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The Best Mountain Bike Saddle Bags

Written by Gary Johnson / Fact checked by Henry Speciale


Let go of the traditional style of strapping the essentials for biking and go for the new age mountain bike saddlebags. Saddlebags are convenient and one of the most suitable ways to have an enjoyable and carefree ride. However, going for an outdoor ride isn’t the same as it used to be. We need all our essentials from water bottles, phones, and energy bars to keep us energized throughout the ride.

With some of the mountain bike bags readily available, it can be quite overwhelming to pick and choose which ones are the top-tier for every biker. But with my help, everyone will get a head start. I will be listing down the best mountain bike saddle bag in the market today.

  • Shape and Size: The shape and size depending on what ride a biker will take. If they have tons of essentials to bring, choosing the right shape and size is important before anything else.
  • Durability: A great mountain bike saddle bag should stand the tests of time and any weather conditions. The buyer should seek saddlebags made of high-quality materials and fabrics to ensure they won’t get damaged easily.
  • Compartments: This goes the same with the shape and size of the saddlebag. If a biker brings lots of essentials, it may require them to have lots of compartments for each one of them.

However, having many compartments has the risk of trapping the essentials from various corners. It may give the biker a hard time having quick access to these essentials. Be sure the number of compartments is according to the buyer’s preference.


Top 1
BV Bicycle Strap-On Bike Saddle Bag

  • Three size options
  • Comes with key clip and mesh pocket
  • Easy-to-access zippers

Top 2
Roswheel Race Series 131432

  • Easy to install
  • Ultra-light fabric
  • Rugged and tear-resistant

Top 3
ROCKBROS Bike Saddle Bag

  • Large capacity
  • Resist scratches
  • Easy installation

List of Top-Rated Mountain Bike Saddle Bag Reviews

1. BV Bicycle Strap-On Bike Saddle Bag

Due to their big capacity and versatile use, mountain bike bags make long rides enjoyable. With the BV Bicycle Strap-On Bike Saddle Bag, we can simply store everything in one sitting.

When purchasing this mountain bike tool bag, I had three options to choose from. The largest version can store 1.1 to 1.5 liters, while the medium size can accommodate from 0.7 to 1 liter, and the compact one is 0.4 liters. I went with the large bit as I need to put many tools inside.

This product can keep all of my belongings with its key clip and mesh pocket that prevents mixing up the content. Furthermore, I like how the product feels: robust and sturdy from the stitches down to its compartments. The strap-on mounting function is also rugged and effortless to use, as it stabilizes the bag.

Another thing that impresses me most about these storage bags is the 3M reflective strips. Those reflective strips are bright enough to help other bikers see me in the middle of the night. The zippers installed on this bag make life easier whenever I want to access something inside.

 Heads-up:  Yet, the minor lacking of this bag must be a vertical strap to attach the light. This one only has a horizontal one, so I installed another trap to keep my headlight while biking securely.

 What We Liked: 
  • Three size options: large (1.5 l), medium (1 l), and small (0.4 l)
  • Comes with key clip and mesh pocket for secure and tidy content
  • Sturdy stitches, compartment, and secure mounting straps
  • Features 3M reflective strips for better detection
  • Has easy-to-access zippers
 What We Didn’t Like: 
  • Lacking a vertical strap to attach the light securely
 Bottom Line:  This is one of the saddlebags for mountain bikes that is exceptional and ideal to use and is lightweight to carry around.

2. Roswheel Race Series 131432 Saddle Bag

Whenever bikers and other ride enthusiasts go for a long bike ride, the Roswheel Race Series 131432 Ultralight Bike Saddle Bag might be the most suitable mountain bike seat bag companion they could ever come across.

It’s effortless to install and detach with the quick-release buckle and three secure Velcro straps. Bikers and other riders will never have a hard time setting the bag up, be it for mountain, road, or commute bikes.

The Roswheel race series ultralight bike saddle bag has a perfect capacity, at 0.4 liters, for my everyday biking needs. This saddle bag type is a good option for bikers who prefer short rides rather than long rides. Also, due to its ultra-lightweight fabric, bringing the bag along requires less hassle.

