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How to Wrap a Bike for Christmas (11 Interesting Ways)

Written by Gary Johnson / Fact checked by Henry Speciale

how to wrap a bike for christmas

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. It is a season of gift-giving wherein young and adults anticipate unwrapping presents below the Christmas tree. Nothing beats the smile of anyone who opens a huge present stored inside a gift wrapper and adorned with a big red bow.

Thus, it could be a big surprise to receive a bicycle on Christmas eve. Your kid will surely appreciate a new bike that he can use around the house. It is the perfect gift for someone who wants to learn a new skill. However, as wonderful as receiving a bicycle is, wrapping it can be challenging. It is a large item that can be hard to hide.

Therefore, we came up with several ways on how to wrap a bike for Christmas. You can use bows, colorful wrapping papers, and fairy lights to amaze your recipient on Christmas day.


What You Need for This Tutorial

Gift wrapping a bicycle for Christmas is fun and easy if you have creativity, patience, and artistic ability. You will only need a few tools to make the process a success. You have to prepare tape, lights, colorful gift wrappers, boxes, ribbons, and bows depending on the following method you choose.

  • Use a bicycle gift bag
  • Use a big ribbon or bow
  • Wrap the bike piece by piece
  • Hide the bike gift on the roof
  • Surround the bike with lights
  • Put the bike inside a box
  • Follow the string ball surprise
  • Wrap a door with ribbons
  • Make a reindeer decoy

11 Gift Wrapping Ideas


1. Use a bicycle gift bag

One of the easiest ways to present a bicycle as a gift for Christmas is through a bike gift bag. It is simple and will not take much of your time. You can buy a bike wrapping bag that is specifically designed to wrap bicycles. They come in different patterns, designs, and sizes to match a particular bike type.

However, using a gift bike will not be as surprising compared to hiding the bike inside a box. Your child can easily determine that there is a bike parked under the tree. A bicycle gift bag may be the easiest way, but you cannot disguise the gift from your child.

2. Use a big ribbon or bow

Ribbons or bows are cheaper compared to a bicycle gift bag. You can use a big and colorful ribbon to tie on the handlebars. It will not come as a surprise if you use bows, but it will not require much effort wrapping a bike. Ribbons and bows can also make your present simple but elegant. It can serve as a colorful adornment to the gift.

3. Wrap the bike piece by piece

Another clever way to gift wrap a bike is to break down every bike component into pieces. You can wrap each piece individually or in a separate gift wrapper to make the present more exciting. It is a creative way to double the excitement when opening the bike gift. You will also give the impression that there are several presents to be opened by one person. After opening, the family can bond by assembling the bike components together.

4. Hide the bike gift on the roof

If you want your kid’s Christmas to be more memorable, you can come up with an idea that Santa left a gift on the house roof. Your kid will surely remember this experience and appreciate the gift even more. Discovering a bicycle on the roof is a wonderful way to wake up on a Christmas morning too.

5. Surround the bike with lights

If you do not want to box the bicycle, but still want the experience to be magical, you can opt for lights. Fairy lights can make your gift festive and interesting. Since the lights are flexible, you can wrap them around the bike wheels, forks, and handlebars. You can secure the light attachment with cable ties, ribbon, and pipe cleaners.

When you are presenting your gift to your child, you can blindfold them while the lights are off. Then, you can turn on the fairy lights while your child opens his/her eyes. It is a special way to give a gift to your child.

6. Put the bike inside a box

A bicycle is an irregular-shaped object making it harder to wrap. If you want to bring structure and definite shape to the bike, you can put it inside a gift box. Once in the box, you can easily surround the box with gift wrappers. You have the option to choose interesting and colorful gift wrappers for the box. You can use scotch tape to secure the attachment of the wrappers.

The surprise level is high if you present a gift in a box. However, you will need a big box to store a huge item like a bicycle and it will take more space under the tree.

7. Follow the string ball surprise

For a fun and creative way to amaze your kid with a gift, you can use a ball of string or wool, and tie one end to the bike. The bike should be hidden and further away from the house. You can temporarily store it in the parking garage. Then, you can give the other end of the string to your child. You can leave a note next to the string, and ask your child to follow it to find his/her Christmas present.

8. Wrap a door with ribbons

If you have a spare room, you can initially hide the bicycle inside. Then, wrap the door and put a homemade bow. It will be really exciting to unwrap a big door and open it to find a Christmas present. Your child will surely appreciate seeing a bicycle inside the room. This method is easy to do and cheap as well.

9. Make a reindeer decoy

Another creative way to wrap a bicycle is through a reindeer decoy. The overall structure of a bicycle can be created into an animal ensemble. You will have to be patient and creative with this gift wrapping idea. It is important to use plain brown paper and your imagination for this one. In this way, you can show off your artistic skills and your love for your kid.

After making the decoy, you can put it under the tree, and wait until Christmas to reveal it. It is a huge surprise because no one will suspect that there is a bike hidden in brown papers. However, it will require time and tend to be expensive, especially if you want to create the most perfect deer decoy.

10. Surround the bike with balloons

Using colorful balloons is also an effective way to make your gift more appealing instead of using wrapping paper. Hours before Christmas day, you can blow up the balloons and decorate them around the bicycle. You can use red and green colors to create a Holiday seasons theme. If you want it to be sophisticated and elegant, gold and silver colored balloons are recommended.

With the bike covered completely with balloons, your child will need to pop his/her way towards the Christmas present. However, this method can be expensive and will take a lot of your time. Nevertheless, it is one of the most creative ways to give a present.

11. Treasure hunt

For adventurous kids who love solving mysteries, treasure hunting is the perfect way to spice up the Christmas present. It would amuse your child, and give you time to prepare for other Holiday activities like cooking food.

You can dismantle some of the bike parts and hide them in the different parts of the house. Then, come up with a treasure map with clues and riddles for your kids to solve. One clue corresponds to specific bike parts. The more clues your kids solve, the better chances of assembling the bike.


Shopping and finding the perfect present for the Christmas season can be challenging for some. You will find yourself confused about the array of options you see in a mall. If you are looking for the right gift for your child or teenager, a bike is a great choice.

You just need to be creative in wrapping the object in order to not spoil the surprise. The ideas we mentioned above are tried and tested ways to make a huge surprise for your kids. It would be heartwarming to watch your kid smile from ear to ear after receiving a wonderful gift.

Hope you like this article on how to wrap a bike for Christmas? If you need anythings else, please let me know in the comment section. Thank you.

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