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How Many Calories Do I Need to Burn for Navy PRT Bike?

Written by Gary Johnson / Fact checked by Henry Speciale

how many calories do i need to burn for navy prt bike

Military personnel are tasked with a great responsibility to serve their country. To measure their physical capacity, a test such as the Navy PRT is used. But you may be asking, “how many calories do I need to burn for Navy PRT bike”?

The minimum requirements to pass the test vary depending on age, gender, weight, and bike model. For an average 21-year-old male and female, a score of 114 and 94 calories, respectively, will earn Probationary.

The Navy PRT and Bike Part


The Navy PRT test serves as a fitness examination administered twice a year for its members.

An overall score of 50, equivalent to Satisfactory, is required to pass for the periodic PRT, but a higher score of 60 is needed if the PRT is done for boot camp graduation. The Standard for each event is the same as the overall score, meaning a score of 50 will be Satisfactory regardless of the event.

The test features three events; push-ups, curl-ups, and running. The stationary bike PRT is one of a few alternatives to running PRT, along with swimming and walking on a treadmill.

The stationary bike PRT event lasts for 12 minutes with an additional 2 minutes for cooldown. Any calories burned during the cooldown period will not count toward your score.

An official calculator is used for determining the score, and an automatic score of 20 is given to anyone who stops to rest, stands up, or stops the machine during the test period. Test-takers must keep their hands on the handlebars for the test duration.

You are allowed to adjust resistance settings on the bike.

Navy PRT Bike Requirements


For the Navy PRT bike calories burned within the specified time limit is used for determining one’s grade.

The number of calories required changes depending on each person’s age, gender, height, and weight. It is also helpful to note that your score may change depending on the model of your bike for the test.

While there is no official calorie chart, many people have shared their own experiences and information regarding Navy PRT bike standards with online communities such as Reddit.

For instance, for test-takers above 40 years old that weigh 190, burning 85 calories is good enough for satisfaction if using the Life Fitness 95Ci Stationary Cycle. In this case, 135 and 185 would score a Good High and Excellent High, respectively.

Below is a Bike PRT grade chart using the Official Navy PFA calculator app. For the required parameters, averages across the US population for those 20 years old and above were used. The LifeFitness 95Ci/Classic Series was the bike model selected.

The average weight of 199.8 lbs for men is used while 170.8 lbs for women, with the age at 21.

  Calories Burned Grade
Male 114 Probationary
  118 Satisfactory Medium
  143 Good Low
Female 94 Probationary
  98 Satisfactory Medium
  113 Good Low

In comparison, an older person with the same calories burned would probably have different grades. Refer to the table below, where the required parameter is the same except for the age, which is set at 35.

  Calories Burned Grade
Male 114 Good Low
  118 Good Medium
  143 Good High
Female 94 Good Medium
  98 Good Medium
  113 Good High

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the Navy PRT standards?

These are the required performance measurements for each activity associated with the fitness exam. Below are sample figures for males and females aged 20-24.

Males (20-24 Years Old)

Grade Point Plank Push-up 1.5-mile run
Outstanding 90 3:25 81 9:15
Excellent 75 3:05 71 10:30
Good 60 2:05 47 12:00
Satisfactory 50 1:25 42 13:15
Probationary 45 1:05 37 13:30

Females (20-24 Years Old)

Grade Point Plank Push-up 1.5-mile run
Outstanding 90 3:25 44 11:30
Excellent 75 3:05 39 13:15
Good 60 2:05 21 14:15
Satisfactory 50 1:25 17 15:15
Probationary 45 1:05 16 15:30

Unfortunately, no official male or Navy female bike PRT standards are available, considering that the amount of calories burned varies depending on body weight. You’ll have to use a calculator to learn what the minimum requirements are.

How long is the bike PRT?

According to the Navy PRT Guide, it lasts 14 minutes, with the actual biking time at 12 minutes and a mandatory 2-minute cooldown period.

How can I pass the Navy PRT?

The fitness test involves undertaking three events where the bike PRT is an alternative for the cardio activity. You need an overall score of 50 to pass for any instance of the PRT, this is equivalent to Satisfactory; however, a higher overall score of 60 is needed to graduate from boot camp.

This overall score is calculated by averaging your score for the three required PRT events.

Is there an app that can accurately calculate Navy PRT results?

Yes, there is an official Navy PRT bike calculator that can be found here. It will ask for your height, weight, age, gender, altitude, and bike model to calculate an accurate grade for your performance. This calculator online also covers other PRT events as well.

You could make use of an alternate cardio calculator, but these provide rough estimates and cannot be relied on for an accurate grade.


How many calories do I need to burn for Navy PRT bike test? There is no single right answer, but now you know that going for 10 calories per minute is a good place to start. Prepare for it as well as you can and it will be a walk in the park.

What do you think about the PRT standards? Are they things you can do? Tell us all about it in the comments section below; we’ll be waiting to hear from you.

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