Station Information

Station Location

Bikes Together - Mariposa
1090 Osage Street
Denver 80204

Station Type

Breakfast (6:30 - 9:00 AM)

Station Offerings

Bike Tech
Bike Parking
food, bike support and fix-a-flat station

Station Details

Expected Number of Riders


Station Description and Your Station Sponsors

Bikes Together wants to see a future filled with a symphony of human-powered movement. We want to give bicyclists a voice in how they envision their city, and that starts with Bikes Together being a center for all things bicycle related. By having access to education, bike maintenance, and to a bicycle, community members can see and experience the future of bikes. And we believe that future is bright and full of creative possibility. 


Together we make a better bike world.


Come to the 10th and Osage light-rail station and visit with Bikes Together and other local businesses for some free bike maintenance support, fix-a-flat station, food and drink, and much, much more!  


Make the Bikes Together stop part of your Bike to Work Day commute in 2018!