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What Are Bike Pegs for? – All About Bike Pegs Here

Written by Gary Johnson / Fact checked by Henry Speciale

what are bike pegs for

Bicycles are useful for various activities, such as touring, recreation, exercises, or performing tricks. Among the various components, pegs are essential for such versatility. So, what are bike pegs for?

Bicycle pegs are attachments on two sides of the wheels and are often seen on stunt cycles, such as BMXs, for performing tricks. That said, they can be added to any bike to improve stability or carry a passenger. 

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What Are Pegs for on a Bike?


1. What are they?

Pegs are long metallic bars that can be found protruding out of the sides of a wheel (either front, rear, or both) from the axle. If you look at them closely, they’re more of a cylindrical structure made of aluminum or chromoly steel, as these materials are tough enough to withstand the strain from use. 

On a bike, pegs are attachments used for performing stunts and jump on a bicycle, most commonly a BMX. If you take pegs off a bike, some tricks will be downright impossible to perform, particularly those that require your hands to grasp the pegs.

When were bike pegs invented? The modern peg’s use is credited to Pat Romano, who popularized it in the 1980s. However, pegs on bikes have been around for much longer, dating back to the 19th century when similar attachments were used to help people mount their bicycles.

2. Uses and benefits

As stated earlier, pegs are an important component on a bicycle to perform specific tricks. Being able to move your feet away from the pedals is essential for certain stunts, and pegs are one way of doing that, as you can rest your feet on these metal bars. You can shift your weight onto the peg entirely instead of resting on the bike seat.

However, tricks are not the only use of bike pegs BMX, as they are still used to help people mount bicycles or even motorcycles. Pegs can also help carry people on a cycle over a short distance. Note that long-distance transportation is not recommendable, as it may break off the pegs.

Can I Add Pegs to Any Bike?


When talking about pegs, BMXs easily come to mind. However, these accessories can be found on other types of bicycles as well. 

  • Since the components are attached to the wheel via the axle, you can attach pegs for mountain bike on different cycles or vice versa, provided there is wheel compatibility.
  • In other words, the wheels must have holes so you can mount the axles for the pegs. The peg should also fit the axle, which usually comes in size 14 mm for stunt and street bikes. As for racing bikes, the axle only measures around 10 mm.

Another critical point is whether installing them on bicycles other than BMXs is useful. Since they stick out from the side of the wheels, they create additional air resistance, making the cycle slightly less aerodynamic.

There’s also the possibility that adding pegs can add more weight to the bike frame, ultimately damaging it in the long run.

Tips to Choose Bike Pegs That Fit

To choose pegs, first, you’ll need to consider the sizes, which refer to both the length and the diameter. Lengthwise, these accessories range from 4” to 4.4”, although long bike pegs can reach up to 4.5 inches.As for the diameter, this figure tends to vary, depending on what bike you mount the accessories on.

  • Road bike peg sizes tend to have a diameter of 11 mm.


  • Mountain bike pegs typically use 14-15 mm pegs, although sizes 12 and 18 mm are not uncommon.


  • For BMXs, the common peg diameters for the front and rear wheels are 10 mm and 14 mm, respectively. 


Different materials are utilized, and bike pegs used for one thing may not work as well for another situation. 

  1. Plastic is very light and cheap, but it’s also fragile, so not many people would opt for this material if they intend to perform tricks.
  2. Chromoly steel is incredibly durable but adds a lot of weight to the frame.
  3. Aluminum is relatively light yet still durable, making them popular for stunts on bikes.

Tricks You Can Do With Bike Pegs

1. Riding on pegs of a bike


Many tricks involve having to stand on bike pegs, particularly rear ones, while having the bicycle continue moving. Some other stunts will have the rider sit on the handlebar while using the front pegs as a foothold. 

These are tricks you cannot do without pegs.

2. Grinding


Grinds are tricks where you bring the bike up against a structure or obstacle, such as a rail, placing a part of the cycle on the surface, and having it slide along. 

This trick can be done using different components, such as the chainring or pedal. Still, the pegs are generally more effective, allowing you to slide further without having to worry about damage to parts.

Using pegs also allows for more grind variations, such as using the front, rear, or even both for the stunt. You can also grind with pegs on opposite sides, called the crooked grind, or use one wheel and one peg, called the feeble grind.

3. Stall

This trick involves doing similar steps to the grind, but instead of sliding, you keep the bike still. There are different variations for this move as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can you buy bike pegs?

You can find pegs in many different stores, including Walmart and other big retailers, but bike shops are the better choice. 

If you would like to have more variety, BMX specialty shops are your best bet, and they are also great places to ask for advice regarding what you want to do for your bicycle.

What are good tips to know for installing bike pegs?

It is easy to put on bike pegs; remove the nut and washer from your wheel axle, place the peg, then place the nut back on to secure it. Here are a few tips to improve your biking experience and safety when using pegs.

  1. A washer for the axle is no longer necessary when using a peg
  2. Proceed slowly when putting the nut back on to prevent cross threading
  3. Anti-roll pins are useful for preventing pegs from loosening
  4. Use peg grease to perform longer grinds more easily 

Are bike pegs illegal for carrying passengers?

It is illegal to use bicycle pegs to carry passengers in many places, including various states in the US. For example, it is illegal in Florida—you can only carry passengers here if there’s a designated seat in the back.

There are bike pegs for passengers that are designed differently from stunt pegs, and these are more durable for carrying people. However, do not expect them to be legal either.


What are bike pegs for? Now you know that having these installed is very important in widening your stunt repertoire. Pay close attention to the important considerations when choosing pegs, as well as the safety tips for installing, and you’re all set.

Do you have a bike with pegs? What type of bicycle do you have them for, and for what purpose? Tell us about your experiences in the comments section below.

Always ride safely.

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