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28 Inch Bike for What Size Person – Here’s the Answer!

Written by Gary Johnson / Fact checked by Henry Speciale

28 inch bike for what size person

When shopping online for a bike, it’s advisable to look up whether a person of your stature can ride it comfortably. If you’re looking for a 28 inch bicycle, for instance, looking up topics like “28 inch bike for what size person” would be plenty of help.

A 28 inch wheel bike is best for people with a height of 6’ to 6’ 3”—that’s the most common answer you’ll get. What you’ll come to find is that this isn’t always the case.

That’s because wheel size isn’t the only factor that decides if you can ride a bike. In this article, we’ll go over a few things about 28-inch bikes, starting with its meaning.

What is a 28-inch Bike?


A 28 inch bike size is a bicycle featuring wheels that are 28 inches in diameter.

“Diameter” in this context refers to the outside diameter. It’s important to make the distinction because the outside diameter is different from the inside diameter.

  • The inside diameter is the diameter of the bike’s rim without the tire.
  • The outside diameter, on the other hand, is the diameter once the tire is attached. That means the outside diameter of a wheel is always higher than the inside diameter.

For example, 28-inch bike wheels had four variations in the past: 700, 700A, 700B, and 700C. These had an outside diameter of around 700 millimeters, hence the name.

However, nowadays, experts call 28-inch bike wheels using their ISO variations: 622, 635, and 642mm. Each of these values refers to the inside diameter of the wheel.

How To Choose The Right Bike Size For Height


In a perfect world, you’ll know if you can ride a bike by taking a look at its size.

Unfortunately, there are many moving parts in a bicycle. And as such, it’s difficult to measure its entirety. That’s why we rely on specific measurements to gauge its size.

These measurements are:

(1) the frame size and

(2) the wheel size.

Yes, they’re different measurements, so a 28 inch tire bike would be different from a 28 inch frame bike.

In addition to these measurements, you must also consider the bike type. That’s because the proportion of the bike’s parts may vary according to its type. A mountain bike, for example, can be larger or smaller than a road bike even if they have the same wheel size.

So, to conclude, you have to consider the following factors:

  • Wheel size
  • Frame size
  • Bike type

28 Bike: For What Height?

The bike height chart below should tell you what your available options are according to your inseam (distance from crotch to ankles) and height:

Rider Inseam Rider Height Mountain Bike Road Bike
Frame Size Wheel Size Frame Size Wheel Size
24” – 29” 4’10” – 5’2” 13” – 14” 26” 33 – 37cm 26”
25” – 30” 5’2” – 5’6” 15” – 16” 26” 38 – 42cm 26”
26” – 31” 5’6” – 5’10” 17” – 18” 27.5” or 28” 43 – 47cm 27.5” or 28”
27” – 32” 5’10” – 6’1” 19” – 20” 27.5” or 28” 48 – 52cm 27.5” or 28”
28” – 33” 6’1” – 6’4” 21” – 22” 28” or 29” 53 – 57cm 28” or 29”
29” – 34” 6’4” – 6’6” 23” – 24” 28” or 29” 58 – 61cm 28” or 29”

You may notice in this bike frame size chart, or any other 700c bike size chart, for that matter, that the frame size of road bikes are measured in cm.

Meanwhile, the frame size of mountain bikes are measured in inches.

That’s because manufacturers typically use different units of measure for each bike type.

Also, keep in mind that this bicycle size chart is at most an estimate.

The bike manufacturer should have their own bike size chart by height, though expect to see separate charts for the road bike size chart and the mountain bike size chart.

For What Age?


A 28-inch bike should be for adults only, aged 18 and up, as you can find this bike listed in the adult bike size chart. Kid bikes only have a wheel size from 12 inches to 26 inches, and it’s for their safety.

Top 3 28 Inch Bikes

So, you’ve decided that a person of your build or stature can ride a 28-inch bike without issues. All that’s left is to find a men’s bicycle or women’s bike of that size. What you’ll realize is that compared to 26”, 27.5”, and 29” bikes, 28-inch bikes are quite rare.

Nevertheless, there are a couple of 28-inch bikes that are worth checking, such as:

  1. Schwinn Discover Hybrid Bike for Men and Women
  2. Schwinn Volare Mens and Women Hybrid Road Bike
  3. 28″ Adults Electric Bicycle for Adults



Is a 28 inch bike too large?

If you have a small build (smaller than 6 feet), then yes, a bike size of 28 is likely too large for you. Similarly, if you have a relatively large build (larger than 6’3”), a 28 inch bike height will be too small. It ultimately depends on your build or size.

What we know is it’s more likely to be too large than too small. That’s because 28 inches is the second largest standard wheel size, 29 inches being the largest.

Is 28 inches the same as 700C?

Yes, a 28-inch bike wheel can be synonymous with the term “700C” but not always. “28 inches” may also refer to 700, 700A, or 700B, but those are no longer as common. So, if someone talks about 28 inches, they’re most likely referring to a 700C wheel.

Furthermore, nowadays, 700C refers to the same size as ISO 622mm.

Since both 28-inch and 29-inch wheels belong to the ISO 622mm size measurement category, someone talking about a 700C might also be referring to a 29-inch wheel.

In other words, if someone is trying to sell you a 700C bike, rather than assuming that it’s a 28-inch bike, it’s best if you ask them directly for the exact size in inches.

Are there wheels larger than 29 inches?

Yes, there are wheels larger than 29 inches.

Though we mentioned earlier that a 29-inch bike is the largest you can get, that’s only if you consider the standard sizes. There are non-standard sizes that go far beyond that. So 29-inch wheels for what person? please take a look at this article!

You can, for example, find a 30 inch bike if you look hard enough. There are also wheels, which are called oversized, that are 32, 36, and even 39 inches in diameter.


So, 28 inch bike for what size person? You already know it works well for you if your height is about 6’ to 6’3”.

Compared to a 26-inch bike or a 27-inch bike, a 28 inches mountain bike or road bike is relatively larger. So, it makes sense that you’d have second doubts about whether you can ride it comfortably. Hopefully, with this guide, that’s no longer an issue.

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