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The Best Mountain Bike Travel Cases

Written by Gary Johnson / Fact checked by Henry Speciale

best mountain bike travel case

There’s no better way than keeping yourself healthy while traveling the world with your mountain bike. Whether you’re trying to stay healthy or wanting to go to places, your best travel buddy would be your favorite mountain bike. And, getting the best mountain bike travel case will always keep it protected and gives you peace of mind when you’re up for some adventure.

Perhaps you are thinking about investing in mountain bike cases, but you might find it quite challenging to choose which one works for you. Lucky for you, for in this article, I will walk you through a top-notched mountain bike case that will provide maximum protection and support to your road trip buddy. So, without further ado, let’s get started and find out about the best ones available.


Top 1
Aophire Folding Transport Case

  • Portable
  • Multifunctional
  • Fits larger bike frames

Top 2
Verpiason Folding Bike Carry Bag

  • Durable materials
  • Outside pockets with zippers
  • Provides maximum convenience

Top 3
Aophire Folding Bike Bag

  • Wide dimensions when unfolded
  • Durable construction
  • Has dividers for bike parts

Top-Rated Mountain Bike Travel Case Reviews

1. Aophire Folding Transport Case

One of the most trusted products that Aophire offers is the transport case for folding bikes. The case is superior because it’s an updated version that measures a 26-inch carry bag. This is known for its portability, as it fits mountain bikes that measure 26 inches to 27.5-inch bikes that come with wheels and handlebars.

I like how I could easily load the mountain bike inside the travel case. By simply disassembling the handlebar and front wheel of the bike, you can just fit it into the Aophire Folding Bike Bag transport case and zip it up easily.

Another good thing I love about this travel case is its multipurpose feature. It’s not only ideal for storing a bike whenever you ride an airplane; It can also work as your storage bag. And since this updated version is thicker than the old one, you can store things easily without ruining their form and design.

The materials used to build this travel case are thicker and even wear-resisting. The zippers’ size was bigger and sturdier, which is about ¾ position for easier packing. And when I am not using it, I can just fold it up so easily, put it into the included buggy bag, and simply attach it to the bike’s handlebars.

 Heads-up:  Still, the straps were unpadded. It could get uncomfortable if you are carrying a heavy pack with it too long.

 What We Liked: 
  • Portable; ideal for carrying bicycles and ease to fold up when not being used
  • Multifunctional; ideal for storing mountain bikes and a storage bag for valuables
  • Updated version: thicker than the previous ones
  • The zipper was bigger and sturdier and positioned on both sides
  • Fits larger bike frames that measure about 26 to 27.5 inch with ease
 What We Didn’t Like: 
  • Straps are unpadded and narrow, making it uncomfortable for carrying too long
 Bottom Line:  This bag is truly worth the price, and it’s sure to last when used properly. This is why many would go for this mountain bike travel case.

2. Verpiason Folding Bike Carry Bag

One of the best things about folding bikes is convenience. How much more if we have a case to protect our folding bikes when traveling? With a Verpiason folding bike carry bag, we can always get that peace of mind when traveling.

This mtb travel bag was made from sturdy materials, which is ideal for heavy bikes that measure about 26-29 inches. Regarding its versatility, the size and build of this mountain bike travel case fits almost all bicycles in the market, even e-bikes which are known to be large and heavy.

I appreciate the internal dividers to place the wheelset for better protection, especially for the bike’s frame. It is indeed heavy-duty, as it features Oxford fabric plus non-woven fabric straps.

I am delighted about the front zipper pockets to store my water bottle, tire pump, and other valuables. The zippers are working well from the inside to the outside. Everything seems to work fine after I’ve used them many times. It also comes with two pockets where I can secure my accessories.

 Heads-up:  There is just one feature that is missing, and that is the waterproof element of the material, which I think could help when traveling in cold and rainy weather.

 What We Liked: 
  • Provides maximum convenience for mountain and folding bikes
  • Fits bikes measuring 26 to 29 inches
  • Made from durable materials: Oxford fabric plus non-woven fabric straps
  • It comes with dividers to organize each bike parts when needed
  • It comes with outside pockets with zippers that work perfectly
 What We Didn’t Like: 
  • The material does not come with a waterproof feature
 Bottom Line:  Verpiason Bike carry bag is one of the trusted brands, and this version is a great investment for a person like me who wants to go places with my mountain bike. I must say, it’s a total package.

