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Where to Hide an AirTag on Your Bike?

Written by Gary Johnson / Fact checked by Henry Speciale

where to hide an airtag on your bike

Bike security is an ever-important matter for every bicycle owner. Many tools and equipment can boost safety, such as Apple’s proprietary tracking device, but where to hide an AirTag on your bike can be difficult to decide.

So, if you’re contemplating this matter, some of the best places to hide an AirTag for bike are beneath the seat, inside the seat tube, within reflectors, and using custom holders. Let’s learn more about what makes these ideal. Read on.

Best Places to Put AirTag on Bike

An AirTag’s size makes it look inconspicuous; however, this is not enough to fool trained eyes such as those of an experienced bicycle thief.

Fortunately, we can make it more difficult for them to remove the AirTag and hopefully gain enough time to track down the stolen bike.

Here are locations on your bicycle where it would be challenging to find and remove an Apple AirTag.

1. Under the Seat


This location is easy to attach Airtags to using tape while keeping them hidden. Even if someone expects an AirTag to be there, it’s not easy to check underneath without looking suspicious.

2. Inside the Seat Tube


Some of the bike’s parts may be large enough for an AirTag to fit inside; the seat tube is a good example. This is an excellent location to use, since not many would expect it.

It is also difficult to remove the tag if thieves find it. They would have to detach the seat post first.

3. Behind or Inside Reflectors


Some reflectors have a space or gap between their assembly pieces; you can place an AirTag there, and it will be hidden from view.

There are also specialized reflectors that are designed to hold such devices. You can enhance your bike’s visibility on the road and protect it at the same time.

4. Use a Custom AirTag Holder


There are many different custom mounts for bicycle security devices aside from reflectors. Bike horns, handlebar posts, and many different accessories are designed to hold a security device.

It is especially convenient if you find an item that lets you customize your cycle to fit your preference while providing additional protection.

Other Good AirTag Bike Mount Locations

The best locations are those where the AirTag is difficult to find and remove. This is because you want to keep the device on your bike to aid in recovery. Even if your idea for a spot is not on this list, it’s probably a good one if it inconveniences anyone wanting to remove the security device.

Better yet, use multiple devices so that you’re protected even if thieves can remove one or two trackers. Utilize an AirTag bike attachment on the bottle holder and other spots. Here are a few extra locations to consider.

  • Inside the down tube or fork steerer tube
  • At the center of the crankset
  • The pedals
  • Inside the headset, beneath the cap
  • Within bike calipers


Now you know where to hide an AirTag on your bike for better security. There is no absolute means for preventing bike theft, but this will give you a better chance of recovering your cycle.

Don’t forget to use locks and chains along with other anti-theft measures for better effect.

What is your preferred means of bike security? Tell us about it and what you think makes it indispensable in the comments section below.

Always ride safely.

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