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How to Measure Inseam for Bike? (Size Chart Included)

Written by Gary Johnson / Fact checked by Henry Speciale

how to measure inseam for bike

Your biking experience depends on how comfortable you are during your travel. This is why bikers look for the best-suited bicycle created to cater to their specific requirements.

Although there is no standardized process to find the perfect bicycle, you have to consider things like measuring the inseam length of the bike before purchasing one.

Since determining the inseam measurement for bike is easy, you can do it with the right tool. So, follow this guide on how to measure inseam for bike and you are set on your next journey!

What Is Bike Inseam?


Like how the term inseam is being used in measuring pants, bike inseams refer to the distance from the ankle to the groin.

When you measure bike inseam, you will be able to determine bike frame size that is for you. It allows better comfort while pedaling because having an improper bike frame will strain leg muscles.

Knowing your bike inseam can help the rider acquire the best type of bicycle, which lessens fatigue, soreness, and even accidents.

Step to Measure Inseam for Bike

In order to determine bike frame size, you first need to know your inseam measurement.

Take note that inseam measurement for bikes and the measurement for the inseam on pants are different.

Hence, you also try to measure inseam for bike shorts by following these steps.

What you will need

  • Marker (can either be a pen, pencil, or a masking tape)
  • Tape measure
  • Hardcover book

Step 1: Remove unnecessary gears

You can measure your inseam length with or without shoes. However, since you are to use different shoes when cycling, it is advisable to determine them without one since it shows a more accurate result.

Remove your footwear, especially insoles. Once left with a sock or barefooted, have your friend prepare the tape measure and marker.

Step 2: Find the perfect spot

You can try to get measurements anywhere, but the best one is a sturdy free wall when you try to stand straight. Make sure that the space is ample when you put your back up against it.

You can try it against a straight, closed-door as long as you are standing comfortably in an upright position.

Then, using your tape measure, position your feet and make sure that they are 6-8 inches apart on a firm and even surface.

Step 3: Mimic the bike seat


Get the hardcover book and place it in the middle of your legs. Adjust the book’s position until the spine is against your crotch area.

Make sure you stand upright in the process, and the book is directly against the wall.

Step 4: Start measuring

Use the tape measure and marker to indicate the exact point of contact from the floor to the book. Your inseam length starts from the underside of your groin up until your feet.

You can directly measure it by holding your position, or move away with the book still in place and record it on a piece of paper or by using your smartphone.

Try this three more times and calculate the average by adding the sum of the three attempts and dividing it into three.

This process is also applicable when you want to measure child’s inseam for bike,. All you have to do is make sure the child is cooperative to get an accurate number.

Now, you know the length of your inseam, you can move on to the other steps where you will measure bike inseam.

Knowing Your Bike Size

When you try to measure inseam for bike size, you can start by browsing the inseam measurement chart with its corresponding bike sizes to look for your future bicycle!

1. Road bike size chart for men


2. Road bike size chart for women


  • Mountain bike fram size for you = Your inseam x 0.66
  • Road bike frame size for you = your inseam x 0.7
  • City bike frame size for you = your inseam x 0.685

From there, you can determine bike frame size you will need.

Remember that bike sizes for men and women are not the same as bikes made for boys and girls.

Junior bicycles are determined by the wheel size while the frame size of the bike measures adult ones.

Make sure that you consider everything since your bike size will depend on it. This includes your assigned birth sex, inseam length as well as the type of riding you wish to experience.

Am I Done?

When you are accomplished with the steps above, you might think that you are already finished, but not yet.

Try the bike you would like to have before finalizing its purchase. Straddle it and pedal it as you would when you bring it outside for a ride.


Notice if your arms are uncomfortable with the handlebars, your back is sore because of the awkward position, or if you can pedal it with ease.

When you feel like you hit the jackpot because it has all the qualities you are looking for, then you can go and be done with the search.

But, if it just does not feel quite right, try another one until you find your perfect match.


Bicycles will never go out of style. However, buying a bicycle is not an easy task because you have to consider many things like knowing your inseam measurement for bike.

Therefore, it is important to figure out how to measure inseam for bike and take that figure to find the right frame size. Make sure to follow the steps to get the number before you go out to find the perfect bike for you!

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