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The Best Carbon Handlebars to Offer A Boosted Trip

Written by Gary Johnson / Fact checked by Henry Speciale

best carbon handlebars

Abicycle’s upgrade can boost the biker’s performance. Plus, it’s a low-cost upgrade that can last for ages, especially the best carbon handlebars. Famous for being lightweight and durable, carbon handlebars are preferred by most bikers and they dote on the great experience.

However, not everyone is skilled in choosing features accurately. Some might even spend the rest of the day picking one carbon handlebar. To avoid this, consider these three factors that sift out every choice to the finest.

  • Aerodynamics: If a biker wants a smaller surface area at the front side of the bike, then aero bikes or a handlebar with improved aerodynamics is a good choice.

It evenly flats out to create a lengthier surface area at the top, allowing the air to slice through efficiently. This design also promotes comfort even on long rides and can efficiently cater to interior cable routing.

  • Handlebar Rise: The vertical elevation that bikers measure from the handlebar’s middle to its end is the rise, which may range from zero mm to more than 40 mm.

Tall handlebars are suitable for people who enjoy steep terrains as it tends to transfer most of their weight to the back of the bicycle. However, for purebred XC bicycles, a lower rise is more ideal.

  • Upsweep and Backsweep: Buyers who are more particular with comfort should prioritize the bike’s sweeps. To start off, an upsweep is an angle from an imaginary line that is parallel to the holding surface and is vertical to the rise direction of the handlebar.

The backsweep works on a biker’s position, which ranges from 7 to 10 degrees. Each degree option varies in each individual’s comfort and preference.

To make your upgrade worthy, browse through the Carbon handlebars that the article thoroughly handpicked based on crucial factors such as rise, backsweep, aerodynamic delivery, and upsweep.

For more important factors, keep scrolling and discover the detailed buying guide that introduces a more in-depth discussion on these features.


Top 1
RXL SL Road Bike Carbon Handlebar

  • Wind-breaking design
  • Excellent pressure resistance
  • T700 Carbon fiber material

Top 2
ROADNADO Mountain Bike Carbon Handlebar

  • Available in 4 sizes
  • Stylish appearance
  • Promotes better control

Top 3

  • Has the right weight
  • A flat oval structure
  • The 800 mm reach

Top 7 Carbon Handlebar Reviews

1. RXL SL Road Bike Carbon Handlebar

I have known the RXL SL brand for a long time, which is a reliable brand out there. So, I included another carbon handlebar from them with the right features for cyclists.

Carbon fiber exquisitely moves the bar to tops quickly with its T700 Carbon fiber material effectively absorbs shocks and vibrations on rocky and hilly trips. This 210-g handlebar is also known for its excellent pressure resistance, control, and balance.

I noticed that the manufacturer did something unique with the carbon handlebar’s tortuosity to counteract how the design makes the biker’s hand intact and efficiently cuts down the frame’s reach to 104mm. The tortuosity also complements the brake mechanism to vouch for a safer and more convenient ride.

Copping this handlebar will always be a win with its astounding ruggedness furnished in a classic design. It also comes in three different colors of Black, Red, and Grey that gives overall modernity to the bike.

 Heads-up:  To make its wind-breaking design more convincing, this one of the top-rated carbon road bike handlebars has corners and joints that are high-temp treated and passed impact tests for optimal air resistance. But, it doesn’t have housing for the cable router, which makes this particular installation a bit challenging.

 What We Liked: 
  • T700 Carbon fiber material quickly absorbs shocks
  • Has excellent pressure resistance and more backsweep for comfort
  • Tortuosity complements the brake mechanism for a safer ride
  • Comes in a classic design with three different color options
  • Has wind-breaking design and high-temp-treated corners
 What We Didn’t Like: 
  • Does not come with a cable router housing
 Bottom Line:  The RXL SL Road Bike Handlebar deserves a round of applause for its several superior features that other road bike carbon handlebars cannot surpass.

2. ROADNADO Mountain Bike Carbon Handlebar

My initial impression of ROADNADO’s ‎Mountain Bike Carbon Handlebar was its smooth riding quality. With its top-tier shock absorption, it outpaced several carbon handlebars road bike/MTB models I’ve previously used. Plus, it only tips the scale at 5.3 ounces, adding almost no weight to my bike.