Also, I consider it a well-made mountain bike pouch, thanks to its overall design and materials. The piece is a combination of PU leather, jacquard cloth, and PVC; such materials build a rugged and tear-resistant bag. Plus, other parts of this bag are just as durable, like the mounting straps and the zippers.

 Heads-up:  Still, it is challenging to fit any large water bottle or a replacement tube in this compact pouch.

 What We Liked: 
  • Easy to install and detach with quick-release buckle and 3 secure Velcro straps
  • Ideal for mountain, road, or commute bikes
  • Compact bag with 0.4 liters to carry biking essentials
  • Ultra-light fabric for a hassle-free ride
  • A rugged and tear-resistant bag made of PU leather, jacquard cloth, and PVC
  • Durable zippers and mounting straps
 What We Didn’t Like: 
  • Not enough space to fit a large water bottle or a replacement tube
 Bottom Line:  For what it’s worth, this is an ideal addition to any biking essentials. It brings us good-quality materials, tearproof, and easy installation.

3. ROCKBROS Bike Saddle Bag

The brand ROCKBROS has become one of the most reliable brands when it comes to bike accessories. Their ROCKBROS Bike Saddle Bag has all the qualities of the top-rated saddlebags for mountain bikes at every buyer’s disposal: easy to use, great fabric quality, and a reasonable price tag to show.

What I love about this saddle bag is its sleek design that looks great on any mountain bike. Made with PU quality fabrics, this will ensure that it can stand the tests of time. Also, the diamond-grid rubber fabric that can resist scratches will surely be a great addition to any outdoor ride.

Another thing that I like about this product, aside from its high-quality materials, is its large capacity. It can accommodate up to 1.5 liters of essentials. This means I can include some of the must-have essentials such as an air pump, wallet, cellphone, and even tire repair kits.

It is also a breeze to set up this bag due to its simple strap system. As the traps are adjustable, they give me space to custom the bag to a comfortable position.

One perk to keep in mind is its reflective strips. It gives better visibility, especially during nighttime, wherein I make my trips more often.

 Heads-up:  The only issue I had with this MTB saddlebag is the seat attachments that dislodged the seat’s post. It would have been perfect if the attachments are intact to the seat.

 What We Liked: 
  • Large capacity of 1.5 liters for different types of essentials
  • Quality of the PU fabric is excellent
  • Features diamond-grid rubber fabric that can resist scratches
  • Reflective strips for better visibility
  • Easy installation with simple strap system
 What We Didn’t Like: 
  • Seat attachments tend to dislodge on the seat post
 Bottom Line:  Overall, this saddle bag works wonders in every aspect, from its compartments, attaching mechanism, and the materials used to make this one.

4. Rhino Walk Bicycle Saddle Bag

The Rhino Walk Bicycle Saddle Bag is the perfect option for biker’s day-to-day biking needs thanks to its large capacity, tons of features, and high-quality materials. I can match this to some of the top-notched and top-tier bags in the market, like the Lezyne saddle bag.

It gets the job done and secures my riding essentials safely with the durable TPU design. I carry a few things whenever I go for a ride, and this saddle bag is more than enough with its 1.5-liter capacity.

A heavy downpour of rain is inevitable during long bike rides. But, with mountain bike storage bags from Rhino Walk, I don’t fear my belongings getting wet. Again, it is the 600 TPU fabric that offers this function for the bag.

And whenever I’m in motion, it has that great attaching mechanism that feels like it won’t fall off no matter what type of terrain I’m riding into. It comes with three-point protection with its cushions and webbing buckles. The air-resistant shape of the bag also contributes to a stable and comfortable ride for me.

Regarding the convenient use, I adore its double zipper and the quick-release buckle that allows me to access my stuff right away. Also, my belongings are safe inside, with the hook strap and sticky loops incorporated in the bag.

 Heads-up:  For frequent abuse, as I pack along some heavy stuff, I reinforce it by adding extra stitches.

 What We Liked: 
  • Comes with durable TPU fabric with 1.5-liter capacity
  • Waterproof 600 TPU material to protect belongings
  • Three-point protection with its cushions and webbing buckles for better stability
  • Air-resistant shape contributes to a light ride
  • Double zipper and quick-release buckle for easy access
  • Features a hook strap and sticky loops for protection
 What We Didn’t Like: 
  • Requires extra stitches to carry heavy stuff
 Bottom Line:  Overall, the product is impressive because it checks all the qualities of a well-made mountain bike saddle bag.

