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How Long Does It Take to Bike 9 Miles? (Answered)

Written by Gary Johnson / Fact checked by Henry Speciale

how long does it take to bike 9 miles

Cyclists can go for miles through different roads and terrains, and distance is a common factor to consider while biking a trail.

The usual distance goal ranges from 8-10 miles, which looks like a steep goal at first glance yet is considered a standard distance to achieve. However, the question remains: How long does it take to bike 9 miles?

It takes about 36 minutes to complete 9-10 miles on a bike. Read on to find out more, plus a few tips on how to ride more efficiently.

How Long Does it Take?


Cyclists can take up to 36 minutes to close in 9 miles on a bike when running on at 12-16 mph.

When aiming to bike a mile, regardless of any aspects that could affect ride time, it often takes up to 6 minutes. Considering the speed and the constant distance of 9 miles, the time to close in on that distance may vary.

Using the formula of distance/speed can help determine how long it takes to ride 9 miles.

Distance Speed Time
9 miles 12mph 45 mins
9 miles 14mph 38 mins
9 miles 16mph 33 mins
9 miles 18mph 30 mins

You can easily bike 9 miles in minutes knowing your capacity and the speed you can easily accumulate. Still, it’s important to remember your limitations and the speed you can exert.

Factors that Affect Ride Time

People might ask: “Is 9 miles a long bike ride?” Most cyclists can easily reach this distance. There are a few factors that may affect how long it would actually take for someone to reach this goal:

1. Age and Body Composition


A cyclist’s health and well-being could affect the way they bike. As a person grows and ages, they develop different strengths and weaknesses. Older people have different capacities compared to younger cyclists, which may increase and decrease over time.

Their cycling abilities may increase, but once cyclists hit their mid-20s to mid-30s, their functional threshold power declines, which serves as the ability to retain power that can affect their biking speed.

A person’s body composition has more to do with their biking compared to age. If a person weighs more or has low fitness levels, they may bike slower compared to a normal cyclist.

2. Terrain and Weather


There are other extraneous factors that cannot be controlled, like weather and terrain, that could affect your 9-mile ride. Rain or shine, weather can easily affect roads and temperatures that could either affect the bike’s performance or the cyclist itself.

Rough terrain, depending on the bike, could cause a few mishaps or slow down your pace when riding. Smooth terrain may also affect your bike ride, depending on the bike you use as well–like mountain bikes.

Biking uphill and downhill also show different speeds, and they may also affect your ride time.

Biking uphill exerts more energy but it feels much heavier because of gravitational pulls. Meanwhile, biking downhill exerts less energy but since gravity pulls you downward it would give you less time to get to the bottom or to your destination.

3. Bike Model and Gear


Each bike type has its own capacity. When it comes to speed, these bikes have different builds or features that could speed up or slow down your bike, depending on the terrain they’re made for or their weight.

Bike Speed Time
Mountain Bike 10-12mph 54-45 minutes
Hybrid bike 12-18mph 45-30 minutes
Gravel bike 15-16mph 36-33 minutes and 45 seconds
Road Bike 15-20mph 36-27 minutes

Depending on their corresponding speed capacities, these bikes can reach 9 miles in a variety of time ranges, usually within minutes. Still, it’s important to also remember that these bikes have different functions, sizes, and weights that could affect their capacity.

Tips and Tricks to Bike 9 Miles Safely and Efficiently


It’s important to note that you could be prone to accidents and mishaps along the way while on a bike, like any other vehicle. Knowing safety rules and regulations can help your trip aside from knowing how long to bike 9 miles?

Here are a few tips to remember when biking to be a bike to bike 10 miles or even 8 miles on a bike safely.

  • Remembering road rules: There are laws provided that a cyclist must follow strictly while on the road, these also include the use of helmets and reflective gear. Always follow these rules to ensure your safety.
  • Control your speed and use your energy wisely: Laws enforce speed limits for a reason.

To avoid spending too much energy on the ride and encountering accidents, you need to manage your speed to control your pace and conserve energy.

  • Stay in your lane: Bike lanes are now present and they are effective paths for cyclists to move along their way without the hassle of other vehicles. Try to use these lanes or stay in one lane.
  • Practice safe habits and discipline: Of course, biking more efficiently and keeping safe also needs practice and proper adherence. Practicing new habits and following the rules make way for safe and fun travel.
  • Utilize your bike’s gears and features: Using your gears properly could also help speed up your bike, make sure to check and use the right and ideal gear for your bike trips.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much distance do I actually need to bike?

There are different goals ideally set for people who wish to bike long distances. It’s optimal to bike 10-15 miles to achieve weight loss, especially for normal cyclists or beginners, particularly cyclists who wish to lose weight.

Experienced riders can bike for up to 45 miles to increase fitness and effectively bike a suitable distance per day.

Is it ideal to ride 9 miles every day?

Cycling is one of the best ways to exercise. Taking a bike trip every day is greatly encouraged to help with fitness and weight loss.

However, these trips should often take your individual fitness level and goal. You must also allot at least a day to rest and recover.

Is biking 9 miles an efficient way to lose weight?

Biking for exercise is a good way to lose weight. Riding 10 to 9 miles could promote fitness and help lose up to 300 pounds with a consistent routine and a moderate speed of up to 12 or 14 mph.

A 9-mile bike ride calories loss can happen within months. It targets different parts of the body and exerts force in the lower and core areas.

As a beginner, should I aim for 9 miles?

Yes, a beginner must aim to bike at least 10 miles a day to practice and improve their fitness levels. You can still easily achieve this goal and aim a much farther distance once you’ve gained enough mastery.

Start with a speed of 10mph or gradually build it up. The same goes for the distance you aim for, building speed, distance, and momentum up according to your body’s ability can help you avoid any injuries and help you develop your cycling skills.


Bike distance often needs time to complete, be it long or short trips. It’s important to consider your own well-being, your bike, and the environmental conditions to successfully reach your goal.

So, to complete your 9-mile goal, you have to know how long does it even take to bike 9 miles. It’s achievable within 36 minutes on average, and even a beginner can ride such distances–with the proper training and mindset.

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