This product only furthers my admiration when I looked closely at its impressive Toray T700 carbon fiber construction. In fact, it felt better built and tougher than other similar products. I haven’t seen a single sign of wear or tear since installing it onto my bike, which was a few months ago.

I also have to praise this product’s 55mm rise, which offers excellent control without exerting straining my arms. It’s precisely the setup I wanted for mountain bike usage with a more upright position. It lets me navigate sharp turns and around obstacles without a single issue.

Similarly, this handlebar is suitable for almost all mountain bikers. The product also adapts to various rider preferences with its four available length sizes: 700, 720, 740, and 760 mm.

The last notable attribute is the carbon handlebar’s stylish appearance and classic black color scheme. It perfectly complements my bike and ensures the two-wheeler stands out among my fellow mountain bikers.

 Heads-up:  Sadly, maintaining this appearance does require a little effort. This handlebar option is known for scratching easily, so it’s vital to be careful when adjusting shifters and brake levers. Otherwise, an unsightly mark could ruin this option’s impressive appearance.

 What We Liked: 
  • Smooth riding quality via excellent shock absorption and lightweight design
  • Reliable, rugged Toray T700 carbon fiber construction
  • Promotes better control and comfort with a 55mm rise
  • Available in 4 sizes: 700, 720, 740, and 760 mm
  • Stylish appearance with an appealing black color scheme
 What We Didn’t Like: 
  • May scratch easily
 Bottom Line:  Fortunately, I’ve managed to avoid the product’s sole drawback by remaining vigilant. So I haven’t had much to complain about this handlebar option. On the contrary, it has been a solid and welcomed addition to my mountain bike.

3. ONEUP COMPONENTS Carbon Handlebar

Any cyclist looking for a full-featured carbon handlebar replacement should check out this product from ONEUP COMPONENTS that would not let its user go behind.

I discovered this carbon fiber handlebar due to its famous title as one of the most comfortable road bike handlebars out there. This product comes with just the right weight and stiffness for a smoother steering balance.

Enjoy proper blood flow even on long trips with the handlebar’s diameter of 35 mm, a backsweep of 8 degrees, and an upsweep of 5 degrees, which gave me the appropriate posture for a long day ride.

Furthermore, with a reach of 800 mm, I can also get into the comfiest position available without compromising my shoulder’s stability and mobility.

Not all companies produce handlebars in multiple rises. Thankfully, this rare bar is not one of them. The two rise options of 20 mm and 35 mm give a broader chance for me to enhance my comfort on the road as we have different preferences, after all.

Never worry about the common issue of 35 mm handlebars regarding comfort because ONEUP solved this concern thanks to their flattened oval structure that offers precise vertical compliance and steering receptivity.

 Heads-up:  But, always use a 32 TPI when cutting down the 800 widths, especially if it’s too wide for area trails.

 What We Liked: 
  • Has the right weight and stiffness for smooth control
  • Maintains stability and mobility thanks to the 800 mm reach
  • Comes in two different rise variations to choose from
  • A flat oval structure offers the correct vertical compliance
 What We Didn’t Like: 
  • Requires a 32 TPI when cutting down the bar’s width
 Bottom Line:  Stay confident with this carbon handlebar that always delivers optimum bar performance.

4. ALFA PASCA MTB Carbon Fiber Handlebar

I am very excited to tell the readers about ALFA PASCA’s incredible handlebar that took my adventures to a whole new level.

Constructed with T700 Carbon Fiber, this handlebar can easily keep up with all my off-road or highway trails minus the fatigue for me. It also absorbs vibrations and resists pressures from bumps and rough roads, giving the most lightweight bar ever for endless comfort on the road.

Not all mountain bike carbon handlebars have precise elasticity, which is a jolly exception for this product. The bar’s correct elasticity level enhances the bike class effectively within minutes. With a diameter of 31.8 mm and a bar diameter of 22.2 mm, I can have the right reach that maintains proper posture for good blood flow.

I can also enjoy the 740 mm riser and a backsweep and upsweep of 8 degrees and 3 degrees, respectively. This gives me a correct fit option than a flat thread. Plus, the 3k matte finish gives overall modernity and classic look to my bike that will put other’s attention on it.

 Heads-up:  It’s a budget-friendly option. But for this product to last longer, I highly recommend installing and assembling it correctly with a specific tightening torque of 4 Nm and a hexagon tightening wrench. Never overtighten as cracks may occur on powerful tensions.

