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How to Put on Peloton Shoes and Clip Into the Pedal?

Written by Gary Johnson / Fact checked by Henry Speciale

how to put on peloton shoes

Having comfortable footwear during indoor cycling is necessary to boost your spinning performance. Shoes designed for biking ensure that you are always on top of your game. Biking shoes specifically manufactured by Peloton come with cleats and buckle closures for a stable and secure connection.

Putting them on might be a serious challenge, especially for first-time users. Peloton shoes are not just regular shoes that come with lace or velcro straps. They have a special locking system and soles meticulously designed for Peloton bikes.

So, how to put on Peloton shoes? This guide will walk you through the step-by-step process. It includes assembling the shoes and cleats, putting on the shoes, and clipping the Peloton to the bike’s pedal.


Things You Need for This Tutorial

Peloton shoes are specifically engineered to work with Peloton stationary bikes. These shoes can make your cycling more comfortable and balanced. With your Peloton shoes, the process of pushing down and pulling up the pedals becomes so much easier.

Your feet will feel more secure and stable even when you speed up your workout. The shoes will help prevent toe-down pedaling and significantly reduce stress on your joints, thighs, and hamstrings. The design promotes proper alignment of your feet as well as your body.

With this, it helps you achieve the proper cycling biomechanics and prevent the risk of getting injured. The steadiness and stability it offers ensure that you can endure extended hours of cycling.

Thus, it is important to understand how to use peloton shoes and how to maximize their functions. With the following tools in hand, you can easily have the proper Peloton shoes setup:

  • Look Delta cleats or Shimano SPD-SL cleats
  • Cycling socks
  • Peloton cycling shoes
  • Peloton bike

Then, you can follow these steps to successfully put on the Peloton shoes:

  • Assembling Peloton shoes and cleats
  • Loosening the buckles or unstrap the Velcro closure
  • Put on the Peloton shoes
  • Close or buckle up the shoes
  • Clip-in Peloton shoes into your bike

Tips and Tricks When Putting on Peloton Shoes


Step 1. Assembling Peloton shoes and cleats

Peloton shoes should always come with cleats that support your body when riding. You can choose either the Look Delta cleats or those that come from Shimano. It is important to install the cleats when you assemble Peloton shoes.

To do this, you can wear the shoes and create a mark at the bottom of Peloton shoes. You can trace the ball of your feet using a pencil or a marker. In this way, you can adjust the middle cleat across the ball of your foot when necessary.

Then, based on the markings, place the cleats at the bottom of your Peloton shoes. For proper placement, you have to match the cleats with the three screw holes you see on the shoes.

After that, install the washer into the proper recess of the cleats followed by the screws. Tighten the screw using a 4-mm hex key and ensure that the cleats are placed securely. Repeat the step with the other shoe.

(Pro tip: To know if you perfectly aligned the cleats on your shoes, you can start pedaling and observe whether the pressure goes to the ball of your foot. If you feel uncomfortable, check whether the screws are loosened, and tighten them again)

Step 2. Loosening the buckles or unstrap the Velcro closure


Peloton clip-in shoes can have Velcro straps or a buckle closure system. If you have shoes with buckle enclosures, ensure that you loosen them first. You can do this by pressing the button of the buckle and waiting for it to snap open. Adjust the buckle strap until you have enough opening to put in your foot. For shoes with Velcro enclosures, you can just unstrap them. Pull the strap gradually until you have the right space to insert your foot.

Step 3. Put on the Peloton shoes

Put your socks on before sliding your foot to the opening area of the Peloton shoes clips. Avoid wearing the shoes without socks on. It will be uncomfortable for you and it might damage your soles.

It is important to get your balance when putting on the Peloton shoes. You can sit on a chair, so you will not lose your balance while wearing it. Insert your foot gradually into the shoe. Make sure that you are able to put your foot completely in the shoe. Do the same for the other foot.

(Pro tip: Do not leave your heels hanging when putting on the shoes. It is important that your foot is entirely inside the shoe. Your feet must be properly rested and secured.)

Step 4. Close or buckle up the shoes

Once you are confident that your feet are comfortable and all settled, you can start tightening the shoe enclosure. To do this, pull the string through the loop of the buckle, then secure it by lifting the buckle button and release.

If you feel that the straps are too loose, you can pull the strap gradually until you are comfortable with its tightness. Repeat the process with your other foot. By this point, you have successfully put on your Peloton shoes, you can now start riding your Peloton bike.

Step 5. Clipping your Peloton shoes into your bike


Before you can actually ride your stationary bike wearing your Peloton shoes, you should undergo the clipping process.

To do this, you can stand with your legs apart on both sides of the bike. It is important that you are in a standing position to guarantee a successful clipping. You can use the handlebars to find your balance while reaching the bike pedals.

Then, point your toe downward and fit your shoes into the pedal’s opening. Make sure that the cleat touches the pedal’s opening. Once you notice that the cleat and pedal attach, you can push your heel and wait until you hear a click in peloton shoes. The sound indicates that the shoe already snapped into your bicycle pedal.

To address your Peloton cleats not clipping in, wiggle your shoe from side to side. If your shoes are coming off on a subtle wiggle or your Peloton shoes don’t clip in, inspect the attachment again by going through the previous steps.


Peloton shoes are great inventions for bikers. You do not need to wear uncomfortable shoes while cycling and injure yourself in the process. With its innovative and smart design, your feet will feel more comfortable even during an intense cycling workout.

However, since it is not the standard footwear that can easily be slipped in, there are important steps to follow. Luckily, we have listed the step-by-step process on how to put on peloton shoes here to help you maximize the use of Peloton shoes. May you find them simple and easy to understand.

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