5. Ryhpez Bike Saddle Bag

The Ryhpez Bike Saddle Bag might be the perfect mountain bike saddle bag I am after. It has all the qualities to be the ideal companion for everyday biking needs.

I like how this product looks on the outside. It has a nice and simple design combined with several suitable compartments for various biking essentials and other equipment. Plus, it is equipped with anti-skip zippers that provides safety and easy access to the inner content.

The most impressive thing about this product is that it doesn’t get wet despite the weather. The 1680D Nylon fabric is utilized to offer the bag a waterproof feature that protects my belongings from the rain. Furthermore, it proves to be a durable product with shockproof and scratch-resistant construction, ideal for long and strenuous rides.

It’s easy to install, and it doesn’t fall off easily. It has a quick-release design for people like me who don’t want to go through all the fuss of just detaching a saddlebag from the bike.

 Heads-up:  As for its reflective stripes, my co-bikers can quickly notice me even from a few blocks away. The only problem I dealt with this product is the Velcro straps under the post. I need to shorten the straps of this mountain bike saddle bag dropper post.

 What We Liked: 
  • Features multiple compartments for convenient packing
  • Comes with anti-skip zippers for protection and quick access
  • Moisture-resistant 1680D Nylon fabric
  • A durable package that is shockproof and scratch-resistant
  • Easy to install with a quick-release system
  • Reflective strips for easy recognition
 What We Didn’t Like: 
  • Velcro straps are a bit longer than needed
 Bottom Line:  Overall, the product is impressive for its features and how much it costs. Every biker will have a great riding experience with this saddle bag.

6. ROCKBROS Bike Saddle Bags

ROCKBROS never fails to impress me with their various offerings, especially in the saddlebag department. This will be the ultimate addition to every biker’s dream, from having large compartments to weatherproof qualities.

This premium bag prevents water and moisture from intruding, making sure my phones and other electronic gadgets are safe during sudden rain. Also, thanks to the material, it is a breeze for me to clean this bag off after a long drive full of dust, mud, and dirt on the way.

This bag, with its 1.6-liter storage space, is enough to carry all essentials for my rides. It can pack multiple repair tools and mini pumps, and 2 water bottles. Its two mesh compartments and one cloth pouch are separated from each other, making them functional mountain bike pouches.

There are also stretchy straps on the side, featuring thick sponges. Such a design ensures no shock and scratches to our phones and other gears.

If a biker has a seat post with a tall height, it doesn’t matter as this saddle bag can accommodate seat post height greater than 25cm. The two taillight loops also add safety during nighttime. I don’t need to buy any light accessories as this is more than enough to keep me visible at night.

 Heads-up:  The only problem I dealt with is that it constantly scratches my thighs if they aren’t positioned accordingly. However, the rest is top-notch.

 What We Liked: 
  • Weatherproof quality that allows easy cleaning
  • 6-liter storage space with 2 mesh and 1 cloth pouches for storing all essentials
  • Has stretchy straps with side sponges and two bottle attachments
  • Two taillight loops to accommodate seat post height> 25cm
  • Visible tail light at night with reflective strips
 What We Didn’t Like: 
  • Some attachments constantly rub onto the biker’s thigh
 Bottom Line:  Overall, it is one of the top-tier mountain bike bags I have ever used. Good quality, reliable, and carries more than what I expect of it.

7. SpeedSleev Ranger Cycling Pack

SpeedSleev has become more and more relevant over the years. They come up with impressive mountain bike saddle bags. With constant improvements and innovation, this product will be a great addition to any biking expedition. I can rely on this stylish pouch under a drizzle, as rain cannot penetrate this bag.

I like the SpeedSleev Ranger Cycling Adventure Pack because it can hold pretty much all of my essentials, from my canister, road tube to cartridges and inflator. Its compartments are large enough to accommodate all of my biking essentials and fit my phone, and there is still plenty of room.

One of the things that impresses me the most is how well it is positioned at the bottom of my seat post. It doesn’t rub my thighs nor feels awkward whenever I’m pedaling. The SpeedSleev Ranger Cycling Adventure Pack contains two primary latches holding the saddlebag into the seat post.

