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How to Make Exercise Bike Seat More Comfortable: 5 Tips

Written by Gary Johnson / Fact checked by Henry Speciale

how to make exercise bike seat more comfortable

The stationary bike is a must-have for everyone who works out but cannot do it outside. Since it is efficient, people like incorporating it into their routine. However, there are times when the spinning bike seat hurts, especially for a woman. Most of the complaints are that ‘it hurts my bum’ and ‘ becomes a distraction during a workout.

When you want to change your bike seat but calling professional help is not an option, you can always do it yourself!

Here are things to consider to know how to make exercise bike seat more comfortable for a better workout experience.

Things You Need Consider

#1: Am I wearing the proper gear?


One mistake people who work out often make is valuing aesthetics over comfort, which only leads to abrasion from excessive adhesion between the thighs and the saddle.

Since the continuous movement amplifies the friction, you need to find fitting shorts or leggings that will protect you from your long workout session.

Look for biker shorts or leggings made of lightweight yet slick fabric like spandex with a synthetic chamois because this material increases lubricity and lessens friction.

Together with a crotch area padding, biker shorts will save not only your thighs but also your butt from soreness.

Now, you do not have anything to worry about since you will be able to sit comfortably on a spin bike no matter how long your workout is.

#2: Check your posture


Others think that exerting a lot of force will garner better results when in fact, what you have to do is relax your muscles. With that, your body will stay in a comfortable position that can last for a longer time.

Though there is no definitive posture everyone must follow, you have to know some of the cycling postures that fit your body while exercising on your exercise bike, including:

  • Maintaining a neutral spine position, not too straight or too low
  • Relaxing your shoulder
  • Bending your elbows a little bit

This works like magic and will instantly make the spin bike seat more comfortable and your session smooth-sailing.

#3: Look at your saddle seat


Sometimes, the problem is right there. You just have to look down to know if your saddle seat is in the correct position.

You might need to consider putting it in a higher or lower position that best suits your height. 

It can also be too far or too near from the handlebar, so all you have to do is calibrate the seat forward or backward.

Adjust your saddle seat, then try it. Adjust it some more until you feel at ease when you pedal.

Successfully doing this will instantly make spin bike seat more comfortable without hassle.

#4: Get additional cover

Various spin bike seats are not built of high-quality materials suited for long hours of use, so you have to take matters into your own hands and purchase an additional cover for extra comfort.

When finding the cover, you need to take note of the quality and the materials it is made of.

You can now try looking at your local shops. When you cannot find what you think is the best cover for you, log into your Reddit account, and there you can ask for recommendations from people who had the same experience as you.

Most commonly suggested are gel-filled spin bike seat covers. It is suitable as padding for saddles since it is filled with gel or foam, which serves as a good spin bike seat cushion.

This cover is also easy to put on that you can always DIY.

#5: Invest in a new seat


When you have already considered everything above but your spin bike seat hurts, there is only one last thing you need to consider–an upgrade.

Try to look for a new stationary bike seat that will help you become your most productive self during a workout and one that will not add to the soreness your muscles feel.

Before looking for the right type of seat, you need to assist yourself and your physical conditions like weight, your butt area, and your hips measurement.

You have to remember that the Aptest spin bike seat will depend on the overall state of your physique.

Most tend to look for a universally constructed saddle seat with a wide cushion that is compatible with being mounted as the Nordictrack S22i seat, Peloton bike seat, Echelon Bike seat.

This is because it is easily installed aside from its additional padding for those who seek extra comfort.

However, if that is still not your taste, you can always search online because a wide range of exercise bike seat replacements can best suit you.

Just always put into mind that it is important to balance beauty with comfort.

With that, you can now workout with your spin bike freely!


Improving your fitness consistently is good. With the help of an exercise bike, you can work on achieving that #bodygoals of yours. However, your spin bike seat can make or break your overall workout experience.

The good thing is that there are numerous ways you can follow on how to make exercise bike seat more comfortable.

You can always follow the steps listed whenever you feel uncomfortable during your workout sessions since they do not require too much effort and money which is as easy as sharing this article if you find it helpful.

Happy spin biking!

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