3. Aophire Folding Bike Bag

Known to always give convenience when traveling, the Aophire Thick Folding Bike Bag always gets the job done. This folding bike bag does exactly what I need; from the moment I travel with four-wheel vehicles to riding with my bike, this bag is truly a lifesaver.

I like how this bag comes with lots of room and useful pockets for big or smaller items. It can carry regular-sized bikes, measuring from 26 inches to 27.5 inches. It does come with protective dividers for the handlebar and wheels, making it portable to hold or carry.

Since the dimensions of this bag are wide enough when unfolded, I can also load my bike easily when the handlebars and front wheel are detached. I can position the entire bike inside, along with the detached wheel and handlebar, into their respective compartment.

With its high-quality 1680D polyester construction, sturdy shoulder straps, and ¾ position design of the zippers, I can utilize the bag frequently without worrying about it getting damaged.

 Heads-up:  Despite the maximum protection it gives to my bike, I’ve decided to put on something that would strengthen the walls of this bike travel case. Perhaps users could use cardboard or something that would support the bike’s frame, like bubble wraps.

 What We Liked: 
  • Features lots of useful pockets for average and small-sized items
  • Fits most bike sizes, measuring 26 inches to 27.5 inches
  • Has dividers for bike parts like front wheel and handlebar
  • Wide dimensions when unfolded for easily loading the bike
  • Durable 1680D polyester construction, sturdy shoulder straps, and long zippers
 What We Didn’t Like: 
  • Requires low-cost improvements to boost the weak walls
 Bottom Line:  After all, this bike travel case provides our needs, especially the ease and comfort, when we are up for more adventure. It serves its purpose, and it’s going to last for sure.

4. Thule Transition Mountain Bike Travel Case

Known for its durable-shell construction and ultra-protective features for mountain bikes, the Round Trip Transition Mountain Bike Travel Case from Thule is always the people’s choice for the best mountain bike travel case.

I realized that this travel case from Thule works extremely well on various trips. It helps me in getting my mountain bike wrapped up so it will not get broken so easily. This provides excellent security and protection and eliminates the need for airport security.

There is a place for the wheels on both sides of the frame. The topper of the case fastens firmly with durable clamps to see that my bike is placed correctly inside.

In addition, it features a fork-mount stand that will let you build up and work on your bike with less stress. Also, the handles are oversized, and wheels are on point to make it comfortable to hold and roll over when transporting.

 Heads-up:  The only downside I found about this mountain bike luggage is its rather bulky structure. People with a small and thin figure may find this travel case a bit bulky and heavy.

 What We Liked: 
  • Made from hard-shell construction and excellent protective elements
  • Ideal for different trips like airplanes, busses, cars, or subway
  • Assists in getting mountain bikes protected and wrapped up to prevent damages
  • Includes fork mount stand to store your bike in place easily
  • Features compartments for wheels and bike frame inside
 What We Didn’t Like: 
  • It tends to be heavy and bulky for small or thin-sized people
 Bottom Line:  Overall, this mountain bike travel case comes with a great value for the price. In addition, it is sufficient for our mountain bike protection.

5. CamGo Folding Bike Transport Bag

For someone like me who likes to travel during the cold weather, the CamGo Folding Bike transport bag is just one of the right bike bags for mountain bikes. This mountain bike shipping case is known for its waterproof features that will be perfect for rainy and cold weather.

This travel case for mountain bikes is genuinely worth the price due to its high-quality nylon fabric. I was amazed at how this bag is wrapped with thick webbing. It enhances its strength to handle the carrying burden that I likely encounter when travelling long hours.

Furthermore, the case fits medium-sized bikes up to 26 inches. Finally, it promotes convenience, especially if you’re in a hurry or about to get late since this is very easy to carry.

Plus, I like how versatile this travel case is since I can always use this to transfer my bike, carry my mountain bike bag for plane, cars, trains, and even boats. Also, if the zipper is entirely unzipped, you can use it as your picnic mat during a stop or break from the ride.

