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1810 30th Street
Boulder 80301

Station Type

Breakfast (6:30 - 9:00 AM)

Station Offerings

SPF. Eye glass cleaning.

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Expected Number of Riders


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BoulderEyes is located in the heart of Boulder at 1810 30th Street.  We are immediately North of Arapahoe, and close to the University of Colorado, Colorado Athletic Club, King Soopers, Naropa, and the 29th Street Mall.


We have been working with Boulder Brands, Sysco Foods, and Justin's Peanut Butter regarding food for Bike to Work Day.  We would also be able to wash rider's glasses, and provide SPF if they want it.


We could accommodate as many riders as BTW wants us to.  Boulder Brands has discussed providing breakfast burritos. We would also be able to provide fresh fruit, muffins, if needed. And peanut butter.



Thank you!  We are so excited to participate in Bike To Work Day, 2017!

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