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How to Unclip Peloton Shoes? – 3 Easy Steps

Written by Gary Johnson / Fact checked by Henry Speciale

how to unclip peloton shoes

It takes endurance, strength, resistance, and sheer willpower to be able to bike, even in indoor cycling. You would also need great equipment and gear, just like the Pelotons.

Peloton shoes are gears often worn by indoor cyclists, but it can get tricky to use and even to take them off. So, here are a few tips on how to unclip Peloton Shoes.

What Are Peloton Shoes?


Peloton shoes are dedicated to indoor biking. They’re made with a bunch of lines and numbers for positioning your cleats and are used for clipping your shoes onto your indoor bike.

Therefore, you will need to get Peloton shoes off bike after you are done exercising, leaving space for others.

How to Unclip Your Peloton Shoes in 3 Steps?

To remove your Peloton shoes, you will only be needing one tool; your 3mm Allen Wrench. It often comes with your stationary Peloton for unclipping your cycling shoes.

Step 1: Stop pedaling and remove your feet from the shoes.


Start slowing your pedal speed until it fully comes to a halt. As soon as you can pedal in long, slow strokes, you can progress bit by bit until you’re able to stop the bike.

Once you’ve stopped, you can safely get out of your Peloton shoes. Try to remove your shoes and step away. Your shoes will remain on the bike even if your feet are removed. Then you can finally start the process.

Step 2: Position your pedals.


After stepping away from the bike, you can now start removing your shoes properly. Position your pedals in a 6 o’clock position. Situate the first pedal you’ll be using upward and the other downward.

Once positioned, turn your resistance knob clockwise. By doing so, you’ll be securing your pedals so that they won’t move around while working on them. Once finished, ensure your pedals are stationary before beginning the next steps.

Step 3: Loosen and remove your shoes from the pedals.


Begin removing your pedals, starting with loosening your pedals:

  • Take your 3mm Allen Key Wrench. Turn over your pedal to locate the tension screws and rotate them in a counterclockwise position to easily loosen it, just enough to release its grip on the cleats.
  • Now, turn it back and locate the logo on the pedal, and press on it with enough pressure to remove the cleats from the pedal. Then unhook your Peloton shoes.

You can remove the other shoe once you’ve finished using the same method! And that’s how you can successfully take off your Peloton shoes.

Other Tips

Tip #1: If you’re wondering which foot to start with, remove your dominant foot first when you take your Peloton shoes off. It would always be wherever you start pedaling first.
Tip #2: When unfastening your tension screws, do not remove them all the way through. It’s often not recommended for you to loosen your pedals often as it could break your pedals.

What Are the Benefits of Unclipping Peloton Shoes After a Ride??


Unclipping these shoes is quite hectic and may seem difficult, but they sure are beneficial. There are also a few important reasons why you shouldn’t be leaving your shoes clipped in the Peloton bike.

1. Since cycling shoes are molded to your feet, it’s easy to sweat and feel pinched while cycling. Unclipping your Pelotons will help remove those shoes from the Peloton quickly once you’re done.

2. It prevents the Peloton shoes from getting worn out and other Peloton pedal problems. Pelotons are prone to be worn out, especially their cleats. Worn-out cleats and shoes might make your cycling unsafe, so it’s important to take good care of it.

3. It also helps other people to easily use your indoor bike. Clipping in and out is already difficult, if other people are also using the bike, it’s important to remove your Peloton shoes in consideration for yourself and the next user.

Frequently Asked Questions


Why can’t I clip out my Peloton shoes?

There are some tricky cases wherein these Peloton shoes are stuck in pedals. You can unscrew the cleats in order to remove them safely before putting them back.

Can I use Pelotons without clip-on shoes?

Definitely. You can use running shoes or sneakers even while using your Peloton as long as you ensure that you have toe cages or toe clips that will attach your shoes to the bike pedals. You can also use pedals with straps.

However, it isn’t recommended to use other shoes. Using Peloton shoes is still ideal when using the bike, as you would still need to install adapters and cages or even replace your pedals immediately.

Can I wear sneakers on a Peloton? 

Yes! They’re perfectly fine while using the Peloton. You have to, of course, ensure that your shoes have toe clips or use pedals that have straps. These will help your feet stay safely attached to the bike pedals while cycling.

Detachable toe clips for Peloton bikes are often used for these cases, although it’s a bit of a more pricey option than using pedal straps or buying cycling shoes.

How come it’s so difficult to remove Peloton shoes?

Pelotons are designed for indoor biking, and to efficiently cycle you have to use cycling shoes–Peloton shoes to be exact, to secure your shoes to the pedal and cycle efficiently.

Hence, it’s a reason why it takes a long process to unclip your Peloton shoes. The secure cleats and screws attached to the bike and shoes make it hard to unclip Peloton shoes.


Unclipping Peloton shoes is deemed hard by most cyclists, even if it is considered one of the most basic aspects of indoor cycling. Biking and Cycling forums–even Reddit users often indicate removing their Peloton shoes as a big challenge.

With your trusty 3mm Allen Wrench, you can simply remove them and master the art of indoor cycling. It only takes 3 steps to know how to unclip Peloton shoes, the rest is simply a breeze once you get the hang of it!

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