 Heads-up:  Since this travel bag is wide enough, sometimes I find it hard, or it took me a lot of time to unfold it.

 What We Liked: 
  • Comes with waterproof feature for travelling in cold and rainy weather
  • Durable travel case made of premium nylon and thick webbing
  • Could fit medium-sized bikes up to 26 inches easily
  • Zipper allows entirely unzipping for use as a travel case for bikes or a picnic mat
 What We Didn’t Like: 
  • Too wide and sometimes requires some time to unfold
 Bottom Line:  With this, I can strongly agree that this mtb travel case will always let me experience the convenience I need for everyday journeys.

6. Evoc Bike Travel Bag Pro Travel Case

Known for its fantastic hybrid construction, the Evoc Bike Travel Bag Pro Travel Case combines the benefits of a hardshell case. The Evoc bike travel bag review is easy to use, including a clip-on wheel, bike stand, frame pad, and soft bag.

The insides of this bike can accommodate up to 310 liters, with distinct wheel compartments and a hardened fork mount. Whether I am traveling by boat, train, or car, this case always gets the job done right to pack the bike safely. It always gives maximum protection to our mountain bikes, especially when traveling.

And since the interior comes with a divider and tends to be spacious, it is guaranteed to protect especially the fragile parts of your mountain bike when stored for an extended period.

I also have used bike travel case from Evoc so many times. Still, I could easily transport the travel case, thanks to its molded bottom case with its extra-wide wheel chassis that are replaceable. Furthermore, the travel case comes with usefully positioned handles to carry and load the bag into cars or airport check-in scale a lot easier.

 Heads-up:  The only issue I have with this travel case is about its missing feature for rain protection. Unlike other mountain bike travel cases, the Evoc Travel Bag Pro Travel Case is not resistant to rain or water.

 What We Liked: 
  • Features a hybrid and high-quality hardshell construction
  • Convenient to use, with a clip-on wheel, bike stand, frame pad, and soft bag
  • Accommodate 310 liters, with wheel compartments and a hardened fork mount
  • Safety protects bike parts with multiple dividers when traveling
  • Handles and molded bottom to easily carry and transport
 What We Didn’t Like: 
  • It’s not water-resistant
 Bottom Line:  This mountain bike travel case is a good catch with all its great features, and it will never let us down.

7. B & W International Bike Bag

B & W is always known to have high-quality products, and one of the products is the mountain bike bag. The bag is appropriate to give safe transportation for our bike.

Its convenience amazes me, as I can just put my stuff when the bike is loaded inside. So whenever I feel like I need to take my bike for a ride, this bike bag is always a way to go. Also, there are shoulder straps as well that help in carrying the bag with ease and convenience.

This bike travel case’s bottom blends into the bag’s very well padded nylon. It pretty much works for folding bikes, as it encompasses perfect fitting and interior. Truly a great bag for its price!

It also comes with an aluminium frame where I can put my bike on carefully, which is better as it gives the bike maximum protection from sudden impact while travelling. The fabric is also tear-proof, so it is probably going to last for years.

 Heads-up:  The only issue I had with this bike travel case is it takes a while to pack, even if it’s a 29er mountain bike travel case. However, it still fits for sure.

 What We Liked: 
  • Great bag quality for the price
  • Versatile and convenient for storing personal stuff with the bike inside
  • Comes with shoulder strap for easy carrying
  • Padded bottom and aluminum frame for protection
  • Tear-proof fabric is durable and long-lasting
 What We Didn’t Like: 
  • Takes some time to pack especially big bikes
 Bottom Line:  All in all, this top-rated mountain travel bike is modern and innovative. And I believe bikers do not want to miss this product on their trips.

8. EVOC XL Bike Travel Bag

Gone are the days when we can’t store our bike in a protected and secure place. With the EVOC Bike travel bag, we can always experience convenience on the go.

This mountain bike travel bag has a large size and is sure to fit fat bikes without tearing the materials of the bag apart. As for the material, I can say that it’s heavy-duty, as it is covered with nylon-ripstop. And even if the material is lightweight, it’s sure to be durable and tear-resistant.

I’m impressed by its multiple fixation options. I can always pack my bike safely within the transport case in just a matter of minutes. Inside the bag, there is a separate compartment for the wheel, and it comes with plastic shields to prevent our bike’s wheel axles from bulging through the case’s material.

