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How to Change a Road Bike Tire? – 8 Easy Steps (w/Photos)

Written by Gary Johnson / Fact checked by Henry Speciale

how to change a road bike tire

All seasoned cyclists know that bike tires can do wonders in their riding experience. Bike tires not only enhance the entire aesthetics of the bike but also provide a more efficient ride. It can enhance comfort, increase traction, and reduce rolling resistance for a quality ride.

However, eventually, your tires will not be as reliable as before. You will notice that your tires are worn out, which compromises your safety when biking.

Thus, here is our easy-to-follow guide on how to change a road bike tire without needing to go to a bike shop. It includes taking off the old wheels, inflating the tire tube, fitting and installing the bike tire into the rim.


Why Change Your Road Bike Tires

As mentioned earlier, road bike tires directly impact how efficient your bike riding will be. It allows a smoother ride and ensures safety when you are on the road. Road bike tires can also give you full control when riding.

Here’s how you can tell when a tire needs to be changed or replaced:

Worn out tread


When you look at a bike tire closely, you will notice a unique pattern of groove cutouts on the rubber. These cutouts are the bike tread. It is useful when you are navigating on any type of road.

If the tread became shallow, your bike tires would start wearing out until it gets smooth or bald. This will result in loss of traction and most likely compromise the quality of your ride. It also indicates that you need road bike tire replacement

Punctures when cycling


When your tires wear out, you will start having punctures frequently. It not only poses a danger when riding but will also become a major disturbance for you. A regular puncture will discourage you from taking the road or join group cycling because of the distraction it causes.

If this happens, check on your tires and see if they need to be changed.



When your tires are frequently exposed to corrosive chemicals like gasoline or cleaner, they will exhibit dry rot. Having dry rot invites a potentially harmful situation. You might experience a tire failure, especially when riding at increased speed downhill. It is vital to check your tires for dry rot so that you can change a road bike tube and tire immediately.

Step by Step Guide to Changing a Road Bike Tire

Materials needed:

  • Tire levers
  • Bike pump
  • Bike stand

Step 1: Get new tires

After discovering that your road bike tires need a replacement, you can head straight to a local bike shop for new tires. It is important to get the size of your wheels and measure your old tires. You should also consider the tread patterns and type of tire you want to use for replacing bicycle tires.

Step 2: Take off the wheels


The first step to take in this process is removing the bike wheels. You can flip the bike upside down or use a bike stand for this step. You must loosen the brakes first for the front wheel, then locate the quick-release levers for easy removal.

For the rear wheel, you must adjust the gears first up to the smallest ring. Loosen the brakes and locate the quick-release lever. Then, focus on the derailleur on the cassette and pull out the wheel slowly.

Step 3: Deflate the old tires before removing


For the tire and inner tube to be removed quickly, you must completely deflate the tires first. Once deflated, you can push the part of the tire closest to the rim and move away up to the midsection of the wheel. Do this step around the bike until the tire is already loosened.

Step 4: Take the tire away from the rim


Once the tire has loosened its grip from the rim, you can use tire levers to separate the tire and the rim. You can use the hooked end of the tire lever and attach it to the outer edge of the tire. When you secure the attachment, you can now pull the level over the edge of the rim. Do this in a clockwise direction until you finally take the tire off the rim.

(Pro tip: You must apply consistent pressure when you remove road bike tires from the rim. In this way, the tire will not fall back into its old position)

Step 5: Pull out the tube from the inside of the tire

Locate the tire tube and slide the tube out. When you touch the air valve, you can push it through the hole of the wheel frame and completely remove it.

Step 6: Fit the new road tire


At this point, you are now ready well-versed in changing a road bike tire.

First, you must lay the new tube flat and inflate the tube moderately with a pump. The tube must start getting in shape but should not be entirely inflated. Then, let the tube slide slowly into the tire and line up the tire tube valve to the rim’s valve hole. Check whether the tire fits perfectly into one side of the rim. You must get the proper fitting of the tire before inflating the tube.

Step 7: Install road bike tire into the rim


By this time, you have installed the half side of the tire and tube into the rim; using the tire lever, you can push the other side of the tire over the edge of the rim. Adjust the position of the tube inside when needed. When you replace road bike tube, ensure that the tube is properly installed between the tire and the wheel. Then, roll the rest of the tire to the rim edge slowly. Make sure that you put the tire in place for this step.

Step 8: Install the wheel back on the bike

After putting the tires onto the rim, you can re-install the bike wheels to your bike. Next, inflate the tire tube using a bike pump. Then, you are done.


Changing your road bike tire is one of the skills you must learn as a biker. You will constantly encounter worn-out tires, especially when you regularly commute using a road bike. Thus, we have developed a simple guide on how to change a road bike tire so you can follow the entire process. We kept the steps uncomplicated; even a beginner biker can understand.

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