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What Age is a 14 Inch Bike for? (Kids Bike Sizes Guide)

Written by Gary Johnson / Fact checked by Henry Speciale

what age is a 14 inch bike for

Bicycles come in a variety of sizes. So, when looking for a new bike, you should inquire about the size and age range of the bike. Those looking for the best bike for preschoolers are probably searching for a 14-inch bike.

So, what age is a 14 inch bike for? Typically, bicycles with 14-inch wheels are appropriate for children aged 3 to 4. However, this may vary based on the child’s height and weight. Read this guide to find the best bike for your child:

What Age is a 14 Inch Frame Bike for?


A bike with 14-inch wheels is appropriate for riders aged 3 to 5. This bike comes with a rather small frame as it has 14-inch wheels. Therefore, if your kid’s height is around 40 – 43 inches tall (100 cm – 110 cm), they can maneuver a 14 inch bicycle quite well.

If your kid is taller than such a standard, you might want to get a taller bike with a wheel diameter of 16 inches. 

Alternatively, if they are a tad shorter than average height, maybe around 36 inches – 39 inches, they should practice on a 12-inch bike.

What Are the Best Bikes for Your Preschoolers?


As I have mentioned earlier, the age of your kid is not only the determining factor in buying a bike. Even if you follow the chart for 14 inches bike age, it does not guarantee that your kid will be comfortable using the bike.

You should also get the measurement of your child, especially the height and length of arms and legs. In this way, you can identify the perfect bike size for them by referring the measurements to the bike size chart kids.

Depending on the age, height and weight of your kid, here are recommended bike sizes for kids:

Height (inch) Inseam (inch) Age Wheel size (inch)
34 – 40 14 – 17 2 -4 12
37 – 43 16 – 20 3 – 5 14
45 – 51 20 – 24 5 – 8 16
  • 12 inch wheel bikes The smallest bike size available today is the 12-inch bike. They are suitable for kids between the ages of 2 to 4 years old. Most of these types are balance bikes that lack pedals. The bicycles only have handlebars, wheels, and seat posts. 

A balance bike is an introductory bike you can buy for your child. It is the best way to learn biking basics such as steering and balancing. The bike also has low seats, so your kid can easily touch the ground and push the bike forward using their legs.

  • 14 inch wheel bikesMost 14 inch bikes come with a pedal and training wheels. Some 14 inch bike with training wheels also have a rear brake control and will give your child the ultimate biking experience.

You can teach them how to pedal while maintaining their balance during cycling. Your child will learn how to speed up the bike through pedaling. It will give them more confidence on the road, and the control to start and stop the bike using the brake system.

  • 16 inch wheel bikes At 5-8 years old, your child is already familiarized with different parts of the bike and how to use them. Your kid has developed great balancing skills and has also mastered pedaling.

It is now the ideal time to upgrade to a larger bike, such as a 16-inch bike. Bikes of this size usually come with rear coaster brakes. It means your child needs to pedal backward to stop.

It is a bigger bike and only suitable for a taller kid. After this, your kid can upgrade to a teen bike size ranging from 20 to 24 inch wheel size.

Can a 3 and 4 Year Old Ride a 14 Inch Bike?

Yes, they can. Generally, kids this age can ride on a 14-inch bike, based on the kid’s bike size charts.

A bike of this size means that it has 14-inch bike wheels. The bike wheel size may be a good starting point when looking for the appropriate cycle, but it is not the only thing you must consider.


Bicycling is a pleasurable activity, especially for children. It is fun, exciting, and can fully maximize their locomotor skills. However, to get the best out of cycling, you must select the right bike wheel size for height and age. It will make them comfortable during the ride and they will appreciate biking more.

So, what age is a 14 inch bike for? Well, a 14-inch bike is suitable for a 3 and 4 years old, but there are other things you should consider, too. So, the moment you shop for a bike, consider your kid’s height, weight, and comfort, too.

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