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29 Inch Bike for What Size Person: Detailed Instructions

Written by Gary Johnson / Fact checked by Henry Speciale

29 inch bike for what size person

Finding the ideal mountain bike wheels for your needs can be a difficult task. To select the perfect tire size from the bikes available in the market, you should know your needs first.

In short, you have to check your height before choosing your tire. If you are on the tall side of at least 6’, then you might want to pick a 29er mountain bike. That said, you can ride this size if you’re 5’6” or taller. 

In this article, we will discuss “29 inch bike for what size person?”. Read on for more information.

Who is Fit to Ride a 29-inch Bike?


Bikes with 29 inch wheels, or the two-niners, can be ridden by almost any tall person with a height of 5’6” and above.

But the most ideal height for 29 inch bike to ensure a comfortable ride is 6’ or above. 29ers are well suited for tall riders since the bigger the wheel, the bigger the bike frame will be.

Below is a size chart to help you measure the ideal wheel size for height.

Person’s Height Recommended Wheel Size Recommended Frame Size
4’10 – 5’3 inches 24-inch to 26 inch 13 – 14 inches
5’4 – 5’7 inches 26 inch 15 – 16 inches
5’5 – 5’9 inches 27 inch or 27.5 inches 16 – 17 inches
5’9 – 6’0 inches 17 – 18 inches
6’0 – 6’3 inches 28 inch or 29 inches 18 – 19 inches
6’3 – 6’6 inches 29 inches 19 inches and above

 If you are between 5’6” and 6’ and want to try a 29er, you may have to search for a model that can fit your stature. Since the nature of the 29-inch tires is big, the frames currently available in the market range from medium to extra-large. 


The Pros and Cons of Bigger Wheels


The 29-inch wheel is the most common sizing for modern bikes and is an excellent option for riders who have a lot of weight to carry or who want to pedal with more power. Let’s see what merits and drawbacks it has to offer.


  • Speed

The big wheels of a 29-inch will let you ride further and faster, which makes it an excellent choice for cyclists who want to cover long distances on their bikes.

  • Terrain Adaptation

Large mountain bikes with 29-inch tires are a good choice for riders who want to keep their speed up and have a little more stability in off-road terrains. The big tires will easily roll over the rocks, dirt, and mud that smaller wheels usually have a hard time on.

This feature gives the rider superb control and traction when climbing uphill or going downhill, which is excellent for adventurous cyclists. Overall, it’s almost impossible to find terrain unsuitable for a 29er.


  • Require Body Stamina

The two-niner is indeed perfect for rough terrain; however, if you are not in good shape and don’t like riding in hills, this may not be the right bike for you.

These big wheels tend to be on the heavier side; thus, you have to keep in mind that your legs will be working much harder than they do with a smaller bike. In addition, unless you’re an expert, you’ll find maneuvering the bike mid-air a challenging feat.

  • Slow Start

A 27.5 vs 29 wheel diameter greatly differs in terms of speed. Although a bicycle 29 inch can run faster, its acceleration rate is much slower and less responsive when compared to a 27.5. This can be a big turn-off for those who prefer fast and precise acceleration.

  • Height and Size Compatibility

Not just anyone can readily ride a 29er. If you are a tall person, this bike will be the ride of your dreams. However, this may not be a great fit for riders with short stature.

How to Shop for a 29er?


Whether you want to upgrade the wheel on your existing ride or buy a new bike, you must be aware of the 29 inch bike frame models to accommodate the large wheel size.

1. Bike frame and suspension

If you want to change your old wheel to a new one, you must note that bicycle frames and suspension can only equip wheels compatible with their size and design.

For example, small frames cannot accommodate a 29-inch due to their mismatched body size and little to no clearance. A narrow clearance just screams a nasty dirt buildup in case you ride off-road. Plus, the wheel may not even fit the fork in the first place.

But in case you want a brand new 29 inch mountain bike, you should research the different types of suspension and frames out there. If you prefer XC riding, front suspensions may be good for you. Else, you can ride a full suspension for challenging rough terrains with lots of twists and turns.

2. Mobility issues

Knee issues or mobility problems should also be considered. Make sure the bike frame is adjustable to fit the body properly since 29ers can be heavy. Cycling may not be bad for your knees but overexerting your body is.

If you are still unsure, there is no harm in seeking the help of a professional or going to your trusty local bike shop.


Is 29er Better For The Tall Rider?

A 29 inch mountain bike is the go-to option for tall riders looking to get off the beaten path and explore new trails.

Furthermore, 29ers are the most ideal bicycle for people above 6’ since the bikes can give their body the proper adjustment and riding condition than small wheeled bicycles.

Are 29er Tires The Same As 700c?

First, 700c is a French system size, while 29-inches is more commonly used in America. And second, yes. 29ers and 700c are somewhat the same.

If we look into the ISO measurement of the two, both the 700c and 29er are measured to be 622mm. Hence, they are technically the same size.


While 29er and 700c are the same based on the ISO, there is still a time when they are NOT interchangeable. That is when their rim size differs from one another.

To specify, if the tire width is different, even if the inside diameter is the same, you cannot simply fit 700c in 29 inch rims or vice versa. This is commonly seen in the old-style rim.

What Size Bike Should I Get For My Height?

You should first measure your height with a tape measure from head to toe and use the provided conversion table above to figure out the recommended wheel and frame size.

What Is The Weight Limit For A 29-inch Bike?

Depending on the type of bicycle you are using, the average weight limit on a mountain bike is 250-300lbs, as long as there are no modifications.

If you really need bikes for heavy-duty weightlifting, fat bikes can hold a maximum of 400lbs. Hybrid and gravel bikes can also carry a bulk of 330-350lbs. And depending on the model and construction, some electric bikes can tolerate up to 400lb.


Now that all the questions are answered, you don’t have to search “29 inch bike for what size person” anymore.

In short, a 29er is built for tall and adventurous people. They are manufactured with stronger materials and framesets to hold up under rough conditions without breaking down on you or your bike.

If you want to get the most out of your ride, then go with a 29er!

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