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How to Adjust Peloton Bike Seat? – 6 Steps Everyone Can Do

Written by Gary Johnson / Fact checked by Henry Speciale

how to adjust peloton bike seat

As the Peloton bike seat is in the correct position, your workouts are comfier & more bearable. So if you’re using your Peloton bike and feel a little uneasy, you might want to check your bike seat. It’s nothing that a little adjustment won’t fix!

Read here to know the steps on how to adjust peloton bike seat.

Steps to Adjust Your Peloton Bike Seat

Step 1: Set up the bike (if necessary)


First things first, ensure that your peloton seat setup is ready. If not, you can follow these set-up Peloton bike instructions:

1. Ensure your bike if it needs some tightening. When shaking your bike, if it wobbles a bit, examine the outer feet’ rear and front, then turn them both clockwise.

2. Power the bike with the power button after plugging it in an outlet.

3. Connect it to your home wifi. Then, check to see if your account is activated, and if not, begin activating your account with the application’s feature.

Step 2: Adjust the seat peloton seat height


1. Grip the peloton seat adjustment lever which can be found below the seat post and above the belt guard.

2. Rotate the handle left, then you can pull the bike seat to increase and push it down to lower the peloton seat.

3. Stand next to your Peloton bike and use the hip bone as the point to align the bike seat.


4. Once you get the desired height, rotate the handle to the right, grip then tighten it.


Step 3: Adjust the seat depth


1. Grab the lever found just beneath the seat & turn it in the left direction.

2. Slide your seat back (or forth) until you reach the desired level.

3. Exert effort to push the seat forward until you get your desired depth. To measure the proper depth, you may use your elbow to align it with the pointed part & push the seat closer and closer until you can touch the handlebar of the bike.


4. Ensure that the seat’s height and depth correspond with one another. Continue to adjust as per your comfort level.

5. Then rotate the level to secure it.

Step 4: Adjust the handlebar


1. Reach for the front lever, which can be found below the handlebars, and turn it left to loosen.

2. Once it’s loosened, the handlebars can be lifted up or down to your preferred height. You can step into the bike now, and use your forearms to adjust the bars at maximum height to begin depending on your comfort.

3. Grab the front lever again and twist right to tighten.

Step 5: Check if you are comfortable


Now, you can sit on your Peloton bike and start testing it to see if it feels comfortable enough. If not, you can adjust it again, as shown in the above steps.

The Importance of Peloton Bike Adjustment


If your Peloton seat position isn’t set up correctly, this could strain your muscles due to uncomfortably in every workout using the Peloton bike.

The simple act of adjusting the Peloton bike seat does wonders for your workout because it ensures that you are directed to the correct position, which helps you achieve a pain-free exercising session. Additionally, the more power your legs can exude makes you more productive in your exercise. 

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What to Do if the Peloton Seat Adjustment Stuck?


If you find your bike’s adjustment broken, the best resort is to contact Peloton’s support to ensure that it is professionally assessed and fixed.

If your problem is mainly that the seat adjustment is stuck, you may troubleshoot the issue on your own and see if it can still be fixed in any possible way. If not, you may have to replace the adjustment parts.

You may contact Peloton itself to purchase parts to replace.

Frequently Asked Questions


How to make a Peloton seat more comfortable?

In order to have a more comfortable time using a Peloton bike, you may first try adjusting your own position.

Ensure that you are performing with the proper Peloton bike positions. Don’t sit too firmly on the seat, as this causes an uneven distribution of weight that can lead to seat sores. You may also get well-padded bike shorts that provide extra cushioning. This boosts comfort and protection for your butt area.

Next up, upgrade your Peloton seat with a gel-foam padded seat cushion. Most discomfort comes from the seat itself, so with that, you may replace the seats with something more pleasurable and comfy.

What height should your Peloton seat be at?


While it may be different for everybody, one general tip that can be useful is aligning the bike seat and the biker’s hip bone.

You may ride the bike & check for yourself if the seat height gives you the comfort you need. If not, you can adjust from there whether it needs more or less height.

If you really want an accurate height for your seat, check out a Peloton height chart or even a bike saddle height calculator, which will give you the optimum seat height.

Height (cm) Peloton Seat Height Number
160 7 – 8
165 9- 10
168 10 – 11
170 11 – 13
172 13 – 15
175 15 – 17
177 17 – 20
180 20 – 22
182 22 – 25
185 25 – 27
187 27 – 30
190 30 – 33
>190 33 – 37

How far forward should the Peloton seat be?

When it comes to showing the right seat positioning, another tip you can use is that it should typically be in the same distance as your forearm. Of course, the number one priority is still your comfortability, so depending on your torso, you may adjust depending on your liking.


That’s how to adjust Peloton bike seat. To have a fun time, all the while doing what’s best for your body. So make sure to follow all these steps, keep in mind the general tips, and you’re ready to work out with the smart bike!

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