It keeps the bicycle parts firmly and in place since it comes with tough paddings and rubber support to secure fragile bike components. And yes, it comes with a hybrid construction, and we can enjoy its hard-shell bike case.

 Heads-up:  The only thing I am concerned about in this bike travel case is the rather high price, compared to other competing cases. But in my opinion, its superb quality and features can justify such a price tag.

 What We Liked: 
  • Fits most big and fat bikes in place
  • Features multiple fixation options for a bike
  • The strong padding and hybrid construction to support the fragile bike parts
  • Heavy-duty material covered with nylon-ripstop for durability & tear-resistance
 What We Didn’t Like: 
  • The price is a bit higher than competing products
 Bottom Line:  This travel bike case will always take our passion wherever we go when biking. It’s proven to last, and I could vouch that this product is long-lasting.

9. Erasky Bike Folding Travel Bag Bike

Getting the top-rated mountain bike travel case for bike protection is not an option but a necessity. With Erasky Bike Folding Travel Bag Bike, you can always carry your bike safely and stay protected. Whether it is a short trip or a long one, this travel bag bike is a lifesaver.

This travel bag combines shoulder strap and handles in one set, making it comfortable and convenient when carrying.

One thing I like about the Erasky Travel Bag Bike is its waterproof elements to the materials. With its 1680D fiber materials, it’s going to be durable, and the fabric would be long-lasting. You just need to keep it away from dust and humidity for protection. The material is also easy to fold up when I am not using it.

This travel bag is very cool, as it comes with different storage systems and plenty of room to spare, not only for my bike parts but also for the accessories I will need for the trip. Buyers surely get what they have paid for, especially because it does fit similarly sized bikes, measuring 26 inches.

 Heads-up:  Also, this travel bag bike does not come with padding, so perhaps bikers could improve it on their own to make sure the parts remain intact.

 What We Liked: 
  • Combines handles and shoulder straps for easy carrying
  • Materials feature great waterproof elements
  • 1680D fiber materials proven durable and long-lasting
  • Easy to fold and keep when not in use
  • Has plenty of storage and room to spare
  • Well-fitted for bikes measuring 26 inches
 What We Didn’t Like: 
  • Padding feature is missing
 Bottom Line:  All in all, with the Erasky Travel Bag Bike, we don’t have to walk stressfully just to carry the bike with us.

10. Venzo Nylon Mountain Bike Travel Case

Carrying a bike was made easier when I had the Venzo Nylon Mountain Bike Travel Case. Known for its nylon material quality, it is very compatible and lightweight enough and has a well-built shape that is sturdy to prevent shrinking or stretching. This travel case is truly a way to go and the top-tier one out there for all my adventures.

I like how the dimensions were made, as it fits most bike sizes, even the big ones measuring up to 33.4 inches. There is also one buckle shoulder strap and pad to easily carry it around. Not to mention how easy it was to carry along, and whenever I am not loading my bike in it, there is a carrying bag where I can put it.

I could also put on my bike safety gear and bike, which makes it very convenient and prevents me from bringing lots of bags for my stuff. And for the price, it is truly unbelievable as it comes with a low price for a rugged design made of 210D nylon.

 Heads-up:  The only drawback I had with this travel case is that you can never roll up the bag, and the entire straps are tight enough to fit it into the carrying case. I still need to attach the straps to the outer shell, which requires me to finish.

 What We Liked: 
  • Made from high-quality 210D nylon material for compatibility
  • Lightweight and easy to carry even with the bike inside
  • Wide dimensions that could fit up to large bike sizes, measuring 33.4 inches
  • Versatile since I can also put my biking gears inside
  • Good value for the affordable price
 What We Didn’t Like: 
  • It requires some time to unfold the bag since it can’t be rolled to fit its carrying case
 Bottom Line:  This travel bike bag is incredible not only for the bike but also for personal belongings. Therefore, many bikers out there chose this as it always gets the job done right.

11. Thule Round Trip Sport Bike Travel Case

Renowned for its rugged polyethylene build and foam padding, the Thule Round Trip Bike Travel Case will protect our favorite mountain bike. Its excellent standard of quality and protection does exactly what it is designed to. This is a mountain bike hard case that can always keep our bikes from harsh baggage handlers and airline transport for our trips.

