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How to Remove Speed Limiter on Electric Bike? – Detailed Guide

Written by Gary Johnson / Fact checked by Henry Speciale

how to remove speed limiter on electric bike

Electric bicycles normally come with a speed limiter. It is a helpful device to ensure that the bike does not accelerate more than the allowable speed. A speed limiter also guarantees safety while you are on highways or busy roads.

However, it can reduce the motor’s speed and limit it from reaching its maximum performance. So to fully enjoy the bicycle’s full speed capacity, many people would rather remove the speed limiter.

How to remove speed limiter on electric bike? Read this guide to find the step-by-step process:

Things You Need for This Tutorial


This may sound like a complicated process, but you only need some tech skills for electric bike speed limiter removal. If you prefer the easiest method, you will need to purchase an electric bike tool kit.

Methods of Removing Speed Limiter on Electric Bikes


How do you override the speed limit on an e-bike?

There are different ways to override the speed limiter on your bike. You can remove it by taking off the limiting wire, using a special e-bike tool kit, or handling it manually. Here in this guide, we will show you all the methods to modify your equipment:

Process 1: Removing the bicycle limiting wire

The first process is probably the easiest way to remove the speed limiter on your bike. If your electric bike has limiting wire installed, you just have to remove the e-bike speed limiter wire from your equipment and follow the instructions below:

  • You have to locate the limited wire installed on your bicycle. It is usually found at the controller and normally comes as a single wire.
  • Then, since it is attached to the connector, you can simply take it off.
  • After removing the wire, your bicycle now lacks the e bike speed limit, and you are free to enjoy its full speed.

Process 2: Derestricting bicycle with the use of manual tuning


This process to derestrict an electric bike is also called the By-Hand Method. You can do this manually by hand without any extra bike tool or tool kit. It is cheap but effective in removing the speed limiter on your bike.

Understand some technical terms before you move forward:

Working on the sensor

The sensor monitors and reads the behavior of your bike. It sends data to a computer unit that analyzes the input, and comes up with the proper output needed by your bike motor.

Modifying the sensor is one of the critical ways of taking off your speed limiter. It is usually found at the base of the bike frame, and it directly works with the magnet. The magnetic device works side by side with the sensor, too.

With the use of the magnetic device, you can make your bicycle faster. You can relocate the device away from the bicycle wheel. In this way, the controller will notice a lower frequency and signal that you are using the bicycle at a lower speed.

In turn, the controller will prompt the engine and the speed limiter to move at a faster pace. But this ebike speed limit hack should be done properly, following the guide below:

  • Locate the magnetic device and sensor on your bike. Remove them from their respective locations and find another place to re-position them.
  • The best place to relocate the magnet is the pedal bracket of your electric bike. Once you move the magnetic device, proceed to the sensor.
  • More the sensor near the magnetic device. Make sure that the sensor is facing the magnet.
  • By this time, your bike is derestricted, and you will that the bike speeds up upon using it.

Process 3: Use of e-bike tools


Since plenty of bikers are complaining about speed limiters, manufacturers came up with e-bike kits to help cyclists manipulate the speed. Compared to the first two methods mentioned, this process can cause you money.

You need to buy an e-bike tool kit that will help you modify the speed rate of your bike and distort the speed data on the equipment. There are two kits available in the market:

  • Type 1 requires circuit disassembly
  • Type 2 does not require circuit disassembly

You should know which tool kit to purchase. For instance, the tool kit on electric bike bosch is one of the most commonly used kits available in the market today. It is compatible with most e-bike brands.

Type I

The first tool kit type does not require you to disassemble the circuit of your bike. The kit comes with switches that can easily be activated and deactivated by pressing the keypad’s lighting button

Using the type I tool, it is important that you remove the battery of the bike.

Type II

Compared to the first type, the second type of tuning kit is more convenient to use. You do not need to disassemble any circuit from your bike. You only need to attach a part of the kit to the sensor of the electric bike.

Once it is fully intact with the sensor, the device will already work its wonders. You have instantly removed the speed limiter on your bike, and you can now ride at the fastest speed.

If Type II did not work immediately, be reminded that some kits only get activated once you are riding on the bike and reach the maximum speed.


The speed limiter can be part of an electric bike’s safety features, but to adrenaline junkies who ride at top speed, it can be too restricting. Bikers who are used to enjoying the rush of cycling at maximum speed will want to know how to remove speed limiter on electric bike without causing any damage. You just need to follow the guide and enjoy your bike’s optimum speed.

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