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How Long Does It Take to Bike 2 Miles? Things to Know!

Written by Gary Johnson / Fact checked by Henry Speciale

how long does it take to bike 2 miles

Distance and time are important to note when it comes to biking. Some need to bike to their destination within minutes, even if their destination’s miles away. Other people simply set goals, especially cyclists, when they go out biking as an exercise.

Cycling two miles would take about 8 to 12 minutes for an average biker to achieve. Even if it seems like a steep goal, beginner bikers can easily achieve the recommended 10-mile goal in an hour.

So, how long does it take to bike 2 miles? Based on different factors like bike models, distance, and experience it may differ from each biker.

How Long?


A person can take up to 12 minutes when they bike 2 miles casually. That takes about 6 minutes to bike 1 mile and less than 20 minutes to bike 3 miles. While experienced bikers can easily achieve 2 miles in 10 minutes or even more.

Different factors can come into play when determining how much time you take to bike two miles, and depending on these factors you can achieve more or less time in reaching your destination.

1. Speed and distance

Speed plays a huge role in travel time, not only for cars but for bikes and other vehicles too. How far your vehicle can go within a specified speed limit or capability will help you understand and know how much time you take.

Following a formula of distance divided by speed, you can determine the time you would take, based on the ride’s accumulated speed, to reach 2 miles on a bike.

Biking Speed Time
10mph 12 minutes
15mph 8 minutes
20mph 6 minutes
25mph 4.8 minutes
30mph 4 minutes

The average bike speed goes from 10 to 30 miles per hour. Even without taking the biker and the bike’s build, it would take about 12-4 minutes for a 2 mile bike ride time.

With each progression, the amount of time accumulated by every speed lessens at a constant distance. A 2 mile bike ride’s time could easily take up to 12 minutes at a standard speed.

2. Experience

Experience is an important factor in determining how much time you take in biking and how much you need to bike. Biking for leisure is a different level from biking athletically, each level has different strengths that can affect their ride time.

Experience Level Average Speed Time
Beginner 10-14mph 8-12 minutes
Intermediate 15-20mph 6-8 minutes
Professional 25-35mph 5-3 minutes

Their ride time often depends on the speed they’ve built up from their biking experience. On average a beginner biker or an average biker has a speed of 10-14mph, which could take them 8-12 minutes to bike two miles.

A trained intermediate biker can get up to 15-20mph, which helps them bike 2 miles in 10 minutes or even less.

With even more training, it can even improve up to 35mph, which takes only 3 – 5 minutes to finish a 2-mile ride. Professional bikers also have a speed of up to 35mph and can get as fast as 45mph.

3. Bike Model

Bikes have different types; each have a unique and specific build for any terrain or purpose—be it for leisure or sports. Its structure and material both contribute to the smoothness and weight of the bike, which are both factors that affect the biker’s speed.

Bike type Speed Time
Mountain Bike 10-12mph 12-10 minutes
Tour bike 11-15mph 10-8 minutes
Hybrid bike 12-18mph 10-6 minutes and 40 secs
Gravel bike 15-16mph 8-7 minutes and 30 secs
Road Bike 15-20mph 8-6 minutes

These bikes are different, yet each has corresponding strengths and weaknesses. Knowing its function and build are essential to consider in measuring how far and fast it would take you.

What Are the Factors That Affect Ride Time?

Traveling by bike is a riveting experience that can easily help you travel any distance. Reaching your destination takes more than just time and speed, there are a few internal and external factors as well.

Along with experience, the biker’s capabilities and traits are counted as these internal factors. These include fitness levels and skills you’ve developed through exercise, as well as your health condition, which may be affected by the physical force you exert.

For instance, strength and resistance are aspects that help the biker push force onto the bike’s pedals, which boosts its speed. Weight is also measured as it adds to the load of the bike, causing it to move slower as its weight increases.

External factors include terrain, weather conditions, and traffic. They’re different in each location, which may contribute to how much time you would take and how much impact your bike absorbs.

Hence, to determine how much time it will take to travel two miles on a bike, the biker, bike, and the location’s factors must be greatly considered.

Frequently Asked Questions


Question #1: Is biking 2 miles a day enough?

Experts claim that while it seems like a steep goal to bike 2.5 miles or 2 miles, the recommended distance for a biker would be up to 10 miles. However, a good 5 miles would be more optimal when adapting it as your sole form of exercise.

Question #2: Is riding a bike everyday good?

Duration and intensity must be taken into consideration. It’s also advised to restrict your biking to an hour a day to avoid overexertion and accidents. But yes, it is good exercise, as a 2-mile bike ride’s calories burned can be 50 – 60 on average.

Question #3: Why is it that my bike moves slowly and takes more time to reach two miles?

Aside from other factors, it could be that the bike you have may not be suited for the kind of terrain you have. Trying out a different kind of bike may improve your ride time.

Question #4: I’m a beginner biker, how do I develop my speed?

Constant practice and training may help, as well as proper workouts. Trying out 2 miles on an exercise bike may also be good practice. Resistance and strength are two skills you need to develop to be able to build up biking speed


So, how long does it take to bike 2 miles? 12 minutes or less is all it takes to get to your desired designation.

Of course, beyond building up speed and fitness on the bike, it’s always important to take your capabilities into note. Fitness levels and health conditions need to be taken into consideration.

Over time, you could even develop your bike riding skills and lengthen the distance you ride through. It’s a good, fit, and eco-friendly way to get around quickly.

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