 What We Liked: 
  • Absorbs vibrations and resists pressures, especially from bumpy roads
  • Elasticity level is just right, offering the user an excellent class in minutes
  • Comes with a 3k matte finish for a classic and modern look
  • A more budget-friendly handlebar
 What We Didn’t Like: 
  • Needs to be assembled correctly.
 Bottom Line:  Overall, this is one of the most solid carbon mountain bike handlebars with the correct value for their quality.

5. RXL SL Road Bike Carbon Handlebars

Another dynamic carbon handlebar from RXL SL is here to astound bikers with top-quality performance.

The granule paint layer applied on the handlebar effectively increases the friction between the carbon handlebar and the brake handle, giving cyclists safer rides.

In addition, anyone will love the modern structure of this road bike handlebar that perfectly adapts to the brake system and the brake handle that boosts security on the road.

As a recreational biker, we all want to give our bicycles the class it needs. That is why the product comes with the proper elasticity to improve any bicycle’s class.

And speaking of class, I also love its classic design coating options of either UD matte or glossy finish. I can even choose their desired color of Grey or Red.

This handlebar is famous for its highly durable carbon fiber material that is more lightweight, 180g, and absorbent to shocks and vibrations. With broad compatibility, this carbon handlebar perfectly suits all road bikes. The aero-ish structure also boosts its overall speed and performance.

 Heads-up:  However, the rider will likely feel a concentrated amount of pressure when dashing or sprinting through highways. This minor issue is not something serious, though.

 What We Liked: 
  • Granule paint layer increases friction between the brakes and bar
  • Offers the right elasticity to improve the bike’s class
  • Comes in a UD matte or glossy finish that perfectly suits a modern bike
  • Tưo color option: Grey and Red
  • Lightweight (180g) and more absorbent to vibrations
 What We Didn’t Like: 
  • Riders might feel a concentrated pressure when sprinting.
 Bottom Line:  With all its excellent features, I can say that this bar belongs to my top picks of aero carbon handlebars.

6. PLAT ‎Carbon Mountain Bike Handlebar

PLAT’s Carbon Mountain Bike Handlebar earns its place on this list in several ways, but none bigger than its durable, corrosion-resistant carbon fiber construction. It makes me feel very confident that this product is a long-term investment.

Another feature that caught my attention was this handlebar’s impressive grip and control. I often prefer a more upright setup, but this flat design allows me to easily maneuver my bike even around sharp turns. Thus, it brings forth a higher confidence level when I weave in and out of traffic or on mountain trails.

It’s hard to believe I’ve gone this far without mentioning its affordable price. This model provides high-quality results while renaming one of the least expensive choices on this list. I’ll sign up for that deal every day of the week.

I genuinely find myself drawn to this product’s overall appearance, as well. This brand produces a classic handlebar look while adding flair with its elegant radium craving. While durable, this product only tips the scale at 5.3 ounces, making it stand out even among top-rated lightweight handlebars.

One last aspect to note is this product is available in two colors – white and black, and three different lengths – 720, 780, and 840 mm. I’ll always praise a manufacturer who provides their customer with multiple options. Ultimately, I opted for a black 780-mm handlebar.

 Heads-up:  As for the flaws, I couldn’t find one among this product’s various attributes. In fact, it doesn’t seem like anyone has a bad thing to say about this carbon mountain bike handlebar – a rare occurrence within this marketplace.

 What We Liked: 
  • Outstanding durability with carbon fiber construction and corrosion resistance
  • Solid grip and control via flat handlebar design
  • A more affordable option than similar products
  • Well-crafted appearance with elegant radium craving
  • Multiple buying options for convenience (three sizes and two colors)
 What We Didn’t Like: 
  • None at the moment
 Bottom Line:  Ultimately, I couldn’t be more delighted with this particular carbon handlebar. It’s an effective and practical choice for a mountain bike while offering a certain stylish flair. What more could a biker want?

7. WHISKY Mountain Bike Carbon Fiber Handlebar

This handlebar from WHISKY might be perfect for cyclists searching for fresher shape but not a swanky pricey upgrade.

This chock-full unidirectional carbon structure gives the perfect mix of stiffness, shock-absorption, and mass savings for my optimum comfort, even on long rides. With a 25 mm rise and 5-degree upsweep, I was able to experience the smoothest trip with the top-rated steering control, thanks to these handlebars.

