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How Much Does a Bike Tube Cost? Is Expensive Worth It?

Written by Gary Johnson / Fact checked by Henry Speciale

how much does a bike tube cost

A bike’s inner tubes are often an integral part of the bike. These are inner linings in your bike tires responsible for holding air inside them, allowing your tires to bear their structure.

We all know that bike tires are subject to damage, so it’s essential to consider how and where to get new parts, especially inner tubing. But how much does a bike tube cost?

Bike tubes often cost around $5-$30; this range depends on different factors. This article will cover these factors and how to determine if the price is worth it.


How Much Are Inner Tubes for Bikes?


There are at least four things to consider when buying bicycle tubes. These would include its average market prices, the brand of tubing and tires, its type and make, and the bike itself.

1. Average price estimates


The average price of a bike’s tire tubes is around $5 to $30, and typically 8$ for a standard product.

Bicycle tube prices also go for as low as $2 or even higher than $35, depending on where you’d buy them. A bicycle’s tire and tubes are usually cheaper parts to purchase than other bike parts.

2. The brand


The cost of a bicycle’s inner tube can also highly depend on what brand you’re going for. Different brands have different builds. Hence, determining what you want to keep your ride smooth and comfortable is essential.

Here are a few prices from some of the best bike tube brands:

BRAND Vittoria Schwalbe Streetfit 360 Continental
PRICE $7-$20 $11-$15 $12-$16 $30

You can get these brands at your local bike shop, Walmart, or even Amazon. Other brands offer cheap bicycle tubes with excellent quality.

However, depending on the brand, an inner tube’s cost may vary and even go as high as $40.

3. The type of tube


Like most bike parts, inner tubings come in different sizes and qualities. Bicycle tube sizes vary due to the type of bike tire they have. Still, aside from that, consider its width, material, and valve type.

These tubes have a variety of sizes ranging from 16 inches, 26 inches, 27.5 inches, and up to 29 inches.

There are two main valve types of bike tubes; it’s also important to note that they have different values and functions.

  • Standard or Schrader Valve– These are common standard valves used by mountain bikes, hybrids, BMX, Cruisers, and kids’ bikes.
  • Presta Valve– Found in road and gravel bikes. They have valve locks and require higher air pressure than the standard.

Then there are also different inner tire tubes for bikes, all differ in cost and purpose as well. There are three types in total:

  • Standard– the common inner tubing you see on any bike often fits well past the tire and is repairable with a patch kit. They’re not too heavy or too light either.
  • Slime– Special tubes with slime often have self-healing when contracting small punctures. They’re usually heavy, complicated, and messy to maintain.
  • Performance- Performance tubes improve rolling resistance and your bike’s speed for lightweight, speedy biking. They are, however, more expensive and offer less protection against punctures

4. The Bike


The main factor you need to check before estimating the price of the inner tube you’d need would be the bike itself. Depending on what kind of bike it is and what types of terrain and roads you would have to take it on, inner tubings cost differently.

The bike dictates the price on how much each tube type would cost, even in the cost to replace bike tubes. There are also cases wherein special tubes can be made, regardless of the kind of bike you have., though they would easily cost around $10-$20.

Here’s a guide for the overall prices:

  Road bikes (Presta) Mountain Bikes (Schrader) Gravel bikes (Presta) Hybrid bikes (Schrader)
Slime $4 $5 $6 $4
Standard $10 $12 $12 $8
Performance $40 $35 $35 $35

How to Save Money on Tire Tubes?


Accidents happen, it’s understandable, but they’re also a pain to pay for. A bike’s flat tire repair may cost up to $100, depending on the bike you have.

There are a few better ideas on how to save money and keep it affordable for your bike’s tire tube replacement.

  • Buying your tubes in bulk– Rather than purchasing them individually, bulk deals for bike tubes are good. It’s an excellent way to save on future bike maintenance.
  • Repairing them yourselves– If you have the mechanical ability to do so, try to fix the bike tubes yourself! Bike tire tube replacements may cost a lot, and doing it yourself could save at least $10-$20.
  • Considering tubeless alternatives– Tubeless bikes are newer items on the market if you want a safer option. It could help your bike save a little from repairing its tubes.

Even with these little steps, you can easily save a hundred-dollar trip! This way, you can oversee repairs and safely work on your bike without much hassle.

However, assessing your skills before maintaining your bike yourself is also important.

Should I Choose Tubeless Tires?


Rather than replacing your tire tubes daily, using tubeless tires on your bikes is an easy alternative. It’s a tire that forms an airtight seal with the rim once inflated. The air is dispensed in the inner tube through the valves on the base, covered by little plugs.

There are a few things to consider when choosing between manual inner tubing or tubeless tires.

  • Punctures may self-seal
  • Low resistance and friction between the tires and tubes.
  • Smooth and improved traction
  • Expensive and difficult fitting
  • Air and sealants could escape the tires.
  • Valves clog up and sealants dry, it would need difficult maintenance.

Frequently Asked Questions


Why should I change my bike tubes?

A bike’s tires are often subject to damage and punctures, which would also affect the inner tubing of the tire. Their tubes must be replaced and maintained to avoid mishaps, whether a flat tire while biking or a damaged, blown tire.

How often should I have my bike’s inner tubes replaced?

The optimal time for bike tubes to be replaced would be up to three years, depending on their quality and type. However, it’s also important to consider how often you use your bicycle.

Where can I get bike tubes?

You can easily find bike tubes at your local Walmart or your nearby bike shop. Online shops like Amazon and eBay, or Hardware stores like Home Depot or Ace Hardware, also offer bike tubes.


Bike tubes are integral in bike maintenance, as they are in the tires. They ensure a safe and smooth ride by giving the tire structure and air. It allows us to balance, ride safely, and hold the bike together.

Carefully considering and considering its price is optimal, not just for your wallet but also for your bike. You’re already taking care of your bike by simply answering the question: “How much does a bike tube cost?”

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