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How Long Does It Take to Bike 40 Miles? (Answered)

Written by Gary Johnson / Fact checked by Henry Speciale


If you’re a cyclist or just someone curious about cycling, you might be interested in how much one can ride daily. On average, a person can bike 10-20 miles daily. So, “How long does it take to bike 40 miles’ exactly?

Depending on factors such as age and skill level, it will take an average cyclist 3-4 hours to bike 40 miles. If you want to know more about this and the aspects that affect ride time, continue reading below!

40-mile Bike Time


The average biking time per mile for a person is between 5 minutes to 6 minutes. Given this computation, a 40-mile bike ride time is around 3 hours to 4 hours. Nevertheless, how long you complete a ride still depends on your skill level, age, and average speed.

If you’re wondering how long to bike 40 miles based on age and average speed, please see the chart below for comparison.

Age Average Cycling Speed (mph) 40-Mile Ride Time (approx.)
18–20  16.7 2.4 hours
20–25 18.6 2.2 hours
25–30 21.7 1.8 hours
30–35 20.8 1.9 hours
35–40 18.6 2.2 hours
40-45 17.7 2.3 hours
45-50 15 2.7 hours
50-55 13.6 2.9 hours
55-60  12.4 3.2 hours
60-65 11.5 3.5 hours

In addition, a rider’s experience or skill level is also a factor. So here’s a comparison between the riding time for a 40-mile ride for beginners, intermediate, advanced, and professional riders:

Skill Level Average Cycling Speed 40-Mile Ride Time (approx.)
Beginner 10 mph 4 hours
Intermediate 15 mph 2.6 hours
Advanced 20 mph 2 hours
Professional 25 mph 1.6 hours

Factors That Affect Ride Time

The average cycling speed ranges between 12 and 18mph. However, this could be lower or higher for some. How fast or slow a person can ride a bike depend on certain factors such as the following:

1. Skill Level


If you’re new to the world of cycling and don’t do cardiovascular exercise a lot, your ride time will be much slower, as biking needs a lot of endurance and stamina. However, if you’re an advanced or professional biker, you can cycle a mile much faster due to your experience and training.

For instance, a novice can bike 1 mile in minutes, but how fast it is will depend on a person’s skill level. A beginner rider needs approximately 6 minutes to bike a mile on average. In contrast, if you’re an advanced rider, you can bike a mile in just 3 minutes.

2. Weather Conditions


The weather when you’re riding your bike will influence how fast you’ll go. For example, the wind is a big factor. Biking with a headwind will slow you down because the wind is pushing you back, whereas if you’re riding with a tailwind, you’ll go a bit faster.

In addition, if you’re riding in heavy rain or extreme heat, your ride time per mile will be longer because the rain and heat will affect the road, your energy levels, and your endurance.

3. Riding Gear

Aside from being essential for a rider’s safety, riding gear can also influence how fast or slow a person rides a bike. Heavy gear, such as a helmet or bike, can slow you down due to gravity force.

Thus, bikes with frames made of carbon fiber are usually fast because they’re lightweight.

4. Terrain


If you’re biking on rocky or difficult terrain, expect that your biking speed and time will be negatively impacted because it’s harder to navigate. Compared to when you’re riding on flat terrain or a slope going down, you can complete a 40-mile bike ride much faster due to gravity.

5. Bike Type


The type of bike you have impacts how fast you can go. For example, compared to a mountain bike, a road bicycle can bike 40 miles much faster and more efficiently because it’s lightweight and is built for speed.

For reference, a road bike’s average speed is about 13-17 mph, while it’s 11.5-13mph for a hybrid bike and around ten mph for a mountain bike. Thus, by riding a road bike, you’ll be able to complete a 40-mile ride in less time compared to a hybrid or mountain bike.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is biking 40 miles a day suitable for beginners?

A person’s bike time depends on their fitness level and environmental factors. In general, biking 40 miles a day is too much for a beginner. However, given the right experience and training, you could achieve it over time.

How many calories will I burn by biking 40 miles?

It actually depends on your average speed. For instance, if you’re riding at the rate of 8 mph, a typical person will burn 400 calories per hour.

Given this computation, the 40-mile bike ride’s calories or how many calories you’ll burn for a 40-mile ride are estimated to be around 2000 calories.

How to prepare for long rides?

To ensure you survive a long ride, here are some key tips for you:

  1. Have proper training before you embark on a 40-mile ride to avoid over-exhaustion or injuring yourself.
  2. Make sure you’re hydrated and have enough energy, so it’s best to bring water and energy bars during your ride.
  3. A week before your ride, check your bike’s condition to avoid issues while biking.
  4. Bring cash and personal identification in case of an emergency.
  5. Pace yourself well during the ride to finish the ride strong.


The average biking time per mile is around 4.25 minutes to 6 minutes. However, if you are a skilled rider, you’ll have reduced bike time per mile compared to beginners. Certain factors like your bike type and weather conditions also affect ride time.

So, how long does it take to bike 40 miles? According to our research, the average ranges between 3 to 4 hours. However, you can still go much faster and reduce the time it’ll take you to complete a 40-mile ride as you build your stamina and skills. Keep riding, but make sure you stay safe!

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