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How to Bunny Hop a Mountain Bike with Tutorial Video

Written by Gary Johnson / Fact checked by Henry Speciale

how to bunny hop a mountain bike

Many cyclists would agree that in order to fully enjoy your mountain bike, you have to learn techniques and bike skills along the way. Mountain bikes are intended for challenging off-road cycling. There are bumps on the road and you are constantly confronted by rough and difficult terrain.

One way to navigate through these obstacles is learning how to bunny hop a mountain bike. It is a very useful technique that allows you to lift both of your bicycle tires into the air and overcome road obstacles.

So, read on and learn our tips and tricks in bunny hopping.

What Do You Need for This Tutorial?


If you want to learn how to bunny hop fast, you have to consider preparing the following first:

  • Practice venue – You will initially need a flat surface with no obstacles to learn. You have to look for a patch of grass, a field, a meadow or consider your own backyard to kickstart this activity.
  • Safety gear
  • Helmet
  • Gloves
  • Padded bike shorts

Learning to Bunny Hop a Mountain Bike – The Right Way


Bunny hopping is a powerful mountain bike technique that can help you navigate difficult roads effectively. It is an effective technique, especially when dealing with slippery and rocky roads. You can make your bike jumps and head straight to your destination area.

But to do this properly, it is important to follow these steps:

1. Safety first


You have to prioritize your safety when learning bunny hopping on your mountain bike. Learning a new skill, especially in biking means getting bruised and facing physical incidents. You might lose balance and hurt yourself in the process. So, make sure to gear up and use protection including the following:

  • Helmet

Use a perfectly fit helmet when bunny hopping. It can protect you from head injuries and is the most essential gear that you should not neglect. Make sure your helmet makes you feel comfortable and is not wobbly.

  • Gloves

A good pair of gloves can protect your hands from the grips and scratches. It can minimize blisters and unwanted hand pressure when riding on your bike for an extended time. Plus, this protective gear can provide you with additional comfort.

  • Padded bike shorts

Bunny hopping a mountain bike can be really challenging, especially for your behind. Your butt receives increased pressure when you lift and sit while executing the technique. So, to support it, use high-quality padded bike shorts.

2. Knowing the basics

Bunny hopping a mountain bike has two important considerations. It is necessary to understand the pump and manual in bunny hopping. The pump is where you position your equipment in a neutral stand.

This way you can prepare to lift yourself while standing in the middle of your bicycle. Afterwhich, you can pump down into the bike by putting more pressure on the handlebars. Ensure that you create an L-shape to the back of your bicycle and your hip part.

(Pro tip: The key to bunny hopping is to master the L-shape position between your thigh and back. By doing this, you can easily lift the back tire of the bicycle. You can also stand forward seamlessly where your legs extend and your hip can be lifted to pop up the rear tire)

3. Knowing the right position


It is crucial to learn the proper position when bunny hopping. You should accelerate with your bike at a gradual and steady pace.

Make sure that you accelerate moderately to build up the speed of the bicycle. Ensure that you keep your forearms low, so you can have more control when you execute the mtb bunny hop.

You should dip your heels and bend the knees properly to increase your acceleration without losing control of the bicycle. With this position, you can be more flexible when bunny hopping. The proper position must be similar to the crouching position of a sprinter, too.

Get closer to the handlebars by leaning slightly forward. It is essential to maintain your weight at the center for proper balance. By leaning towards the handlebars, you are building the momentum to execute a bunnyhop on a mountain bike.

at this point, you are in a crouching position. Maintain the position, but crouch even more. Now you are ready to bunny hop MTB.

4. Knowing how to properly hop forward

Once you have mastered the crouching position, pull your bike handlebars upward. Then, push them down and strongly grip your bike pedals.

You should combine this with the right acceleration, then repeat the process of pulling up and back so the front tire will be lifted into the air.

Make sure that your weight does not shift backwards as it can cause you to fall. It is essential that you push down using your feet and stand with a moderate forward lean.

To keep your bike lifted and off the ground, ensure that you are constantly pulling up on your handlebars and easing back into your original crouching position. Your weight should put pressure into the handlebars so you maintain the momentum and keep the back wheel off the ground.

5. Knowing how to properly land

Now that you effectively executed the bunny hop, it is important to know the right way to land your bike. You must bend your knees before you perform the landing. We recommend that you bend them at around 60 degrees angle. The degree is vital as it can potentially injure you when landing.


Learning different MTB techniques is a fun way to maximize your bicycle. Understanding the basics of how to bunny hop a mountain bike can help you, especially when traversing a long and challenging road.

May this guide provide you with the fundamentals to enhance your skills in mountain biking. We keep them simple and easy to understand even for beginners.

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