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How Long Does It Take to Bike 13 Miles? – Answered

Written by Gary Johnson / Fact checked by Henry Speciale

How Long Does It Take to Bike 13 Miles

One of the most common distances most people take on when starting biking is 13 miles. So, how long does it take to bike 13 miles? The short answer is around 50 minutes up to an hour.

Indeed, it’s not the same for everyone, since numerous factors affect the time duration of a 13-mile ride, including speed and one’s physical strength, to name a few.

In this article, we’ll find out as we dive right into the specifics.

Let’s start.

Cycling Time Estimation for 13 Miles


How do we find out exactly how many minutes it takes to cycle 13 miles?

Using the following formula:

Time = Distance/Speed

Now, remember that the average biking speed is anywhere around 12 to 16 mph.

For 12mph

Time = 13m/12mph = 1.08h

= 1.08h converted in minutes is 65 minutes.

For 13 miles at a biking speed of 12mph, it will take you 65 minutes to reach your destination.

For 16mph

Time = 13m/16mph = 0.81h

= 0.81h converted in minutes is 49 minutes

For 13 miles at a biking speed of 16mph, it will take you 49 minutes to reach your destination.

To give you more information, here is a table of the usual cycle time estimation.

Experience Level Distance in Miles Bike Speed Time in Minutes
Beginner 13 miles 12mph 65 minutes
Intermediate 20 miles 14mph 85 minutes
Advanced 50 miles 19mph 156 minutes
Pro 70 miles 25mph 168 minutes

Factors Affecting the Time to Bike 13 Miles

1. Your Fitness Capacity


Your physical capability is crucial in your biking time think. Indeed, your physical health is used to your advantage or disadvantage. If you quickly get tired, you might have to take breaks in between. This then slows down the duration of getting to where you’re supposed to go.

But that’s also why we need to train our fitness level to reduce the biking time to ride 13 miles.

2. Your Bike’s Condition


If you own a new bike, no worries because new bikes usually perform to the best of their abilities, but if it’s an old one, then you might notice a slower speed or a not-so-smooth ride.

3. Weather


If you catch yourself in very bad weather, you might have to make a few stops and wait until the weather improves. When there’s rain, travel time is much slower, but snowfall makes your wheelset grip on ice surfaces much stronger.

4. The Type of Bike You Have


Aside from bike condition, your specific bike type can either slow down your time duration or boost it faster. If you own a road bike, this is faster on road pavements. If you own a mountain bike, it may perform slower on the road but much faster on rougher surfaces such as mountains.

5. Your Experience or Skills


If you’re a pro biker, then you already have the skills to go as fast as you want to. If you’re a newbie in the biking world, then for sure, you’re still getting a hang of things. This can make you ride a little slower.


How long does it take to bike 13 miles? We hope we answered your question and gave you more than you requested!

To answer your question again, it takes about 50 minutes or more. With so many factors that control it, the accurate answer still does vary.

That’s about it for a basic time estimation of a 13-mile bike trip. Remember that before you begin your 13-mile journey, consider the factors before setting your projected arrival time.

Enjoy cycling and share this article with your biker friends to help them know more about their favorite hobby!

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