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Can a Man Ride a Women’s Bike and Vice Versa?

Written by Gary Johnson / Fact checked by Henry Speciale

can a man ride a women's bike

You probably have asked yourself at some point, “Can a man ride a women’s bike?” so, in this article, we’re giving you the answer you’re looking for.

To cut straight to the point, Yes, a man can definitely ride a woman’s bike. However, not every man can do so due to different body types or bike designs.

So, when is it okay for a man to ride a ladies bike? In this article, let’s dive into the specifics.

Can Men Ride Women’s Bikes?


As said earlier, yes, men can ride women’s bikes. A bike frame designed for women is generally made to fit a smaller body type. This means a smaller torso and longer legs.

However, it’s safe to say that there are men who have this exact physique, and all people, regardless of sex, have different body types.

So it doesn’t necessarily make a women’s bike exclusive for women only. If you have a smaller physique, you can consider a women’s bike a unisex bike since it will fit you perfectly.

So, do most bikes suit all genders? The truth is, most bikes you see are actually unisex. So yes, most can suit all genders!

When Should a Man Consider Riding a Women’s Bike?

It all boils down to one thing–comfort. Of course, you won’t feel comfortable if a bike is too small for you and you have physical limitations.

So, a man should consider riding a woman’s bike if he finds it more suitable for his body type such as narrow shoulders, shorter heights, and generally a small body frame.

Difference Between Male and Female Bikes

While all bikes are mostly unisex, their designs can have some points shaped differently to fit each gender’s body type. Let’s discuss some differences that you’ll notice between the two.

1. Crank Length


Women’s Bike: The crank length is shorter

Men’s Bike: The crank length is longer

Both women’s and men’s bike cranks can range from 170mm to 175mm in size.

2. Seat Size


Women’s Bike: Women have wider pelvic bones, so women’s saddles are shorter and wider.

Men’s Bike: Men’s saddles are narrower.

3. Handlebars


Women’s Bike: Narrower handlebars since women have shorter arms.

Men’s Bike: Handlebars are more set apart.

If you’re looking for a women’s mountain bike, you might notice that both men and women have wider handlebars because this gives you a stronger grip and control of maneuvering your bike. Some mountain bikes for women may still have slightly narrower handlebars.

For a road bike, women’s handlebars remain narrower while men’s handlebars remain wider.

Can a Women Ride Men’s Bikes?

Yes. Just like how a man can ride a woman’s bike, a woman can also ride a man’s bike. As long as there is comfortability and safety, the gender distinction of bikes won’t be too much of a problem.


Back to the question, can a man ride a women’s bike? Well, yes, but not always. In this article, we hope that you learned all the differences between a male vs female bike.

While all bikes can be made for all genders, sometimes, it’s all about the weight your bike carries.

If you have a friend asking, is it weird to ride a women’s bike? Then, please share this article to let them in on all the interesting information.

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