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Used Bike Value Calculator: How Much Is My Used Bike Worth?

Written by Gary Johnson / Fact checked by Henry Speciale

used bike value calculator

If you were thinking, “I’d like to sell my bicycle for cash today”, you need to decide how much to charge. We can utilize a used bike value calculator to help. But how does it work?

Used bicycle calculators can help you come up with an estimated value for your cycle using a formula. You’ll need to input specific details such as its base price, age, current condition; and other information to determine the bike’s worth.

Read on to learn more.

Bicycle Value Calculator and How It Works


The worth of a bike decreases over time, but different factors apply to each one. A used bicycle value calculator can provide an estimate of the current worth of a cycle. We can compute this manually, but a calculator can make things much easier to use and more reliable.

This requires certain information about a specific bike; the core information includes the cycle’s base price and age. We input this information into the fields of the calculator. Here’s what a basic calculation formula looks like.

Resale Value = (Bike price / 2) x 0.9n

Where n = bike age -1

Here we see that the base price is halved, which is the high end of the typical depreciation rate of a cycle after a year. 0.9n represents an additional 10% depreciation for each year older a bike is beyond the first year.

However, these are only enough for a bicycle depreciation calculator and are not enough to create a realistic sale value.

Another crucial piece of information is the condition that the cycle is in, and you can sell for higher the better the condition of the bicycle’s parts.

Other things that calculators may factor into its formula include the bike’s service history and any upgrades given to it.

We’ll learn more about these further below in this used bike price guide. First, here is an online calculator we can look at for reference.

Accurate Bike Valuation Tool


Refer to these two valuation tools to find out the price of your bike:

  • Bike Value Calculator – Bike Faff – This tool takes into consideration factors including your bike age, your bike condition (mint, good, etc), service history, and the upgrade expense.
  • Bike Valuation Calculator Online Free | OBV – This calculating tool, on the other hand, helps determine the resale price by analysing your bike make model, manufacturer year, trim, and km driven.

Benefits of a Used Bike Value Calculator


  • Provides a reliable means of bike valuation
  • Easy and simple to use
  • Less time-consuming compared to checking price listings

How Much is My Bike Worth – Factors That Affect Used Bicycle Value


When we evaluate used bike cost, several factors affect the resulting price, and these are factors used by bicycle value estimator tools like calculators to determine the worth of a specific cycle.

  • Condition

The condition of a product directly affects its resale value; this goes for any item and holds for bicycles as well. They are usually categorized into one of the following going from worst to best; poor, fair, good, excellent, and mint.

Mint refers to cycles that were barely used and look brand new, while those in excellent condition perform just as well, although they were used more. Bikes in good condition have some signs of wear but still ride well.

Fair-condition cycles have worn to a point where the ride quality has degraded, while poor condition means some parts or components may be damaged and are not working correctly.

  • Age

Item age is another significant factor. A straightforward depreciation calculation involves reducing old bike value by a certain percentage based on the item’s projected lifespan. 10% is a common figure used by bicycle calculators.

  • Brand

A bicycle’s brand also contributes to its resale value; its impact can vary greatly between different manufacturers. Some brands like Specialized and Trek keep well over time. However, this isn’t easy to represent in a second-hand bike price calculator, and those I’ve seen do not include brands in calculation fields.

Maximizing Value


These are still factors that affect a used bike trade in value and price, but they can also be considered steps a bicycle owner can take to maximize the price of their cycles. Take extra measures to price a used bike higher.

  • Applied upgrades

Upgrades also add value to your bicycle. But more than just being able to recoup what you spent on these upgrades, you can also be proactive and invest in upgrades before selling. Applying better seats and other components will increase the bike’s worth and make it all the more appealing.

  • Bike service

We’ve already discussed how the condition affects bicycle resale value. If the cycle goes through regular maintenance, this can raise its worth even more. Some calculators can factor this in, including whether you opt for regularly scheduled service.

Other Resources for Determining the Value of Used Bicycles


Aside from using a calculator, another reliable way to determine the value of a used bike is to refer to sale listings for such products. Just remember that price listings are determined more by demand than valuation methods that we discussed here.

Here are a few good places to check for bike value lookup.

  • Local listings such as classified ads or Facebook marketplace
  • Online selling platforms such as eBay
  • Bicycle reselling platforms

Frequently Asked Questions


What are good tips for selling your used bike?

Aside from things you need to get the most value out of your used bicycle, there are also things you need to remember for your safety as a seller. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

  • Be careful when transacting in person, and avoid it if possible. Use selling platforms instead.
  • Use payment platforms such as PayPal or bank transactions instead of hard cash or bank checks.
  • Don’t recklessly give out your home address when looking to sell.

How much value do used bike prices lose each year?

Used bicycles typically lose a significant value when it comes to their resale price, most devaluating around 10 to 45% after the first year. This figure further decreases by around 7 to 10% for each succeeding year.

What types of bicycles can you put a value on?

You can determine the worth of most used cycles, whether it’s a road bike, MTB, or even an e-bike. However, some are hard to price, such as certain vintage models or units that were the first to implement cycling features. Such vintage bicycle values require a different process to accurately determine their worth.

Should I price higher or lower when I sell my used bike?

Selling high means more profit, but you’ll probably be waiting for a longer time before your old bike is sold. Selling low can help you get your cash more quickly at the expense of netting less money, but this is a good option if you’re in a hurry.

How much is a used Trek bike worth?

Used Trek bikes can cost from $40 up to $2000 or even more, but this depends on many factors. Budget model prices may be comparable to other cycles, but premium models can easily reach prices in the thousands.

The manufacturer produces many different types of bicycles and has produced numerous models over their long history. You can look up models by serial number to help determine Trek model prices.


“What is the current value of my bike?” Now you know to utilize a  used bike value calculator to come up with bicycle resale estimates yourself. However, it’s also a good idea to think things over to make sure you want to go through with selling in the first place.

How much of a bike’s original value do you think is realistic to expect after a few years of use? Is it worth the trouble to take extra steps and maximize a bicycle’s worth? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below.

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