It also comes in a sleek ergonomic design with no lines in sight, furnished with a matte Carbon finish that completes my bad-ass yet modern look on all trips. This handlebar is even upgradable to further boost its performance, depending on which trail I want to go.

I can have a risk-free purchase with this bar thanks to its five-year limited warranty that comes with a crash replacement guideline. In fact, this product passed every high standard that guarantees reliable trail riding for several hours.

 Heads-up:  This almost-perfect 760 mm Carbon handlebar may not be long enough for some biker friends, though. Especially if they are used to having an 800 mm handlebar diameter. However, the product’s clamp size of 31.8 mm is the same as the standard one.

 What We Liked: 
  • Chock-full unidirectional carbon structure for comfort
  • Smooth and controllable trips with 25 mm rise and 5-degree upsweep
  • Sleek ergonomic design with no visible lines
  • Furnished with matte Carbon finish for a stylish look
  • Upgradable carbon handlebar for a performance boost
  • Comes with a five-year limited warranty
 What We Didn’t Like: 
  • 760 mm bar diameter may not be long enough for some bikers.
 Bottom Line:  Everyone can make their adventures memorable and comfortable with this top-quality Carbon handlebar. It is a sophisticated and sleek product that pairs nicely with various bike types.

KABON Ultralight Carbon Fiber Handlebars (Outdated)

Made exclusively for enduro bikers and bike tourers, this carbon fiber handlebar from KABON can make everyone’s adventures more fun and less painful.

It comes with a unique internal routing structure to start with. This feature makes the bar easy to install. It does not even take me half an hour to do the assembly. Carbon fiber corners are heavily joint-treated at high temperatures and even excelled in the impact test.

If this does not convince readers it’s that durable, then check out the wind-breaking structure with an internal route for minimum wind resistance, allowing me to speed through highways.

Besides, its T800 carbon fiber makes the product durable and lightweight at 260g. It even resists pressure without compromising the bar’s overall stiffness.

This product is highly compatible with most of my road bikes and fixed gear bikes because it has a clamp diameter of 31.8 mm and bar width of 420 or 440 mm using a center-to-center measurement, which is mostly the ideal bike size.

Furthermore, regarding its drop and reach, this handlebar has 139 mm and 80 mm, respectively.

 Heads-up:  I specifically mentioned all sizes and dimensions because it is crucial for having a regret-free purchase. Not knowing the right fit will only give us a waste of time as we cannot use the product fully.

 What We Liked: 
  • Unique internal routing structure that makes installation easy
  • Corners are joint-treated at high temp and passed the impact test for durability
  • Has wind-breaking structure for minimum wind resistance
  • Ultra-lightweight: 260g
  • Resists pressure without compromising the bar’s stiffness.
  • Compatible with different bike types.
 What We Didn’t Like: 
  • Must ensure the right fit for a regret-free purchase.
 Bottom Line:  Ace through every bike trail with this carbon handlebar that’s built for speed and long bike tours.

RENTHAL Renthal Carbon Handlebar (Outdated)

With this product in the line-up, RENTHAL has built upon the rock-hard quality and sporty features of this Carbon Handlebar.

The unidirectional carbon fiber material is a win for me. I had optimum control and balance because of how lightweight and sturdy the bar is. In fact, it’s developed to withstand DH-level abuse all day, giving me unlimited use even in harsh environments.

With a diameter of 35 mm, 800mm width, and various rise options of 10, 20, 30, and 40 millimeters, I can choose my ideal rise. Plus, 35 mm is the precise diameter to poise out the new standard machine for anyone’s enduro riding dreams.

One thing that increases my daily ride comfort is the fat bar carbon design that never weighs down the frame, even if it comes with the word “fat.” Besides that, the handlebar is designed with more 7A backsweep and 5A upsweep that boosts my comfort during the ride.

 Heads-up:  Engineered with excellent flexibility and rigidity, I never experience numbness even if I went a long way and spends hours and hours on endless trails. But not everyone is pleased with the 800 mm width as some of my friends find it lengthy, which they can always cut down to their preference.

 What We Liked: 
  • Unidirectional carbon fiber material makes the handlebar lightweight
  • Allows for optimum control
  • Can withstand DH-level abuse all day long, even in harsh environments
  • Comes with various rise options to fit the biker’s taste
  • Engineered with excellent flexibility and rigidity
 What We Didn’t Like: 
  • Handlebar may be too long for some bikers
 Bottom Line:  With years of experience, RENTHAL never disappoints its customers and even made this must-try product that’s way ahead of other carbon fiber handlebars.