 Heads-up:  Its color options are nice, too, which are tricky to find in other brands. I adore the green one while my partner is hooked on the red. So, for bikers that are fed up with the low-profile black bag, this is a refreshing alternative. However, it can take more effort to clean such bright-colored surfaces from mud and dirt.

 What We Liked: 
  • Waterproof design to prevent moisture and rain penetration
  • Large capacity holding canister, road tube to cartridges, inflator, and phones, etc
  • Doesn’t get into the thighs when pedaling
  • Comes with two latches to hold the bag securely
  • Nice color options, including bright green and red
 What We Didn’t Like: 
  • Takes effort to clean dirt off the bright fabric
 Bottom Line:  Overall, this product impressed me the most when it comes to functionality, modern design, and large capacity.

8. WOTOW Bike Saddle Bag

Renowned for making some of the most trusted seat bags for mountain bikes, the WOTOW Bike Saddle Bag combines functionality and reliability at a cheaper cost.

Its excellent build is unrivaled from its class, featuring reinforced shell and EVA foam padding. Such a thoughtful design is ideal for storing valuables and essentials without them being affected by bumping terrains. That is why I can store my camera and phone for recording purposes inside this bag without worry.

I like how this product is built from the ground up, and it has great stitching patterns and spacious compartments. In addition, its 1-liter capacity is sufficient to hold multi-tools, making it a good option for long rides and outdoor adventures.

At the same time, it is surprisingly lightweight, measuring 3.8 oz only. That means we can reduce the burden of package bringing along on our trip.s

Also, installation on any bike type is a breeze with this saddlebag. It comes with fastening straps with 3-point fixing that allow quick setup. I can take the bag off my bike in seconds by undoing its locking tie and the strap.

Another thing that I like about this dropper post saddle bag is the aerodynamic design. It looks cool under my seat post, and the colors and design are just right. Furthermore, such construction can reduce the force of the wind, allowing me to have a comfortable ride for long distances.

 Heads-up:  However, you might have to remove your rear deflector when installing this product to your bike.

 What We Liked: 
  • Features reinforced shell and EVA foam padding for high protection
  • Great stitching patterns and spacious compartments
  • Has 1-liter capacity, sufficient to hold multi-tools
  • Lightweight bag measuring 3.8 oz
  • Straps with 3-point fixing and locking tie that allow quick setup and unbuckling
  • Aerodynamic design for wind force reduction
 What We Didn’t Like: 
  • Requires rear deflector removal
 Bottom Line:  Overall, I had a good time with this product. Not only does it get the job done, but it also keeps my essentials safe and secured at all times.

9. PDEEV Bike Saddle Bag

Known for its durability and water resistance properties, the PDEEV Bike Saddle Bag is not just an ordinary MTB bag for a dropper post. This product is made from 900D Oxford Fabrics, known to be sturdy, and provides robust protection for my biking essentials.

The PDEEV Bike Saddle Bag is every biker’s dream due to its superior water-proof design. In detail, the bag has a wax glue water coat and EVA edge that provides one of the top-rated water resistance. Also, its zippers are treated with caulking for extra blocking moisture intrusion. This works well, especially for me, who likes to go on long trips.

Another thing that impresses me the most about this product is its three reflective strips on each side. It’s making me visible even during nighttime. Also, the bag has a built-in mountain ring in which I can put a tail light to enhance the bike visibility when riding in the night.

Once I remove it from its box, I can quickly install the product. To my surprise, it was quite an easier experience compared to the past saddle bags I bought. This is thanks to the customizable velcro straps of the bag.

 Heads-up:  Also, it is a compact bag, rather than a spacious one. So I can only fit a replacement tube, a cartridge, and some tire levers inside.

 What We Liked: 
  • Made with 900D Oxford Fabrics for durability
  • Wax glue water coat and EVA edge for water resistance
  • Zippers are treated with caulking for blocking moisture
  • Three reflective strips on each side for visibility
  • Comes with a built-in mountain ring for attaching a tail light
  • Easy installation with customizable velcro straps
 What We Didn’t Like: 
  • A compact bag that can store limited things
 Bottom Line:  Overall, this bag is a good option for bikers who love going on trips at night with a decent capacity, good value for money, and provides easy detection at night.

