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How Long Does It Take to Bike 3 Miles? – Essential Guide

Written by Gary Johnson / Fact checked by Henry Speciale

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Have you ever wondered, “how long does it take to bike 3 miles” to start your desired bicycle ride?

Riding 3 miles on a bike takes 12-20 minutes going to work, recreation or workout and is affected by factors like speed. For beginner bikers, it takes a longer average mile time on a bike and lesser time for seasoned cyclists.

Continue reading this review about what’s a good 3 mile time, factors, and variables.

Simple Guide to Understanding a 3 Mile Bike Ride Time


As you ride 3 miles, the estimated time to reach the destination, if you can ride in the designated route at 13.5 – 14.3 mph ( 22 – 23 km/h), is just about 12 minutes.

However, if you intend to keep the max speed at 8.6 – 10 mph (14-16 km/h) only, it might take you up to 20 minutes to finish the ride.

1. Things To Remember

We tend to compare ourselves though it’s never been a good idea as everyone differs from each other. Know some essential things, especially when you’re about to start cycling 3 miles:

  • Physical preparations
  • Bike Type and Toolkit
  • Safety and Biking Gears
  • Understanding Of The Factors and Variables.

2. Factors And Variables That Affect Cycle Time

  • Pre-Trip Preparations – warm-ups, stretching, food and water intake and nutrition. Avoid too much food and water intake 1-2 hours prior to travel but stay hydrated and familiarize the route.
  • Take a pee, and strap-on a full water bottle, power bars, and safety monitors. Check your bicycle.
  • Route and Speed – check the route for an average time for 3 mile run at a safer speed considering these factors here.
  • Physical Condition of the Rider – the physical status or fitness to bicycle rides or cycling activities, including pre-travel preparations.
  • Terrain or Gradient – Factors include flat, straight, hilly, mountainous, paved, wet, pebbled, rocky, sandy, race track, and traffic zones.
  • Road and Weather Conditions – wind blows (head or tail), hot/ sunny or cold temperatures, rainy/ winter season. Better monitor the daily weather forecast in planning your trip.
  • Type of Bike & Tools – choose a good quality bike for mountain, road, off-road, race, hybrid, or recreation. Put a tail light for night biking and choose a lightweight bike for faster travel.

Include small bike tools for quick-fix (tire patch, gauge, and hand pump) and an emergency kit.

  • Biking & Safety Gears – helmet, pads, clothing, goggles, gloves, shoes, communication, and health gadgets to prevent injuries.

3. Travel Conditions To Know In Biking A 3 Mile Distance

Know what you’re up to, the cycling time of your 3-mile trip, the speed, and the route to take.

  • The cycle time can vary from 10 to 15 minutes or a maximum average of 12 to 20 minutes. This is possible at a travel speed of 12 to 20 mph or an average speed of 15.5 mph.
  • The 3-mile trip is a demarcation point for you, as anything below it is relatively easy and will have a shorter cycle time. Take note of your stack-up points, and record your trip to scale up from the 3-mile point.
  • When you gear up for the first time, choose a flat 3-mile distance from home to the countryside. Gradually start at a shorter length, if needed, then directly have a 3 mile bike ride calories
  • Should you have a longer cycle time, you can improve it each time you’re on the go. Remember your purpose, do not set out and torture yourself to get too tired for it.

More importantly, avoid pushing yourself beyond what your body is capable of. Choose the best biking scenario for you to ride your bicycle without getting exhausted after that.

4. Good Cycle Time For 3 Mile Biking

The average good cycle time would vary from 9 to 12 minutes for a moderately good biker at a cycling speed of 15 to 17 mph.

Lower this cycle time, but with higher speed, you can consider yourself physically fit to take on more miles. While anything over 12 minutes and under 12 mph is below average.

Cycle faster on each of your 3-mile stretches with less to no stopover as possible to maintain your consistency. This will start your fast calories burning more than what you intake, especially if you increase biking 3 miles a day.

Cycling 2-3 miles daily is a good start-up routine for a beginner. As you get used to 3-mile cycling, you can increase the cycling time to 3.5 miles, which should take you about 15 minutes to finish.

5. Helpful Tips


Remember these tips for your cycling trips at a time length that works for you.

  • Resting intervals – you need to put in some hours or days for a good rest. It will enable you to get better, allowing your body to repair it, rebuild strength, and strengthen muscles.
  • Listen to your health – better take a day off when you feel shattered, especially when you are on work-out or training. It will help you get a proper reset after a day of shattering fitness activity or cycling trips.
  • Stationary Warmup can help raise your body temperature to improve your metabolic rate and your agility. Do stretching, yoga, and pedal with a stationary bike before you get onto the actual ride to awaken your body.
  • Fuel Your Body – top-up with nutritious food, power choco bars, and enough fluids like hydrating with electrolytes. Continue sipping water slowly throughout the trip to sweat and get them back by hydrating well.


So, how long does it take to bike 3 miles depends on various factors. The average cycle time of about 12 to 20 minutes is your best take in cycling a 3 mile journey. This is what this review has aimed for you to use these expert insights to your advantage better.

Choose the suitable bike and essential things for your practical biking and fit your purpose. Enjoy fun 3-mile biking at your best time without getting too tired.

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