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How Fast Can a Motorized Bicycle Go? (Average Speed)

Written by Gary Johnson / Fact checked by Henry Speciale

how fast can a motorized bicycle go

Motorized bicycles are the modernized upgrade of the humble bike. When considering buying a motorized bike, it’s also essential to know its main aspects, especially the speed it can accumulate.

So, how fast can a motorized bicycle go? On average, a motorized bicycle’s top speed can go as fast as 50kmph or 30 in mph (50kmph). However, you can upgrade and add parts to your motorized bike that can help boost its speed up to 50mph (80kmph).


How Fast Can a Motorized Bicycle Go?


Before delving further into motorized bicycles, we must remember that these bikes are not motorcycles.

The motor is attached to assist with pedaling or boosting speed while using the bike. These parts often get upgrades to make the motorized bike faster.

So, how fast can they go?

Motorized bikes often have a top speed of 30mph for a standard model. However, its rate can also depend on its model. There are two types of motorized bikes: Electric and Gas-powered bikes.

  • Electric-powered bikes are rechargeable and can run on renewable resources like solar energy. It sports a silent and speedy rise that also helps the environment, as well as sporting reflective strips on its frame to keep you safe on the road.
  • Meanwhile, a gas-powered bicycle can travel longer distances at higher speeds. Similar to motorcycles or cars, they use fuel to power their engines. These bikes have long been in the market before electric bikes and are known for their ease of use.

Motorized bicycles typically can hold a 30-60mph speed range, depending on the cubic capacity.

Check out some examples of top speeds achieved by these vehicles:


  • Some of the fastest motorized electric bikes on the market can reach up to 60mph, 50mph or 80 in km like the Delfast Top 3.0.
  • However, the fastest e-bike, like the Revolution XX by HPC, has limited units that can even travel up to 70mph (113kmph).
  • Gas-powered bikes are more efficient at speed than e-bikes that need frequent recharging. These bicycles can run longer and maintain speed without frequently refilling.

Some models, like the Phatmoto Rover 2020, can hold a solid 25mph. In contrast, the GT6 Pro Racing Motorized Bike has a good 35mph range as an 80cc motorized bicycle.

What Affects Motorized Bicycle Speed?


A motorized bike’s speed mostly depends on two main aspects: top speed and torque.

When choosing a motorized bicycle, it’s best to check on these two first. They both serve different capacities that fit other functions of the bike’s speed.

  1. The top speed is usually determined by how much horsepower the bike can accumulate. Hence, the higher horsepower it can reach, the faster its velocity is.
  2. Torque is also crucial. It concerns the capacity of how much work your engine can give.

Increasing Motorized Bicycle Speed

It’s common for most people to select a higher capacity for either of these two. Higher top speeds can help you cycle quicker, while more substantial low-end torques can help you cycle through different terrains, steep hills, and bumps.

Aside from these, other factors to consider would be:

  1. Tires – Your bike’s tires and the air pressure inside can affect the bike’s speed by creating drag.
  2. Weight – the heavier the bike, the slower it may move.

So, when choosing your bike, it’s best to determine its primary purpose and the area you’ll bike in. Different models have various capacities. Hence it’s vital to select one depending on your comfort and need.

Safety Rules When Riding a Motorized Bike


Before taking your bike on a ride, it’s essential to know a few rules to keep yourself and your bike safe. Here are a few performance tips to help you on the road.

  1. Attend safety courses – Like driving a car or motorcycle, some places offer safety courses for riding a motorized bike.
  2. Wear protective gear – Wear helmets, knee pads, and other protective gear to help you stay safe while biking, especially since motorized bikes are faster and more prone to accidents.
  3. Inspect and maintain your bike – Just like any other bike, inspecting and checking on your vehicle is critical to ensure that you’ll have a safe drive. It’s also best to have regular maintenance or set schedules for maintaining your bike.
  4. Know your way around – Studying your area can help you choose the best roads or bikes. Knowing more about the streets you can tackle, you can efficiently plan which paths to take and how quickly you can arrive at your destination.
  5. Check the weather – Motorized bikes are prone to accidents. It’s essential to check if the weather’s fair or foul to avoid damaging your bike and getting into accidents.

Aside from these five, a few regulations surround the motorized bicycle. There are laws in different states that concern registering your bike and safety. To know more, check your state laws on bikes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who uses a motorized bike?

Commuters and people who like to ride with companions often consider selecting motorized bikes. Aside from them, people with disabilities who cannot pedal bikes properly may also use motorized bicycles to assist them.

What are motorized bikes good for?

Since motorized bikes are faster than the standard bike, they’re great for speedy commutes and competitions. They also help you tread steep roads easily.

What is the difference between a 2-stroke bicycle and a 4-stroke bicycle?

A 2 stroke bicycle requires two main procedures to achieve a single combustion cycle. They need oil mixed in with their fuel for the lubrication process within the bike’s cylinder. The bike also has an extended exhaust pipe.

Meanwhile, 4-stroke bikes do not require oil. They need four strokes or procedures to perform a complete combustion cycle. These strokes are intake, compression, combustion, and exhaust.

What are the ideal Cubic Centimeters for my motorized bike?

Cubic centimeters are ideally selected depending on the function and desired speed. 100cc or 80cc motorized bicycles are standard for fast motorized bikes. Some have lower ccs of up to 50 or 49cc for a motorized bicycle that are often common for mopeds.


Knowing how to upgrade or improve your bike’s performance is helpful, particularly in speed. Upgrades for speed are standard in the bike scene, and for the best performance, you would need to check and adjust your desired speed.

So, when it comes to motorized bikes, knowing their capacity is essential before owning one. Considering that 30-50mph is how fast a motorized bicycle can go, researching upgrades and functions would help you determine if this bike is for you.

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