10. MARQUE Bike Saddle Bag

The Marque brand is becoming more and more popular through the years. And the MARQUE Bike Saddle Ba lives up to its reputation.

What I like the most about the MARQUE Bike Saddle Bag is its extra-large capacity. It can easily hold up my bike tools and other personal essentials such as a phone, charger, and glasses. The bag comes with expanded space with the bottom zipper, which increases the overall capacity to 0.3 – 0.5 liter, depending on different sizes.

Another perk of this design must be its compatibility with multiple bike types. The customizable mounting velcro straps make it possible for the bag to fit nicely onto the rube seat posts of the mountain, commute bikes, and more.

Furthermore, there are 3D reflective strips that don’t fade away quickly, and I can be easily detected even at night time. Also, the attached clip hanger allows me to add a rear tail light for better visibility. These are amazing features, especially for biking with a group because my co-bikers can recognize me; it reduces the risk of accidents.

 Heads-up:  This bag is also sold at a reasonable price, allowing new bikers to purchase the accessory without breaking their bank. Still, it is not the sophisticated bag with a beautiful design that some might seek.

 What We Liked: 
  • Offers extra space with the bottom zipper, increasing the capacity to 0.3 – 0.5 liter
  • Compatible with various bike types due to customizable mounting velcro straps
  • Features 3D reflective strips that don’t fade away quickly
  • Provides a clip hanger for adding a rear tail light for better visibility
  • At a reasonable price for new bikers
 What We Didn’t Like: 
  • Does not have a beautiful and sophisticated design
 Bottom Line:  Still, this mountain bike saddle bag dropper post is a worthy investment. It brings good value for money, due to the uncompromised and sturdy quality.

11. Cycle Factor Waterproof Bike Saddlebag

Cycle Factor Waterproof Bike Saddlebag is known for being a good quality product at an affordable price. It is made with high-quality TPU materials, making it a perfect addition to my everyday biking trips.

What impresses me most about this product is how it feels. The waterproof fabric and zipper allow me to ride in different weather conditions without damaging my belongings.

Also, it comes in with reflective lighting and a tail light hanger to improve nighttime visibility. Whenever I go for long night trips, people can easily spot me, making me feel safer riding at night.

Besides, its aerodynamic design allows me to have a much smoother ride. Another thing that I like is how firm it sticks to my sit post during different kinds of terrain. Due to the nicely built design, the bag doesn’t fall off nor move too much; it just sticks just right.

Having access to my belongings whenever I’m at a decent speed is what I emphasize. I don’t encounter any problems zipping and unzipping whenever I want access to some of my essentials in the bag.

 Heads-up:  As for the capacity, it is decent enough to hold everything, from my tube, water, and phones. But for people who want to bring more multi-tools to their trips, this bag might not be big enough.

 What We Liked: 
  • High-quality waterproof TPU Materials and zippers to avoid moisture
  • Reflective strips and taillight hanger for improved visibility
  • Aerodynamic design for better stability and seamless drive
  • Easy-to-use zippers for quick access
 What We Didn’t Like: 
  • Capacity is not very large
 Bottom Line:  Overall, the product is decent, and the water resistance is impressive. Buyers must see that whenever they go for long trips, add one saddle bag as it can hold a decent chunk of essentials.

12. ICOCOPRO Bike Seat Bag

Storing ride essentials should never be this hard if bikers have the ICOCOPRO Bike Seat Bag. This is one of the ideal mountain bike seat bags built with great quality fabrics, compartments, and design. Riding with this MTB bag should be convenient and enjoyable.

What I love about the ICOCOPRO Bike Seat Bag is its compact design and packs with various features – making it a great mountain bike seat pack. With its waterproof 420D nylon construction and double-sealed zippers, I fear no rain nor any wet terrain as it keeps my essentials safe and dry. Plus, due to the material, it is effortless to wipe off dirt and mud on the bag.

Another good thing about this product is how reflective it is during the day and night time. Whenever I ride during nighttime, people can instantly see me, a great testament to how reflective the strips are and how much safer it is.

