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How Much Does It Cost to Charge an Electric Bike Battery?

Written by Gary Johnson / Fact checked by Henry Speciale

how much does it cost to charge an electric bike

Are you planning to purchase your first electric bike but need to know more about the costs? with its charging process, it’s definitely something new.

So how much does it cost to charge an electric bike? The price usually depends on the amount of charging time. On estimate, the average cost is around $0.2 and $0.60 to recharge fully.

Cost to Charge an E-bike


As of 2023, the electricity rate in the US is 0.23$ per kWh. Furthermore, it takes about 3.5 hours to 6 hours to fully charge a 36V battery e-bike and about 4 – 5 hours for 48V ones. Therefore, depending on different bike wattages, the charging cost is presented in the table below.

Bike wattage (Wh) Electricity rate ($ per kWh) Cost to charge the bike in 1 hour Cost to fully charge the e-bike (4 hours on average)
250 0.23 $0.058 $0.23
300 0.23 $0.069 $0.28
350 0.23 $0.081 $0.32
400 0.23 $0.092 $0.37
450 0.23 $0.104 $0.41
500 0.23 $0.115 $0.46
550 0.23 $0.127 $0.51
600 0.23 $0.138 $0.55
650 0.23 $0.150 $0.60
700 0.23 $0.161 $0.64
750 0.23 $0.173 $0.69

Looking at the table, you can see that it costs about $0.5 to charge your 500Wh battery electric bike.

Cost to Change E-bike in Different Countries


Indeed, the cost will vary for different countries, check out the table below to see how much a recharging can cost.

Country Cost per charge (on average) Cost per year Cost per year in local currency
United States $0.05 $21.17 $21.17
United Kingdom $0.08 $35.83 £27.69
China $0.03 $13.03 ¥87.95
Germany $0.12 $53.75 €45.60
France $0.07 $30.94 €26.06
Japan $0.08 $35.83 ¥3,750.76
Netherlands $0.07 $29.32 €24.43
Indonesia $0.04 $16.29 Rp241,3

Factors That Influence Charging Costs

What are these factors? The accurate cost to charge an e-bike is dependent on these factors:

1. The Bike Wattage


Electric bikes can come with a wattage ranging from 250 to 700 watts, allowing them to reach high speeds of up to 30 km/h. Indeed, the differences in wattage will lead to shorter or longer time required to recharge, thus affecting the total cost.

2. Electricity Costs in the Area


The local electricity rates can vary from place to place. In some areas, it may be more expensive than others.

To check, you can always take a look at your electricity bill. Another option is to contact your local electricity supplier and find out.

3. Battery Health


Suppose your E-bike’s battery health is deteriorating. In that case, this means that it may take longer to charge which leads to longer hours of charging, resulting in higher costs.

That said, always take good care of your e-bike’s batteries. You can do this by charging your batteries between 40% to 80% and far away from heat.

Also, avoid riding your bike with little to no power left and having your batteries drained out. This depletes the battery’s fuel cells.

4. Peak Hours


A lot may not know, but time also plays an integral role in the cost of charging your e-bike. Usually, there are peak hours when it comes to electricity.

Peak hours refer to the hours wherein most electricity is being consumed. Because electric usage is ramped up, electric providers also increase their charges.

Calculation Methods for Electric Bike Charging Costs

If you really want to get an accurate number of your charging costs, here are calculation methods that you can use:

Method 1 – Cost Calculator


There are many cost calculators that are available online to accurately determine how much you’ll spend in charging your e-bike.

You’ll simply have to provide necessary information such as your battery voltage, battery Amp hours, annual mileage, battery capacity, and more.

Method 2 – Formula

Another option is to compute on your own if you prefer. The formula for calculating the cost of recharging is this:

V x Ah = Wh

  • V (voltage) – refers to the power of your e-bike
  • Ah (amps-hour) – refers to the charging capacity of your e-bike
  • Wh – refers to the cost of electricity in kWh


The voltage of your e-bike is 52 volts, and the charging capacity of your e-bike is 10 Ah. All you have to do is to multiply 52 volts by 10 Ah.

52V x 10Ah = 520Wh

Then, convert the Wh to kWh by dividing it by 1000. This results in 0.52 kWh

520/1000 = 0.52 kWh

Next, multiply your result by the value of the cost per kWh. So if the cost per kWh in your area is $0.25, multiply 0.52kWh by $0.25.

0.52kWh x $0.25/kWh = $0.13

You’ll spend $0.13 for a fully-charged e-bike.

Cost-saving Tips for Charging an Electric Bike

Here are some applicable tricks and tips you can use to save charging fees:

  • If you go to an e-bike charging station, avoid the peak hours.
  • Keep your battery health in good condition.
  • Use renewable energy.


How much does it cost to charge an electric bike? We hope this article gives you a little help in answering your question.

And because it can be subjective from place to place and from bike model to bike model, there isn’t a universal cost for everyone. But there’s no need to worry, charging an electric bike isn’t so expensive! So it just explains why it might be a good purchase for you!

If you find this article helpful, share this with your friends who may also be curious when it comes to the cost to charge electric bike!

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