Station Information

Station Location

Village Greens Park

Station Type

Breakfast (6:30 - 9:00 AM)

Station Offerings

Bike Tech
Bike Parking
Mobile stage with music!

Station Details

Expected Number of Riders

2 000

Station Description and Your Station Sponsors

There will be much rejoicing at the AAA - Colorado / Goove Automotive Super Station at Village Greens Park in Greenwood Village in cooperation with the Denver South Economic Development Partnership. 


Bicycle maintenance support will be provided by Bike Source. (4 total mechanics) 


This location sits at the confluence of Dam Road, Dayton and E. Union Ave near Cherry Creek Reservoir.  


For many this is the path they will take to get to Downtown Denver / Cherry Creek or South to the Denver Tech Center and Inverness. 


We're going to have a bunch of food, beverages and swag (giveaways) of unspeakable value!  


Groove will be bringing their Road Show - a mobile entertainment system - playing music for riders.  


We'll be there until everything is given away. Honestly, we'll still be there after the stuff is gone, but we'll only be able to give out crisp high-fives. :D 


We look forward to seeing you on Bike to Work Day!!