What I like about this mountain bike suitcase is that it comes with four heavy-duty straps. I never have to worry if my bike is a bit heavy, as the straps could withstand a mountain bike’s standard weight. The straps also strengthen the contents and prevent them from coming undone while on transport.

The Thule bike case also comes with integrated wheels, so whenever I do not feel like carrying or lifting the case, I could just roll it easily as the wheels are solid and durable enough.

I also love how this travel case splits in half to make it easier to load the bike. It comes with functional dividers inside that separate the bike’s frame and the other components. Furthermore, this bike travel case is spacious enough to fit most bike sizes. With its internal dimension of 45 by 28.5 by 10 in, the mountain bike could surely fit with ease.

 Heads-up:  The only issue I’ve encountered with this product is about the lacking handles. Not all the time that you want to roll the case, so it would have been easier to lift or carry it if there are handles on the sides.

 What We Liked: 
  • Enough to fit most bike sizes perfectly
  • Sturdy polyethylene build and foam padding to protect the mountain bike
  • Comes with dividers to organize mountain bike parts and components
  • Durable wheels for easy rolling
  • Spacious dimensions ( 45 x 28.5×10 inches) to fit most bike sizes
 What We Didn’t Like: 
  • Does not come with handles on the side for lifting
 Bottom Line:  We can never go wrong with the bike travel case. It truly gets the job done right; no wonder why many would not hesitate to grab this mountain bike travel case.

12. ROCKBROS Bike Travel Carry Case

With the ROCKBROS Bike carry case, we can travel carrying our bike anywhere in the world as this is the perfect protection for the mountain bike. It can hold up to that 29ers bicycle with ease, whether riding a car, bus, or even the subway.

I like how this travel case was made from high-quality 600D Oxford fabric material for the outer layer, making it sturdy and long-lasting. It also comes with pockets inside to store our bike’s tools, plus outside pockets for small items.

I don’t have to worry if I put on other things inside the case other than my bike, as the case is indeed wear-resistant. Aside from that, I never should worry about getting my travel case wet as the material is waterproof and prevents foul smell.

One thing that this travel case has amazed me is its triple protection features. First, there is room for the wheels, which features fixing buckles to prevent crashing between the tires. There is also a thick sponge plate for shock proofing all parts of the bike.

 Heads-up:  I’m not too fond of this mountain bike travel’s straps as they are supposed to secure our bike’s frame inside yet rip off upon frequent use. The straps, perhaps, can’t withstand the weight of the bike’s frame.

 What We Liked: 
  • Can carry even 29ers mountain bikes
  • Made from high-quality and excellent materials
  • Material is made waterproof and anti-fouling
  • 3 protection features: separate wheel pouch, fixing buckles, a shock-proof bottom
  • Comes with useful pockets inside and outside the case
 What We Didn’t Like: 
  • Straps for frame protection has durability issues
 Bottom Line:  All in all, this travel case could give our bike the protection it needs when we decide to carry it with us.

What to Know Before Buying a Mountain Bike Travel Case


You must take a closer look into important features before purchase. So to get the ideal mountain bike travel case, here are the things you should know:

  • Measurement

You should always consider the weight and dimensions of your bike that you will store inside the bag, ranging from 20 to nearly 35 inches. You must know the size of the bag to prevent misfits. Or better yet, try purchasing a bag that comes with a universal size.

  • Weight

The weight of the bike travel case is something you should consider since it could also incur luggage fees in the airport. The heavier the case, the bigger the chance you would exceed the airline’s weight limit. That said, you will pay for added fees when you have a heavy travel case, not to mention the weight of the bike inside the case.

  • Made with Hard Shell Material

Most mountain bike travel cases usually come in two forms, and it is either softshell or hardshell. With that, it is recommended that you choose cases made with hard shell material, as it provides the top-tier level of protection and support compared to the softshell. With hardshell materials, the bike inside could sustain breakdown and impacts.

  • Handles and Wheels

Since your travel case and mountain bikes are heavy enough, you must purchase a case that comes with wheels and comfortable handles. It could help you transport and move it easily, plus it would allow you to carry it with your shoulders and hands without worrying about carrying a lot of weight.

