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How to Turn Off Proform Bike in 3 Easy to Do Steps

Written by Gary Johnson / Fact checked by Henry Speciale

how to turn off proform bike

Cycling is an effective exercise if you want to improve your cardiovascular fitness. You can do it indoors if you have reliable exercise equipment at home. Proform is the most popular brand in the market for home-based fitness equipment.

Proform has a good selection of exercise equipment that suits any lifestyle and fitness goals. The newest addition to the brand’s product line is the Proform bike, which builds cardiovascular strength, improves endurance, and tones muscles.

With this cutting-edge equipment, you should know how to operate it effectively. So, how to turn off Proform bike?

Find out the process by following this guide:

Things You Need for This Tutorial

  • Proform bike
  • Power source

Turning Off the Proform Bike

Proform is the leading brand when it comes to fitness equipment. The brand attracts a huge market seeking excellent fitness machines with state-of-the-art technology. Its products include touch screens, Internet connectivity, dynamic workouts, and more.

It is only essential that you learn how to operate the machine and know the proform bike display meaning to maximize its uses or functions. One of the most common concerns among Proform bike users is how you can reboot a Proform bike. The task is easy, especially if you follow these steps effectively:

Step 1. Locate the power button


Every electronic machine has a power button that helps transfer electricity to the equipment. There is a power button located on the Proform machines, and you need to determine its location if you want to turn off Proform bike display. Most of the power buttons in Proform exercise bikes are located just underneath the display screen.

Step 2. Press the button

After you have located the power button, you must press it properly to turn off screen on the proform bike. It is similar to how you turn off proform treadmill. The device will not automatically stop after you switch it off; you must stop pedaling so the machine can slow down and stop eventually.

Do not be surprised if the machine does not instantly turn off even if you have pressed the turn-off button. Remember, you must gently stop pedaling so the machine can sense that there is no movement from the user.

Proform bike operates with a computer to track and monitor your workouts. It logs in what you spent using the machine and will continue consuming electricity. It is important that you turn off your bike after every exercise. This way, you can avoid draining your exercise bike’s battery.

Step 3. Unplug the machine

Now that you have switched off the equipment, you can unplug the bike from the electricity source. Do not unplug your Proform bike directly without turning off the machine using the switch button. It would be dangerous for the machine.

The electrical components can wear prematurely if you directly unplug the machine from the power source.

Proform Bike Fails to Turn Off


Even after you turn off your machine, there are instances that your Proform bike will not turn off. There are several reasons why your equipment is not turning off. It may be that the machine is malfunctioning or the bike is still connected to Bluetooth.

Low battery life is also a major reason your Proform bike is not turning off. To optimally switch on and off your device, you should change your bike’s batteries, reset proform bike, and see whether the machine will reboot properly.

Another reason is a loose crank arm. As I have mentioned, your Proform equipment has sensors that automatically activate once they notice incoming movement. If there is a loose crank arm, the machine will not easily sense the sudden stop of a movement. Thus, it will fail to turn off.

You can resolve this by tightening and realigning the crank arm again. Make sure that you realign the crank arm against the equipment’s frame. You can consult proform exercise bike manual to do this process properly.


How to turn off Proform bike is easy if you know all the essential steps. Luckily, we have prepared this guide for you to be more confident in operating your Proform bike. The guide is simple and easy to understand. Also, we provided simple troubleshooting tips in case your machine fails to turn off.

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