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How to Sit on Bike During Pregnancy – Safe Riding Positions

Written by Gary Johnson / Fact checked by Henry Speciale

How to Sit on Bike During Pregnancy

The most important question is, can riding a bike cause miscarriage? Studies show that when you know how to sit on bike during pregnancy with just the right care taken, it is safe.

As an active mom, you should know the step-by-step procedure on how pregnant women ride bikes with the highest safety. Make sure that you pick a step-through bike and not a step-over model. That’s the necessary start.

How to Find the Correct Sitting Position on Bike


Always consult your doctor first.

There are different care procedures and tips that fit every condition of pregnancy. To ensure you’re doing what is best for you, seek professional advice first.

  • Generally, in the first trimester, you can bike to improve your health and mood. However, it’s advisable to be gentle. Since it’s a period of constant morning sickness, you should go easy on such exercise.
  • While in the second trimester, you can continue biking comfortably with good guidance from the doctor. Make sure to stop when sensing the slightest pain.

In the third trimester, you are approaching the due date, it’s possible to bike a little. However, you should modify the bike to the lowest level for a light workout. Again stop at first sight of pain and discomfort.

Below are the important tips you should remember when sitting on your bike during your pregnancy:

1. Get on Slowly


Make sure you only sit on a step-though bike to avoid lifting the legs too high. And you need to get on the bike slowly, preferably with the help of a partner.

2. Sit Comfortably With Both Feet on the Ground


Now, you want to feel comfortable and safe on your large enough bike seat. Have both your feet on the ground while griping the handles with enough force.

Make sure you feel at ease and in control of the bike, if not, check out the modification tips below.

3. Sit With a Straight Shoulder


Keep your posture in the right position by making sure that your body is at a 90-degree angle when pedaling your bike. This means keeping your shoulders straightened. 

Maintaining a posture that sits straight up avoids putting too much pressure on your growing belly, preventing any complications that may arise.  

4. Keep Your Head Straight Up


Make sure that your head is placed straight up with the chin pushed in. This allows better vision in order to prevent any blind spots which may cause potential accidents.  

How to Modify Your Bike for Safety During Pregnancy

If you want to continue biking, simply choose a proper bike that will easily support your body. A mountain bike or a commuter bike are good picks if you want to cycle while pregnant.  

Check out the necessary modifications.  

Step 1: Lower Your Bike Seat Height


What to adjust first for you to properly sit on a bike?

You need to lower your bike’s seat height.

When you are pregnant, expect your weight to be much heavier, which also affects your balance. Doing this makes your body comfortable, and your feet can maneuver easily with the pedals.  

Step 2: Raise the Handlebar


Second, adjust your bike’s handlebars to just the exact height that makes you comfortable. Not too low and not too high, but just enough to keep your posture straight.

Typically, you should raise the handler bar a bit up to sit a bit straighter, relieving the pressure from crunching your belly.

Step 3: Modify the Gear


The next important step is to reduce the intensity of the ride. Since you will be pedaling to keep your bike moving, ensure that the gears are adjusted in a way that doesn’t require you to put too much strength or effort into pedaling your bicycle.

Adjusting your gears also helps your toes reach the ground faster, keeping you in control at all times.

Step 4: Get a Wider Bike Seat


As you are several months into your pregnancy, your bike seat must be large enough to give you comfort and good balance while riding. So, it’s best to invest for a large one that can accommodate to your body change right away.  

Step 5: Change the Pedals


If your current bike pedals are clipless, you need to remove them and use regular ones instead. They will ensure much more balance and safety while biking.

Bumpy Roads and Pregnancy: is It a Cause of Concern?


You may ask, ‘Do bumpy roads affect early pregnancy’

During early pregnancy, it is unlikely that a bumpy bike ride will trigger any complications. However, it’s still best to ride slowly and carefully just to be sure.

If you’re on the way to a bumpy road, make sure your commuter bike is stable enough and adjusted to the proper settings.

Going mountain biking while pregnant is fine, just as long as you know your gauge, wear the proper gear, and take extra cautionary steps. With the right mountain bike that’s sturdy and big, best believe it will give you the proper assistance. Plus, with its size, your growing belly will fit right in.

If you just need the exercise and don’t need to travel, why not just reduce the risk and try an exercise bike instead? With exercise bikes, there is less risk of falls and getting into accidents. After all, they still help you put off some sweat, even at your own home.  

When Should You Not Ride a Bike When Pregnant?


Cycling is a great form of workout for pregant women, however, cycling while pregnant third trimester may open up added risks of accidents. During this time, a pregnant woman may turn a little more clumsy than usual due to the gravity shifts they may experience.

So, it may be best to quit cycling for a while at the end of the third trimester.


That’s about it on the ways of how to sit on bike during pregnancy.

Bicycling can help boost a mother’s health, that’s for sure, but remember that knowing how to do this the right way is crucial for the health of both the baby and the mom.

So before you hop on your bicycle, take a step back, call, and consult your doctor first. And once you get the go signal, follow all these steps gently and carefully.

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