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How to Store a Bike in an Apartment? – Top 8 Helpful Methods!

Written by Gary Johnson / Fact checked by Henry Speciale

how to store a bike in an apartment

Owning a bike with limited space in your apartment does come with challenges. With a bicycle’s significant size, it will surely take up some space in your small living space. You need to be creative on how to store a bike in an apartment and ensure that it is properly stored and won’t get damaged.

Lucky for you, we have come up with creative ideas on how you can properly store a bicycle in your limited apartment space. You can hang it on the wall or ceiling, use a bike rack or dock, or store it in a cupboard or balcony.

For more options, continue reading this article from top to bottom. It will give you some unique ideas on how you can keep your bike in your apartment.


Things to Consider When Storing a Bike in an Apartment

Having limited space at home can be a hassle, especially if you are an avid bike owner. You will find it extremely challenging to come up with the right space and area for the equipment. Thus, here are the things you should consider first before looking for a place to keep your bike:

1. Bike weight

The weight of your bike is a crucial factor to consider when storing a bicycle in an apartment. Hanging your bike from the ceiling or wall has its own downside. A normal road bike can weigh around 17.5 pounds.

Make sure that you use the right hooks and racks that can accommodate or carry the equipment. You want to avoid the hook getting detached from the wall or ceiling because it cannot hold the bike securely and it can damage the bicycle in the process.

2. Apartment space

Keeping your bike indoors means that you want the best form of security for the equipment. Having limited space can also damage your bike because someone might bump into it from time to time. It is important that there is enough space to accommodate the equipment conveniently.

Creative Ways to Store a Bike in an Apartment

1. Hang it on the wall


This may be the most classic option bikers would do when storing a bike in an apartment. It is convenient and will not take up so much space in your living area. When you hang your bike on the wall in an apartment, you will not need any storage space or floor space, and still, keep your bike safe and secure.

It is also a cheap solution when looking for ways to store bikes in an apartment creatively. This option will take less of your time because it only requires simple tools. You can simply use durable hooks to install on the wall and ensure that they can accommodate the weight of your bike.

There are also available bike racks that you can use when hanging your equipment on the wall. With the use of the bike rack, you have the option to hand the bike vertically while being creative and artistic. A bicycle can also add character to the whole interior of your apartment.

You can also mount the bike on the wall while designing it with coordinated paintings. It will look intentional and part of your home decor.

2. Hang it at the back of the door

You can also consider hanging the bike at the back of the door. It is minimalist and will not require any space from your apartment. If you have a large door that is durable enough to cater to a bicycle, it is also an ideal option.

You can install metal hooks, and drill them on the door. Then, it is now ready to be a unique storage space for your bicycle.

3. Use a bike dock

If you want a more elegant and sophisticated look, you can use a bike dock when hanging your bike. It is a dedicated device you can use when you want to hang your bicycle on a wall. A bike dock opens up and displays hanging storage for your bike.

It is minimalist looking, and like racks, it will not take up so much space in your apartment. With bike docks, the mounting system is more durable and can carry even heavier MTBs. More than that, bike docs are easy to install and look classy in your living space.

4. Use a bike stand


A bike stand is also a great option for storing bikes in an apartment. If you have a bike stand when doing a routine maintenance check of your bike, you can also use it as a storage option. In this way, you do not need to shell out money in buying hooks or docks for the bike. It is simple and will provide more stability to your bike.

5. Hook your bike from the ceiling


If your apartment wall is full of decoration, you can use the ceiling when storing bikes in a small apartment. You can simply hook the bicycle onto the ceiling to keep it safe. With this method, your bike will not take any floor space and will not interfere with the major areas of your house.

You can use an S-shaped hook that can carry the weight of your bike pretty well. These hooks are coated with vinyl, and won’t damage or create dents on the equipment.

6. Store the bike in a storage cupboard

If you do not want to display your bike, you can also store it inside a cupboard. It won’t take a significant amount of space in your apartment and will keep your bike safe and secure. If you do not intend to use your bike for a couple of months, placing it in a cupboard is the most ideal.

In this way, it will not create distractions inside your living area. This method is inexpensive and won’t require you to use any special tools. It is the best way to keep your bike out of sight, and free more floor space in the apartment.

7. Tuck it behind a furniture


If you have big furniture in your house, you can use them when storing bicycles in an apartment. A long sofa or a coach will keep your bike hidden from plain sight. You can tuck the bike behind this furniture, and place it there when not in use.

Tucking the bike behind furniture is ideal when you are using your bike from time to time. You can simply remove it from behind the sofa, and store it when not in use.

This method is convenient and hassle-free, especially for people who frequently use a bicycle. It is a tried and tested method because of the convenience and stability it offers. It is cheap and you do not need tools to use for installation.

8. Use your balcony or porch

If your apartment has a balcony or porch, you are in good luck because it is the perfect place to hide your bike. A standard-sized balcony has enough space to accommodate large equipment including bicycles.

However, you need to secure your bike with locks, so one can still use it. A balcony or porch is an open space where people can easily access without your knowledge. It is important to keep your bike safe using locks or alarms.

Also, check this video on how to store a bike in an apartment by Life Seekers if you need.


Having limited storage space in your apartment should not discourage you from keeping your bike safe and secure. There are plenty of creative ideas that do not take too much space inside the house. You just have to assess the whole apartment, consider the weight of your bike, and work from there. In this way, you can still get to keep your bike, while not changing the interior of your living space.

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