By merely handling the bag feels very premium and durable. Its storing space is 1 liter, sufficient for bikers who want a compact design and comfortable ride. Besides, there are separate compartments inside for us to put different stuff inside without mixing up.

 Heads-up:  However, I would not say it comes with a sophisticated design since the bag looks rather simple.

 What We Liked: 
  • Waterproof 420D nylon and double-sealed zippers to keep all essential dry
  • Effortless to clean off dirt and mud
  • Always reflective during day and night
  • Offers 1-liter storage space with separate compartments
 What We Didn’t Like: 
  • A rather simple and low-profile bag
 Bottom Line:  Overall, the product is decent if bikers only bring a few essentials. This seat pack for mountain bikes is viable for short rides.

13. Cool Change Bike Saddle Bag

One of the top-rated products that Cool Change offers is the Bike Saddle Bag Hard Shell. Like the EVOC saddle bag, the Cool Change saddle bag has all the tools to be a great product.

This product has a very striking design in which people have asked me where I bought it. The beautiful pattern and sleek shape are a great compliment to my new mountain bike.

Notably, this product is more than meets the eye. It is made from high-quality EVA material and has gone through the 3D die-casting manufacturing process. Thus, the final product is rugged enough to withstand different conditions on rough bike rides.

Due to the smart buckle design, the bag has a good grip around my seat post, and whenever I go for bumpy and treacherous rides, it doesn’t fall off. Of course, bikers should follow the manuals when installing to prevent the screws from falling. It might take a bit more time to figure that out, but the description and pictures offered can be a huge help.

The quick clipping mechanism of this saddle bag is outstanding. It quickly provides the best stability for this type of saddlebag.

 Heads-up:  Also, after a few wet bike trips, this specialized saddle bag doesn’t get wet easily. This is due to the seam-sealed zippers work wonders when it comes to resisting water. And when it’s wet, it dries within a short while.

 What We Liked: 
  • A beautiful design with unique patterns and shape
  • Durable bag made of premium EVA shell & 3D die-casting manufacturing
  • Smart buckles for a good grip around the seat post, ideal for bumpy rides
  • Quick clipping mechanism for better stability
  • Seam-sealed zippers is installed for waterproof function
 What We Didn’t Like: 
  • Takes some time to finish the installation correctly
 Bottom Line:  Overall, this product amazes me in many ways: great functionality, sleek design, and waterproof qualities, to name a few.

What to Know Before Buying a Mountain Bag Saddle Bag


Purchasing the top-tier mountain bike saddle bag requires a decision that should not be taken lightly. The buyer must take a closer look at the significant features. So, for the buyer to get that ideal mountain bike saddle bag, here are some of the features every biker should be aware of:

  • Weatherproof

It is highly recommended to choose a mountain back seat pack that is weatherproof, waterproof, or water-resistant. Such bags are ideal for bikers who like to ride in the rain who are looking for protection. This feature will always keep the bag protecting the essentials inside.

In addition, it’s even more convenient to choose a weatherproof mountain bike saddle bag because it’s easier to clean and maintain.

  • Sturdy and Durable

A mountain bike saddle bag should always endure challenging conditions. Choose a bag from durable and high-quality fabric so it will not tear and get damaged easily. You can look for bags that come with carbon fiber, nylon, and polyester materials to maintain their durability.

And since accidents happen anytime, the mountain bike saddle bag will not be ruined completely. Furthermore, the buyer should pay attention to the sewing and stitching of the bag. Make sure that it’s strong enough, even if they put a lot of stuff in it.

  • Better Visibility

One of the things to look for in a mountain bike saddle bag is visibility. You can choose an item that comes with a rear light to improve safety and for better visibility. The mtb saddle bag for dropper post allows the biker to ride with a group of bikers without the risk of losing any biker of the group.

Also, bags with better visibility will always raise awareness to other riders and vehicle drivers about the biker’s presence. It’s a great feature, especially when riding at night, to always keep the bike and bag visible.

  • Enough Compartments

Choose a bike saddle bag that comes with enough compartments inside. And with that, also find a bag with rooms that provide fast and easy access. A saddlebag that will not trap the belongings inside. Perhaps the buyer could look for variants that feature multiple compartments.

It will allow the bikers to store essentials, phones, and even food. It could also work as a mountain bike bag for tools since the biker may also put maintenance tool kits in one compartment.

