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How Much Does A Mongoose Bike Cost? – A Price Guide Going High to Low

Written by Gary Johnson / Fact checked by Henry Speciale

how much does a mongoose bike cost

If you’re in the market for a good bicycle, you’ll have gone through a few names, such as Trek and Specialized. Among notable names, you may also come across Mongoose. But how much does a Mongoose bike cost?

Mongoose bicycle prices range from $200 to $2000 with a variety of MTBs and BMX bikes. The brand offers both budget and high-end models, giving rise to a wide price range that needs dissecting.

Keep reading to find out more.

All About Mongoose Bike Price


The average price for a Mongoose bike sits at around $600, but the cost differs greatly depending on the type of cycle. In any case, you should set aside a budget of $200 to $2000 when buying from Mongoose.

Kid cycles are relatively cheap, with most costing around $110. Even the more luxurious options rarely go above $500. Meanwhile, their lowest-priced options for adults start at around $200, but high-end models (such as the Mongoose Salvo) go for $2000 and above.

BMXs are at the lower range, and it is hard to find models reaching the upper half unless you’re looking for specialty parts. The most expensive one in this product line—the Legion Expert Freestyle BMX L500—only costs around $700 to $800.

In comparison, Mongoose mountain bikes are more expensive. Even the cheapest option for adults, such as the Mongoose Colton, will set you back nearly $500. Most other choices have a hefty price tag, ranging from $730 to $2000.

Older models, such as the Mongoose Element bike, are harder to tag since they are no longer available in most retail outlets. This is when the pre-owned marketplaces become useful aside from purchasing Mongoose bikes cheap.

Comparison Between New and Used

When it comes to buying used bikes, it can be difficult to establish standard pricing because the value of items fluctuates. Used bicycles may also have upgraded parts, making it hard to put a standard price on them.

Below is a select model list, including the price listings for new and used Mongoose bikes. While these are the listed prices at the time of writing, remember that cost will change, especially for used item listings.

Bicycle New Used
Blackcomb 26 inch $329 $225
Tyax MTB $1066 $729
Title BMX 20 inch $295 $250
Switch (Children’s bike) $113 $91
Elroy Adventure bike $614 $500

Factors That Affect Mongoose Bike Cost

The details of a bike affect its price. Contrary to popular belief, bicycles geared for a specific gender do not result in significant value differences and are priced similarly.

Here are a few factors that impact the cost of bicycles.

1. Age group


As explained above, Mongoose bikes for kids are typically cheaper than an adult Mongoose bike with similar features and materials.

For example, the 20-inch Legion Kid Freestyle BMX will only set you back $170-$480, whereas the 20-inch Legion Adult Freestyle BMX for men and women has an average price range of $250 to $850. Both lines are made of steel frames and rigid suspension type.

2. Bike model

Bike brands offer different models geared for specific activities and uses. Mongoose does the same with entry-level models sold at a much lower price compared to high-end ones.

However, prices often reflect the quality of the bike, and you should not expect a $200 model to perform as well as one priced at $2000.

For example, you can purchase an entry-level bike for $200 to $300, and the Blackcomb is a good example. The Tyax is a higher-tiered model available slightly over the $1000 mark but provides a bevy of upgrades, including an aluminum frame.

There is no true Mongoose road bicycle, and their adventure bikes are as close as you can get. The Elroy is a touring/gravel cycle that has drop handlebars and a sleeker frame, although it is heavier than what you would like for a genuine roadie. Prices start at around $600.

3. Material quality


Even among bicycles with similar features, there can be large differences in pricing. This can come down to the quality of materials used and is easier to see in the bike frame. You can see this by comparing Mongoose’s budget line found in department stores to premium models found only at their store.

Chromoly frames are significantly lighter but much more expensive compared to steel, which is heavier. Aluminum offers a good compromise as it is less expensive than Chromoly but still lighter and more durable than steel.

Tips for Saving Costs When Buying Mongoose Bike


Shopping without a clear direction can easily lead to overspending. Here are a few things to help keep your spending on point when purchasing a Mongoose cycle or any other bike.

  • Choose your cycle with a focus on your riding needs first
  • Prioritize frame quality and upgradability to avoid parts incompatibility later on
  • Pay close attention to the right fit to avoid changing parts later
  • Take advantage of bargain sales when possible
  • Explore different brand offerings for better prices

Why Are Mongoose Bikes So Expensive Compared to Other Brands?


Even when looking at budget models, Mongoose bikes may be more expensive compared to other brands in the same line. This is because of the difference in the quality of parts and components.

Even for entry-level cycles, Mongoose gives priority to the quality of materials and parts. As such, some of their entry-level models are priced at around $1000, while their competitors’ bikes with similar features are priced at just $200.

In addition, many Mongoose bikes are made of premium aluminum, which provides a more lightweight and aerodynamic build. As such, they provide a better option for people who dislike rust-prone and bulky steel frames.

Why Should You Buy/not Buy a Mongoose Bike


The Mongoose brand has been around for almost five decades, and there is a good reason for that. Their bicycles are known for their build quality and durability, which is very important for BMX and MTBs. Their reputation is well-deserved but also counts as their weakness.

It can be said that Mongoose bikes have not adapted well to the change in times. While their cycles are still of good quality, they rarely have the same number of features as other brands, making their models seem overpriced.

It may also be difficult to recognize the advantage of better materials compared to the number of features and conveniences found on a specific model.


How much does a Mongoose bike cost? Now you know more about what prices to expect and why there is such a wide range of prices between models. The best way to save money is still to consider your riding needs, so think them over well.

Have you tried riding a Mongoose bike before? How does it compare to other bicycles you’ve used? Tell us your thoughts about the specific cycle in the comments section below.

Always ride safely.

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