RACEFACE Sixc Bicycle Handlebars (Outdated)

The RACEFACE Sixc Carbon Bike Handlebar is jam-packed with highlights that cyclists should not miss out on.

One known highlight of this carbon handlebar is that it guarantees the ultimate lightweight feeling. Thanks to this feature, I can soar through lengthy endless streets without feeling sores with this incredibly stiff device that absorbs vibrations when going through rough and bumpy roads.

The RaceFace handlebar comes with an overall diameter of 35mm and a reach of a whopping 820mm, giving top-tier control and the most convenient stance on any occasion. In addition, its unique sturdy weight ratio makes this device the perfect choice for rough Enduro riding.

All of these incredible features are delivered in a great, classy finish that suits our style. Riders like me are thankful for this product because it also works with a style that makes us look great on the road aside from the great quality.

 Heads-up:  However, some of my fellow bikers find the measurements lengthy for their convenience. Luckily, the handlebar can be cut down to anyone’s liking. So, there is no need to worry about confidence and control when using this incredible handlebar, even on long journeys.

 What We Liked: 
  • Guarantees to deliver the ultimate lightweight feeling to the user
  • The bar’s stiffness kicks soreness away
  • Absorbs bumps and vibrations on rough and bumpy roads
  • Dimensions offer the top-tier control and convenience
  • Unique sturdy weight ratio that makes the device ideal for Enduro riders
  • Coated with a classy finish that suits anyone’s style
 What We Didn’t Like: 
  • Some bikers may find the handlebar too lengthy or uncomfortable
 Bottom Line:  I’m so happy to have this RACEFACE Carbon Handlebar that oozes with quality and style. With this, I can go through Enduro rides without worries.

IRON JIA Lightweight Carbon Fiber Handlebar (Outdated)

Discover this handlebar from IRON JIA that will give every biker more than what they need to ace cross-country bike tours.

Lightweight and durability are already a given for Carbon handlebars. That is why I have come to tell the readers about the handlebar’s Unibody structure that we can rarely see in a handlebar. No one wants to miss the experience of greater leverage, wheel efficiency, and front fork control with this feature.

I can tell that IRON JIA put a lot of study and research into ergonomics because the bar’s shape guarantees optimum positioning and compelling wind-breaking result, making it one of the top-tier carbon aero handlebars. It comes with a reach of 105 mm and a drop of 128 mm, the perfect measurements for average bikers.

The impressive handlebar structure with easy-to-reach shifters assures me that there’s no need to worry about hand numbness or body sores even on long trips as it stays comfortable, even with lots of hand and body contact.

 Heads-up:  When it comes to installation, this bar takes slightly longer to set up because it does pack specific torque specs. However, it would be quicker with some patience and assistance from other people

 What We Liked: 
  • Lightweight and durable Carbon fiber handlebar
  • Comes with a unique Unibody structure for greater leverage
  • Guarantees excellent wheel efficiency and front fork control
  • Offers excellent positioning thanks to its ergonomic shape
  • Has a compelling wind-breaking result the biker will love
  • Keeps the biker comfortable and numb-free during the whole trip
 What We Didn’t Like: 
  • Doesn’t come with torque specs, making installation time-consuming
 Bottom Line:  This handlebar will never let anyone’s money go to waste as it is jam-packed with all the features I need for biking.

FUNN Black Ace MTB Carbon Handlebar (Outdated)

Acing bike tours is easy with this incredible black ACE carbon handlebar from FUNN. This is the latest model known for its perfect weight and strength balance.

Produced on July 9, 2019, this handlebar caught every rider’s attention with its detailed engineering, which guarantees exceptional performance and comfort. Be the king on the road with this bar that gives total steering control.

This handlebar has been tested by many to handle the heat of off-road adventures, even the roughest terrains. It was made possible because of the premium UC Carbon Fiber that makes this product highly durable.

I can attest that this one is a product that lives up to its name as it overcomes all rough tracks, allowing me to ace off-road adventures like XC, trail, and enduro trips. The bar’s cutting-edge technology also adds overall stiffness, giving my bike an optimal performance.

 Heads-up:  What I like about it is the carbon handlebar’s value and how it perfectly fits my budget. Definitely, a good buy for anyone, even if a starter or not. The only downside of this product is it only fits a specific bar clamp of 31.8 mm. So, it is top-rated to check the handlebar’s compatibility when buying it.

