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Why Do Cyclists Wear Gloves? – 8 Reasons You May Want to Know

Written by Gary Johnson / Fact checked by Henry Speciale

why do cyclists wear gloves

For some people, cycling gloves are an optional fashion accessory and not an essential part of biking. However, there are many cyclists who believe that gloves are crucial cycling gear that offer several benefits.

So, why do cyclists wear gloves? Cycling gloves will not only make you look like a professional cyclist but will also improve your overall riding experience. Gloves can enhance your grip and control on the bike handlebars, provide additional cushioning, and protect your hands in case of a crash. Like helmets, gloves serve as protective gear for every rider.

Benefits of Wearing Cycling Gloves


1. Protection

Accidents happen. Your head is not the only part of your body that needs protection when cycling. Your legs, arms, and hands are also vulnerable in case of a crash or accident. It is also important to use protective gear for these areas to ensure your safety on the road.

During accidents, your reflex is to put your hands and tighten your grip on the bars to prevent the impact. As a result, your hands will receive most of the force as you hit the ground.

Your hands can be heavily wounded, especially if you are not wearing any protective gear. By using gloves, you can prevent yourself from getting injuries. There is a protective layer that can shield you from hitting grit, rocks, or gravels on the ground.

2. Safety

Some bicycle riding gloves have an innovative design that increases the level of safety offered to the users. Cyclists in urban areas love to use the LED Turn Signal Gloves, which you can apply for signaling a turn.

This kind of gloves is equipped with a high-tech appearance and embedded with lights to make your signal visible in the dark. Most cyclists testify that such gloves are great in making hand signals on the road. They are also very durable and come with a well-constructed design.

3. Comfort

Gloves are also excellent in giving you comfort, especially during extended hours of cycling. This is also the main reason why wear cycling gloves. When you spend a significant of time biking, you will notice your palms sweating. If you are wearing gloves, you enjoy more comfort given that the gloves can absorb the sweat from your hands.

More than that, if you grip the handlebars too tightly, your hands can experience pressure and friction. As a result, there will be noticeable red marks on your palms. You can lessen these red marks by wearing a protective layer on your hands like gloves.

4. Better Grip

Depending on the environment you are biking, humidity levels and temperature can make your hands sweaty and moist. As a result, your hands become slippery, reducing your ability to have a better grip.

Cycling gloves made of high-quality materials are breathable to keep your hands free of moisture. Gloves can also trap the sweat inside, preventing them from passing through to the handlebars and shifters.

5. Shock absorption

If you love riding on uneven, rocky, and challenging terrain, you are constantly confronted by shock and pressure. It can easily be transferred to the handlebars and to your hands, which can harm you in the long run.

Gloves usually come with gel pads or cushioning to protect you from this kind of situation. With the integrated padding on the palm area of the gloves, you can experience less shock and force on your hands. It gives you added safety when riding.

6. Warmth

For cyclists who live in colder regions, the temperature always gets in the way. You will feel the freezing temperature, especially on your hands and fingertips. In this case, gloves are life saviors.

Gloves provide warmth and comfort, particularly on cold days. This is the primary reason why people wear gloves when cycling, especially during low temperatures. Having full-fingered gloves with additional layers and cushioning can help you beat up the cold weather. In this way, you are more comfortable and confident while cycling on freezing days.

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7. Prevents injury

Handlebar palsy or carpal tunnel are common problems that long-term cyclist encounter. These are when the nerve in your wrists suffers an extended compression. You have a higher chance of suffering from these if you fail to use proper gear. With the right gloves, you can prevent more pressure to extend to your nerves.

8. Style

If you want to look like more of a professional cyclist, bike gloves should be an accessory you must consider. By wearing gloves, you can enjoy both comfort and safety while still being fashionably styled. Cycling gloves have a style factor you cannot ignore. It will make you look chicer and a pro. There is a wide range of cycling gloves nowadays with cool styles and designs that can match every biker’s personality.

What Makes Good Gloves


In order to maximize the benefits of wearing gloves, it is also necessary to identify things you must consider as a good glove. Thus, check out the list below:

1. Design

A cycling glove can either be a full-fingered or half-fingered glove. The full finger is perfect for mountain bikers to protect all the area of their hands when biking. Since mountain bikers experience more shock and pressure, you need full gear to help lessen the force that can go through your hands.

On other hand, half-fingered gloves are ideal for road cyclists. This type of glove offers better breathability but still allows you to feel the bike brake levers.

2. Fit

Fit is very important when looking for the right set of gloves. You should choose a size that comfortably fits your hands. Do not pick gloves that are too big for you. They can easily be removed from your hands.

Gloves that are too tight will make you feel uncomfortable when biking. To know the correct fit, you should pay attention to the webbing between your pointer and thumb. When you feel comfortable in between this gap, you know you have found the best-fitting gloves.

3. Padding

Padding is all about comfort and protection. The padding system in gloves can be in the form of foam or gel. Foam padding provides a better connection to your bike handlebars. Meanwhile, gel padding gives more protection but is thicker and a lot heavier.

4. Material

Material is also a crucial factor in choosing cycling gloves. A good material offers durability and longevity. Most gloves today are made of synthetic leather on the palm area and spandex on the top area. Choose a glove made from high-quality material but still offers flexibility, moist absorption, and breathability.


Cycling gloves may be an underrated biking gear, but it is as essential as a bike helmet. There are plenty of reasons why you should always choose to wear gloves. It levels up your biking experience while still providing you maximum comfort and added protection.

May this article on why do cyclists wear gloves convince you to wear gloves in your every biking activity. You can feel added comfort once you start wearing one.

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