  • Stores the Bike Quicy

Since no case will hold your entire bike fully assembled, choose a case that would only require you to take off your bike’s front wheels. Choose a travel case that would not require you to disassemble almost all parts of your bike before loading it inside that case.

How Do You Pack a Mountain Bike for Air Travel


In this section, you will know a step-by-step process in packing your mountain bike carrying case for air travel and reducing the chances of getting your bike damaged in transit.

Step 1: Detach your mountain bike’s front wheel carefully. You should also insert the axle to prevent the forks from getting damaged.

Step 2: Next, detach the pedals and rear derailleur if your travel case requires you to do so. If your travel case only requires you to remove the front wheel, then it’s not necessary to remove the pedals.

Step 3: Remove the handlebars off by simply removing bolts and any washers found on the clamp to ensure the protection of handlebars to the stem. Also, you must only keep them for about halfway, so the bolts or clamps won’t get lost.

Step 4: Next, ensure that the hydraulic brakes must be placed somewhere between the brake pads to prevent being forced together.

Step5: Ensure that your tires have been deflated. This is an airline requirement for those passengers who carry their bikes with them. Also, continue with other minimal removals for added peace of mind, like removing brake rotors to eliminate the chances of bending while in transit.

Step 6: Secure your bike parts and components with braces and straps, and you’re all set. Now that you’re all set, make sure that your mountain bike contains your name, home address, and destination. You can now check in your bike case and wait for departure to your adventure.

What Are the Tips for Packing Your Mountain Bike Bag

There are a few tricks to packing a mountain bike inside a travel bike case or bag. Here’s a quick list of tips to ensure this process goes smoothly:

  1. Make sure to remove pedals, handlebars, and wheels. Our previous section “How Do You Pack a Mountain Bike for Air Travel” will have more info on the removal process.
  2. If you have a fitted Seatpost, this part should also be removed. Dropper seatposts will need compressing down to their lowest setting.
  3. Keep an eye on disassembled parts to avoid misplacing them. You can take a picture of the bicycle beforehand, or label the parts for easy re-assembly.
  4. Your bike will need cushioning inside MTB travel bags or cases. Bubble wrap is perfect for protecting the petals, derailleur, chain, and brake levers. Meanwhile, styrofoam or packing peanuts (if you have extra room) is an excellent choice to protect your bike’s frame.
  5. Mountain bicycle transport bags and cases often have extra room. If a biker’s using air travel, this space could help pack extra clothes or other items. It’s also a great place to store any knick-knacks picked up during a biker’s travels.
  6. Bikers must ensure the bike is clean before packaging it. The bike should be free of mud, dirt, and other build ups on its parts.
  7. Never package a travel bag for mountain bike shipping without reading the airline’s regulations. I’ve found Southwest Airlines to be the most lenient and affordable when it comes to internal flights.
  8. Weigh your bicycle bags for travel at home before adventuring to the airport. Most airlines have a 50-pound limit for checked bags.
  9. If you’re shipping the bike via a mail carrier, use FedEx. They have the best reputation among riders for shipping bicycle travel bags. I’d also ask around local bike shops for a shipping travel bike box.

How Long Does an MTB Travel Case Last

Any high-quality travel case for mountain bike riders should last a long time. But it’ll all depend on the product’s construction and how well the owner takes care of it. For instance, Thule’s Transition Mountain Bike Travel Case shouldn’t have any issues lasting several years.

Its hard-shell construction and protective features can withstand regular travel with ease. Plus, this hard bike case won’t require much upkeep from its owner. It’ll make the entire process much easier for everyone involved.

Another indication of a bike travel case that could last a long time is an included warranty. No manufacturer will provide an extended warranty policy without having faith in the case. Otherwise, it may cost them an obscene amount of money.


There are plenty of good reasons to get the best mountain bike travel case. But, of course, you can’t just take your bike with you without added security and protection. That said, when you decide to purchase a case, determine your bike’s measurement and size. The next factor you need to consider is the level of protection it gives your MTB.

With all the list of travel cases mentioned in this review, I hope you already know which travel case you will get based on your needs and preferences.

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