 What We Liked: 
  • Has perfect weight and strength balance
  • Detailed engineering for great performance and comfort
  • Gives the user total steering control
  • Can handle the toughest terrains due to the UC Carbon Fiber
  • Handlebar is really stiff and durable
  • Comes at excellent consumer value
 What We Didn’t Like: 
  • Only fits a specific bar clamp of 31.8 mm.
 Bottom Line:  This is one of the top-tier carbon MTB handlebars that bikers can rely on, especially when going through off-road adventures.

RXL SL Carbon Bicycle Handlebar (Outdated)

The RXL SL Carbon Bicycle Handlebar is a decent choice for bikers looking for the best carbon handlebars that offers a boosted trip.

I know I made the right decision with this bike handlebar made with T700 Carbon Fiber. Because of their quality craftsmanship and ergonomic design, I experienced the lightest handlebar that never gave me sores and numbness even when I go for long bike tours.

The handlebar is highly durable and efficiently resists pressure build-up during all of my trips. Plus, the carbon material absorbs shock and vibrations, making it ideal for enduro biking. What I like about this feature is that it allows me to go through trips smoothly and comfortably.

Aside from design and weight, this carbon handlebar is known for having a riser back sweep, giving me an option to tailor numerous facets of the bicycle’s handling features and convenience. The proper elasticity also gives incredible bike class in just minutes and the bright color perfectly blends in with my bicycle, which I find very classy.

 Heads-up:  However, I find the installation challenging because I have to follow a specific cramping torque to properly tighten and secure the screw. Tightening it too much can result in cracking, which I really want to avoid.

 What We Liked: 
  • Guarantees an excellent T700 Carbon Fiber Quality
  • Has excellent craftsmanship and ergonomic design
  • Highly durable and also resists pressure build-u
  • Carbon material efficiently absorbs shock and vibrations
  • Provides the right elasticity for a bike’s class
 What We Didn’t Like: 
  • Bar’s installation is a bit challenging as it requires just the right tightness.
 Bottom Line:  All in all, one of the most reliable carbon fiber road bike handlebars serves us with optimum durability and quality.

EC90 Full Carbon Fiber Mountain Bike Handlebar (Outdated)

This Full Carbon Fiber MTB Handlebar from EC90 serves the needs of every biker at a budget-friendly price.

Get ready for the smoothest ride with this handlebar brimming with a solid and lightweight carbon fiber material weighing 165 grams, making it one of the lightest carbon handlebars. This well-made handle oozes with incredible upgrades that even the edges are crafted with excellence as it shows no sharp portions or seams.

I have a lot of handlebar choices to choose from, unlike other MTB carbon handlebars. It offers 25.4/31.8 mm clam diameter and a length of 31.8mm by 660 to 760mm and another measurement of 25.4mm by 660 to 720mm with drops that flare by 15 degrees. So I can easily determine what option works for me with these variations.

The product’s 3K Matte handlebar also delivers an elegant and classic finish that will definitely catch everyone’s attention. Plus, the company even offers a one-year warranty and a 30-day replacement for all their products, making our buy risk-free. It is very affordable, too!

 Heads-up:  Ensure to maintain this carbon fiber mountain bike handlebar by using carbon grease to keep screws moistened and away from damages. It is also best not to overtighten the screws for this carbon handlebar to last longer.

 What We Liked: 
  • Lightweight and stiff Carbon fiber mountain bike handlebar
  • Excellent craftsmanship gives smooth edges and quality details
  • Various bar measurements to choose from
  • Comes in at 3K matte color for an elegant and classy finish
  • Affordable bike handlebar
 What We Didn’t Like: 
  • Needs constant Carbon greasing for optimum performance.
 Bottom Line:  Everyone will definitely love how this affordable carbon handlebar delivers an elegant and classy design we can’t find in any other compact carbon handlebars.

What to Look for When Buying Carbon Handlebars


They say that the handlebar is one of the critical contact points to give bikers a good connection with their bike. That is why choosing a handlebar upgrade should be as accurate as military precision.

A good handlebar guarantees comfort and performance because it promotes proper position and even weight distribution.


Wide handlebars usually apply pressure on a biker’s arms and neck, making their trip uncomfortable. On the other hand, narrow ones give a cramped feeling. But if a biker opts for good aerodynamics, it is better to choose narrower handlebars as it brings elbows in.

