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What Temperature Should You Wear Gloves?

Written by Gary Johnson / Fact checked by Henry Speciale

what temperature should you wear gloves

Did you ever wonder why our hands get cold first compared to other parts of our body? The reason behind this is because warm blood cannot reach the fingertips as the small vessels in our hands go into spasm in the cold.

This is why it is important to protect our hands from the cold weather. So, exactly at what temperature should you wear gloves?

When the temperature drops to 50 degrees or even 40 degrees Fahrenheit, you will need to bring out your good old pair of warm gloves.

Temperatures that Require Hand Gloves

50 Degrees Fahrenheit

To some people, a temperature of 50 degrees isn’t a major concern. This fact is especially true if you live in countries like Russia and Canada which are considered as one of the coldest countries in the world.

It is considered optional to wear gloves in 50 degree weather. If your body is not conditioned to take in this kind of temperature, consider wearing light gloves.

For old people and small kids, exposing hands to 50-degree weather may pose detrimental health concerns.

Also, if you live in a tropical country and decide to travel to a country like Iceland, you may experience skin dryness and tingling sensations on your hands in 50 degree weather.

40 Degrees Fahrenheit

Do you actually need gloves in 40 degree weather? The simple answer is, yes.

The 40-degree weather can affect our hands’ ability to move properly. Exposure to this level of coldness decreases our hand dexterity, flexibility, and gross motor skills. You might feel a tingle, numbness, or even pain. It gets worse if you have to handle tasks in this weather.

Also, if you plan to go running outside in 40 degree weather, you will most definitely need gloves for running in cold weather.

30 Degrees Fahrenheit and Below

You must wear gloves on a winter day when the temperatures drop to below 30 degrees Fahrenheit.

Without insulated gloves, at 30 degrees, your hands will experience moisture loss since humidity levels decrease as temperatures drop.

The result of extreme moisture loss is chapped skin and frostbite, which will trouble you in seeking medical help and treatment.

What Gloves to Wear in Low Temperatures?

In 40-degree weather, you should choose gloves with a middle layer of synthetic materials blended with wool. Examples would be fleece blended with wool, which won’t keep your hand cold nor sweating in 40-degree weather.

When choosing running gloves, make sure to pick ones made of waterproof synthetic materials such as polyester. Also, the warmest running gloves should be thick and made of a wool insulation layer.

Wearing gloves while running can be a nuisance for some since the pair can become too warm, making their hands sweaty and uncomfortable inside. So, be sure to pick a pair with breathable materials and liners.

Making sure that your gloves are made up of the right synthetic materials which provide insulation will give that perfect balance of warmth and dryness.

Also, avoid cheap light gloves that use a cotton middle layer, as these gloves are not meant to keep hands warm.

If you work outside in winter, picking gloves with high dexterity and suitable protection properties for your hands is essential.


Other than learning the answer to the question “what temperature should you wear gloves?” you have also learned the right kind of gloves to use at the specific temperature.

Since our bodies have already adapted to a certain kind of weather or climate in our country, our bodies will respond differently when put in various temperatures. Therefore, you can rely on such factors to choose a good pair of gloves to protect your health without compromising comfort and work productivity.

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