-Valuation for-each-type

That’s basically the gist of its price. However, there’s a reason why it’s priced that way. Here’s everything you need to know when it comes to Nishiki bike valuation.

The average range of Nishiki bicycles and their prices

1. Regular cycles


For an adult Nikishi road bike, the price ranges from $200 to about $700 on Etsy. These are already second-hand road bikes.

For brand-new ones, expect the lowest price to start at $280 to $300. Of course, all these depend on the component, the features, and the models.

2. Mountain bikes

Credit: Lars Lassen

Nikishi mountain bikes are usually more expensive than the others. Because mountain bikes are crafted with more precision and with more durable materials, all these contribute to their high prices.

The lowest Nishiki mountain bike costs around $500.

3. E-Bikes


Now when it comes to E-bikes, these are the most expensive Nishiki bikes. The lowest E-bike can cost around $600, and the highest around $1,700 or even more.

Nishiki Bike Models and Their Prices

There are about 23 Nishiki bike models produced but here are some of the most famous ones that are timeless and have stood the test of time.

1. The Nishiki Century – $120


The Nikishi Century bike was first released back in 1993 and is a commuter bike that has 7 versions. It has both Mix and Shimano components and it also features Kenda Cross tires. It can also be considered a hybrid bike.

2. The Nikishi Meridian – $300


Its unique feature includes having 7 speeds plus some cross tires. It also has a Shimano Altus C10 derailleur.

3. The Nikishi Optima – $155


The Optima is a commuter and hybrid bike that is armored with aluminum, steel, and chromoly frame.  We can choose from the two different colors of this bike, either green or white.

Just like the Meridian, it offers 7-speed shifting. The difference is that it comes in 3 major components: Mix, Shimano, and Rapidfire Plus.

4. Nishiki Escalante Electric Bike – $600 – 1,500


Another Nikishi bike offering 7-speed shifting is the Nishiki Escalante Electric Bike. With 36V-Lithium ion battery power, riders can make the most of their e-bike ride. It also has an LCD-mounted display found on the handlebar.

If you want the most comfortable Nishiki E-bike, this is definitely one of the best in line.

Factors Affecting Nishiki Bike Prices


  • Nishiki bike model

Because Nishiki has numerous bike models with different features, all these determine its value. If it’s a newer model, just like any other brand-new item with advanced features, expect it to cost a lot more.

Also, take note that some models may be rare, or they may be considered as limited editions.

  • The bike’s condition

If you’re interested in purchasing second-hand bicycles, remember that condition is a key factor in determining the Nishiki bike value. Check the bike for any dents, malfunctioning parts, or simply anything that may affect your bike’s appearance or performance.

  • Nishiki bike age

The older your Nishiki bike is, the higher the value it has. Especially because Nishiki bikes are also known to be collectible for many bikers. With this, it’s more so about collectibility and not about functionality.

For modern bicycles, it may not be worth as much but the functionality is more reliable and will work the best for you.

How to Determine the Value of a Nishiki Bike


  • Use the straight-line method

The straight-line method is done to determine the depreciation value of a bike. Divide the purchasing price of the bike by the assumed years that it can still be used.

For example, if the bike was purchased for $1,500 and based on its condition and quality, it’s easy to assume that it can still last for about 5 years.

Divide $1,500 by 5. This will give you a price of $300, meaning that the depreciation value of your bike is $300 every year.

  • Check pricing websites

If you want to make sure, you can always check helpful websites such as eBay, Bicycle Blue Book, and TPC. For eBay, you can simply find the model there and compare prices.

The other two are websites that offer resale quotes through photo submissions and assessments conducted by bike professionals.

  • Inquire about its price to the store itself

To ensure that everything is accurate, the best way is to go to a Nishiki store or their website. Inquire and show them photos or even your bike itself. With the help of their team, you will be able to determine your bike’s value.


Nishiki bikes are truly gems in the realm of cycling. There’s absolutely no question about that. That’s why if you’re planning to buy one, with its expensive price, you should definitely know more about it.

With this article, you now know all the nitty-gritty details of how much is a Nishiki bike worth! Share this article with your friends if they’re also planning to purchase or re-sell their Nishiki bike.

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