The rule of thumb in choosing the proper width starts from measuring the distance between a biker’s two acromioclavicular (AC) joints, or commonly known as two bony bits. The measurement obtained from these equals that of the right bar.

The Bar’s Material

Choosing the material is one of the biggest brain-teasers for bikers. With the emergence of technology, Carbon became the top choice for handlebar material as it drops the bicycle’s weight and provides lighter mass for up to 40% than alloy.

Plus, Carbon can take on any shape, making it ideal for ergonomic construction. Overall, it comes with the best strength, is known for being lightweight, and has good compliance.

Handlebar’s Diameter

The diameter is also a crucial housekeeping point. The standard diameter is 25.4mm, where the center point of the stem attaches. However, some bikers beef their handlebars up to 31.88m for greater stiffness.

Other details like aerodynamics handler to allow more air to slice through and offer us a good ride. The handlebar rise should also have the ideal vertical elevation that offers stable rides on rough and steep terrains. Finally, do not forget the specifications like upsweep and backsweep, as they allow better comfort when chosen to fit right with our preferences and bike design.

Are Carbon Handlebars Dangerous


Carbon Handlebars are not dangerous with proper and consistent care. It starts to be alarming when there’s interior damage to the bar that bikers could not see. Scratches and fissures also play a role in the structural integrity of the handlebar.

This often results in material failure, which can be fatal when the biker goes at high speeds as the frame can shatter without warning. When Carbon bars break, they break catastrophically.

Do Carbon Handlebars Wear Out

Carbon handlebars are known for not wearing out unless some outside force hits them. In short, these products won’t break down by themselves. There must be some external factor causing the damage that makes them need replacing. Even then, it’ll take a major impact to even make a dent in the carbon handlebar.

The most prominent cause would be any crash or improper bike maintenance. As a result, it’s vital to be careful when using MTB carbon bars so that they can last a long time. It’s a simple way for bikers to return their investment on these more expensive handlebars.

Do Carbon Fiber Handlebars Reduce Vibration

Carbon fiber handlebars are known for providing two benefits over other types: a lighter design and reducing handlebar vibration by a significant amount. So the simple answer is a resounding yes to whether carbon fiber handlebars offer vibration reduction.

Therefore, bikers who don’t fare well with vibrations during their bike rides should invest in a high-quality carbon option. An excellent example would be RXL’s SL Road Bike Carbon Handlebars. It’d be hard to find a more durable and top-notch option than this one from RXL.

How Much Weight Do You Save With Carbon Handlebars

Carbon handlebars rarely weigh over 5.6 ounces (160g), making even the heaviest options much lighter than aluminum or titanium. This is why these lightweight handlebars are popular for mountain bike use and road biking.

I’ve even come across high-quality carbon options weighing only about 1.7 ounces (50 grams). For instance, I put one on my list with RENTHAL’s Carbon Handlebar. Anyone looking to reduce their bike’s weight by a significant amount should take a long look at this model.

In contrast, handlebars made from other materials can be heavier than 7 ounces (200g). For instance, most carbon drop bar options would weigh around 7-14 ounces.

When Should You Replace Carbon Handlebars

A top-tier carbon handlebar can last forever since they don’t wear down unaided. But it’s almost impossible to avoid crashes or other factors that could impact its integrity. So honestly, replacing them is crucial anytime they go through a severe accident.

Due replacement is an essential part of owning these handlebars because they don’t always show external damage. So I could be riding along a trail, and my handlebars immediately snap out of nowhere due to unnoticeable strain. It’s not an ideal situation or something any biker wants to experience.

In fact, I’d look to replace them about every three years, even if an accident doesn’t occur. It’s always a good idea to pick up new handlebars after a few years.

How Long Do Carbon Fiber Handlebars Last

For mindful riders who never faced accidents or do not shift often, they can make use of a Carbon Handlebar for five years.

However, for a skinny, endurance rider that travels country to country and constantly switches positions, they might only get two years out of the handlebars. Its lifespan even shortens if they tweak some parts of the bike and slightly modifies the handlebars.


Carbon handlebars offer one of the finest quality among bars in the biking world. In tandem with the biker’s grips, the best carbon handlebars keep your bicycling fronting the right way and can also affect comfort, especially at great lengths.

We all know that bike pains are often caused by inappropriate reach. So to avoid it, consider all the factors mentioned. Mix it with care, and I’m sure it will last for years.

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