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What to Do if You Get Hit by Car on Bike? – 5 Things to Do

Written by Gary Johnson / Fact checked by Henry Speciale

what to do if you get hit by car on bike

Riding your bike is all fun and games until your bike crashes into car and you’re left with anxious thoughts & injured bones. So if worse comes to worst, knowing what to do if you get hit by car on bike will definitely come in handy.

You may ask, what happens next after such an indicent? What do we need to do after and, of course, during? And in this article, we’ll tackle everything from start to finish!

Immediate Actions to Take After Being Hit by a Car on a Bicycle

My bicycle hit by car! What should I do ? Here are the simple yet most helpful actions that will thank you for later.

1. Stay calm


When you get hit by a car while biking, it is no doubt scary, as it might immediately send you into panic mode. But in the face of such a situation, try to breathe in and out to stay calm.

When you allow yourself to be calm, you can check yourself and think clearly about what you should do next.

2. Assess your physical status


Don’t move too much; check your body to see where it hurts. Assess if you have any serious injuries. You should also call a family member or a friend to help.

If you do have injuries, check if they are in dire need of immediate medical attention. And if so, call the hospital.

3. Call 911 or any relevant authorities


The next step is to call any authorized person that can assist you in the incident. Whether it’s the police, 911, or a hospital.

4. Get as much information as possible


If the injuries aren’t as severe and you’re still able to freely move your body. Make sure to get as much information as possible.

Why is it important to get these pieces of information? When you have complete details, it’s easy for authorities to investigate the car bike accident and who is at fault.

Try to get the following:

  • Insurance information
  • Any names involved
  • Contact details of any witnesses
  • Photos of the collision, damage, vehicles involved, and the injuries inflicted.

You may also document what you feel will be helpful to you in filing a police report. Any information obtained will help you later on, so gather as much and as long as you can do so.

5. Wait for the cops


Once you’ve contacted the police, what’s left to do is to wait for their arrival. Remember that you and the other party involved are obligated by law to remain at the scene of the incident until further notice from proper authorities.

This means that even if you barely have any injuries, stay as you are and the other party involved should also do the same.

The Next Actions

Once you’re settled in and you’re getting the treatment you need, the next thing to worry about are the legal processes, reports, and of course, the insurance matters.

1. Prioritize your recovery process


Health is always a number one priority. If you’re not in proper shape, dealing with the process of legal, police, and insurance matters may be extremely difficult.

So do as your doctor says. Rest up, take some meds, and ensure that your body is getting exactly what it needs.

2. File a police report


Next up, be prepared and file a police report. This is where the entire scenario is replayed back again and the details are identified, kept, and analyzed, for the authorities to know what caused the incident and who is liable.

With a police report, any disagreement may be provided with an accurate settlement. Plus, insurance companies require a police report to be filed first before handing out insurance claims.

Get ready with all the documentation and evidence you have. Get your story straight. Once that’s all done. You may now begin to file your police report.

3. Seek legal advice


Because this is an incident that involves casualties, it’s ideal to consult an injury attorney or any attorney that can provide you with the best legal assistance.

Incidents like these involve compensation, and with legal help, you’re able to smoothly navigate the process of receiving fair treatment. It also ensures that your rights are protected at all costs and that you get the best outcome.

Now, before meeting with a lawyer, be prepared with all your questions, documents, and shreds of evidence that you may need.

Make the most of the first meeting. This better prepares your attorney to help you in dealing with your legal issues.

Can I Sue?

Depending on the weight of casualties the incident has caused or if there is indeed a case for your incident, yes you may. This also depends on the legal advice given by your attorney.

Get in Touch With Your Insurance Company


The purpose of your insurance now comes in handy in times like these. Simply contact your insurance provider, provide them with all the necessary details they ask for, and follow their instructions accordingly to file a claim.

Dos and Donts After Being Hit by a Car on a Bike


  • Do: wait for your attorney or insurance provider’s advice
  • Don’t: negotiate or accept any settlement with the other party’s insurance provider.
  • Do: Stay calm and wait for authorities
  • Don’t: argue or negotiate with the other driver.
  • Do: wait for medical professionals to attend to your severe injuries
  • Don’t: move too much or remove any stabbed object inflicted upon you.

Tips for Preventing Future Accidents

  • Bike slowly and be vigilant of any potential hazards that may arise.
  • Always be fully aware of your surroundings.
  • Avoid riding between active traffic and cars.
  • Avoid alcohol consumption before traveling.
  • Ensure your bike is in excellent condition at all times.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the most common causes of bicycle accidents?

The top 3 reasons behind the most common bicycle accidents are as follows:

  • A disoriented or distracted driver
  • Second, there is too little space between the car and the bicycle
  • Overspeeding of the driver.

What is the most common bicycle injury?

If you’re one of the unlucky ones, the most common bicycle injury is a head injury. This can range from a cut on your head, a concussion, and can be as severe as inflicting a traumatic brain injury.

How common are bicycle accidents?

They are pretty common in the United States. About 130,000 bikers get injured because of the usual bicyclist hit by car accidents, and about 1,000 bikers sadly pass away because of bicycle crashes.


If you’ve gotten into a car accident, there’s no need to fear, this article will guide you to see things clearly!

And while we certainly hope that you never get to experience a bicycle accident, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Knowing what to do if you get hit by car on bike will definitely serve you many advantages.

Well, as we may all know, accidents come in surprises and we never know when we might be in for an abrupt and unexpected surprise. So share this article with your friends and let them be equipped and ready for any sudden surprises!

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