How Big a Saddle Bag Do I Need


Almost all saddlebags come in three sizes, small, medium, and large. Two of the most popular sizes are the medium and large ones. Small ones are ideal if you only need to bring your phones and some essentials of small sizes.

Medium ones are the most popular ones as they are decent enough to hold everything in place with multiple compartments to avoid mixing your stuff.

Also, large saddlebags must be lightweight enough to not add more burden to the massive amount of belongings you have. Make sure you install them correctly to avoid hindering your paddling.

What Do I Put in a Saddle Bag

The process for packing a saddle bag for MTB is different for each rider. But most bikers agree to put five essential items in them at all times:

  • Extra inner tube: Make sure it’s the same as your bike’s tire. Otherwise, you’ll be out of luck when a tire pops. Any bike shop can help determine what to buy if you’re unsure about it. I’d even consider bringing along more than one if there’s enough room in the saddle bag.
  • Multi-tool: Useful combination of tools meant for bike maintenance. It’ll be a godsend when a bike part is too tight or loose while on the road. It has saved me numerous times, especially when riding on more difficult trails. I just pull over, pull out the multi-tool, fix whatever issue affects my bike, and continue the ride.
  • Tire lever set: Bikers never know when they’ll get a flat tire. So the sets are essential to deal with flats and replacing inner tubes.
  • Cash: It’s always handy to have a few dollars in an under seat bike pouch. It could be the difference between being stranded somewhere and riding home safely. So make sure to stick $10 or $20 in there for emergencies.
  • Photo ID: I can’t see a scenario where someone should leave their house without it. So placing it in a saddle bag makes a lot of sense.

Riders with extra room in their saddlebags should consider including keys, zip ties, tire inflation devices, phones, and patch kits. But aside from the essentials, it’ll come down to what each rider feels is a necessary inclusion in their bag.

Are Saddle Bags Secure

Saddle bag security will vary from product to product. But high-quality ones will have a top-tier construction with excellent security features like heavy-duty straps and zippers.

So, for instance, ICOCOPRO’s Bike Seat Bag wouldn’t have a single issue staying secure on any bike.

Security is another reason why doing extensive research into these saddle bags. If you don’t, the saddle bag’s content could come loose during the ride. It’s not an outcome anyone who invests in a top-tier mountain bike or gravel saddle bag wants to experience.

Which is Better Saddle Bag or Frame Bag

Both saddle bags and frame bags have situations where they’re better fits. For example, a saddle bag offers a large capacity, so they carry more items. It’s easy to see how a person who bikes over longer distances could benefit from it.

Meanwhile, a frame bag offers more accessible access to the riders than saddle bags. It makes them more suitable for someone who needs to grab items during the ride. Cyclists won’t even need to get off their two-wheelers, unlike with a bike bag under seat cushions.

How Long Does an MTB Saddle Bag Last

The best mountain bike saddle bag should have no problem lasting several years. I could see heavy-duty options for gravel bikes and mountain bikes, making it a decade. It’ll be a long-term investment that a biker will never regret.

Sadly, not all MTB saddle bags are created equal. So anyone who wants this long-term usage will need to be careful when deciding on one.

How to Attach a Saddle Bag to a Mountain Bike

These saddlebags rely on the Velcro straps concepts in which the buyer needs to attach the Velcro straps onto the bike’s seat rails.

Once it goes through the ring around the saddle, secure it by tightening as much as possible to prevent the saddlebag from falling off during rough terrains. The other Velcro strap should be attached to the seat post and secure by tightening it. Once every strap is tightened, try to move around the bag if it is firmly secured.

After that, the biker can install the rear light at the back of the saddlebag if it has a mounting point.

If you feel the above guides helpful, be sure to check out related buying guides like the most popular bike trunk bags, top-rated mountain bike travel cases and and recommended bike frame bags.


If the biker wants to make the long ride extra convenient and relaxed, having a saddle bag would be smart. It will let them ride their bike and take along some of their essentials for the ride.

Hopefully, the best mountain bike saddle bag options mentioned in this review helped the bikers decide which one fits their needs. Perhaps one top product stands out from the rest, but buyers must go to every detail to know what they need.

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