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How to Attach a Schwinn Bike Trailer? – Only 4 Steps

Written by Gary Johnson / Fact checked by Henry Speciale

how to attach a schwinn bike trailer

If you would like to transport goods like food for short-distance travels, a bike trailer from Schwinn will surely be helpful. It is one of the best choices for bike trailers in the market today.

At first, it may seem like a daunting task to attach a trailer to your bike. However, all the tools you use are already prepared for you as a kit upon purchase.

This article will teach you a step-by-step guide on how to attach a Schwinn bike trailer for your future bike travels.

Step-by-step Guide

Tools Required for the tutorial

Step 1: Detach the Rear Skewer from the Bike


Before attaching the coupler, you have to detach the skewer from the bike.

In case you don’t know yet, the lever is a lock attached to a long rod called a skewer that connects the bike’s body to the rear wheel.

  • All you need to do with the lever is unlock it by pulling it outwards so that you unlock the skewer from the rear of your bike.
  • At the same time, on the right side of the bike, you will find a nut and spring. Unlock it and pull it out to release the skewer from the left side of the bike.
  • Be extra gentle when pulling out the skewer and ensure the other bike parts on the rear wheel are still aligned.

Step 2: Attach the Coupler


There are two ways to attach a Schwinn bike trailer attachment to a bike: with a coupler or without a coupler. Schwinn trailers come with a coupler and in case you are wondering, it is a tool attached to the left rear axle of your bike that has two holes on each end.

The first hole on the tapered end of the coupler is the hole that is attached to the axle of the bike. The purpose of the coupler is to serve as a bridge between the bike and the trailer.

  • With the Schwinn coupler, place it on the left side of the rear wheel of your bike. It should be in the same place as where you pulled out the skewer.
  • Once the coupler is aligned to the hole on the left side of the rear wheel, simply insert the skewer from the left side.
  • Then, re-attach the nut and spring on the right side of the rear wheel of your bike.

Step 3: Extend and Lock the Tow Arm in Place


Once you have attached the Schwinn coupler to your bike, you are now halfway done, and all you need to do is attach the actual trailer to your bike. To hook up bike trailer, attach the tow arm to the coupler.

The tow arm is situated underneath the trailer, and you must extend it outwards and lock it into a horizontal position.

  • To lock the tow arm in place, you will find a hanging retaining pin to insert inside the hole on the other side.
  • Then, place a clasp to secure the pin in place by putting it upwards to lock the retaining pin. It will keep the tow arm of the trailer from strong impact and shock while riding.

Please note that for a Schwinn bike trailer stroller or Schwinn two seat bicycle trailer used for kids, locking the tow arm in place is a safety step to follow.

Step 4: Attach the Tow Arm to the Coupler

Now, the last step in a Schwinn bike trailers manual is attaching the tow arm to the coupler.

  • All you need to do is insert the trailer’s tow arm inside the hitch side of the coupler. While doing this, you must make sure that the hole on the hitch and the tow arm are aligned.
  • Once the holes are aligned, push the retaining pin through the holes from the top of the hitch. Then, lock the clasp located at the bottom of the hitch.
  • For added safety, especially if you are bringing a child using a Schwinn shuttle foldable, wrap a nylon strap around the bike’s frame and securely attach it to the tow arm.

Adding a nylon strap as an additional step when attaching the bike trailer attachment to frame, will ensure that your child won’t tumble off the trailer in case the retaining pins unexpectedly fall off.

Helpful Tips

  • Before purchasing a Schwinn bike trailer, it is helpful to know about the brand and model of your bike. Luckily, the Schwinn bike trailer is compatible with most bikes.
  • There are usually two main kinds of bikes in the market today that the Schwinn bike trailer is compatible with. They are quick-release bikes and thru-axle bikes.
  • The main difference between a quick-release bike and a thru-axle bike is visible in the thickness of the skewer. The skewer size and thickness should be a concern for most people who purchase a bike trailer.
  • So, with this information in mind, you should first check if the Schwinn coupler can be attached to the rear wheel of your bike. The Schwinn bike trailer is not universal, so you must first do your research about your bike before purchasing one.
  • You can also use this guide to attach bike trailer to e-bike, as long as the Schwinn coupler is compatible with your e-bike model.


How to attach a Schwinn bike trailer to a bike is simple as the Schwinn company specifically designed their trailers to be compatible with most bikes. You will likely not need an adapter anymore, making it even more convenient and cost-friendly for most buyers.

Amongst the four steps in attaching a Schwinn bike trailer, the most crucial step is locking the retaining pins in place. The reason behind this is safety first.

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