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Knocking Noise When Pedaling Exercise Bike – 4 Reasons

Written by Gary Johnson / Fact checked by Henry Speciale

knocking noise when pedaling exercise bike

Isn’t it distracting to do your daily pedal workout regimen with your exercise bike squeaking? Hearing a knocking noise when pedaling exercise bike while riding may indicate a broken component.

Identifying which part causes the vibration noise needs a thorough assessment. It is why seeking a professional fitness machine technician is crucial to help you resolve this issue quickly and effectively.

Why Does My Exercise Bike Make a Knocking Noise When I Pedal?


One of the most efficient workout regimens out there is doing a pedal exercise. It gives you the satisfaction of calorie burning and stress relief. Hence, you may find yourself in an uncomfortable position with a knocking noise. Learn here to explore further the source of the clunking noise on your stationary bike.

1. Dirty & Dry Bearings

Causes of a magnetic exercise bike making noise is common with dirty and dry bearings. Squeaks and creaks are often discernible whenever you are doing powerful cycling.

Adding grease to your bike’s bearings and chains would ensure that both components function smoothly again.

2. Loose Pedal

If your bike’s left pedal produces a grinding noise, underlying reasons could be associated with a loose pedal. The following are two ways to address the issue:

  • Tighten the bike’s pedal
  • Bike pedal replacement

Although possible, tightening a loose pedal may either make or break your stationary bike. Suppose both of your bike’s pedals are loose. In that case, tightening them might affect other components like adding stress to the rear suspension.

Due to such reasons, replacing the bike pedal would be more beneficial to ensure your bike is good for use.

3. Broken Wheel

A spin bike making clicking noise can indicate a broken part connected to the wheel. If you are facing this issue, it is recommendable to reach your machine maintenance provider or go to the nearest bike repair specialist for immediate attention.

4. Issues on Internal Cable Routing

Exercise bikes are a great alternative to road or mountain bikes. Even stationary, its components are similar to both bike types, which creates an active impression for users.

Unlike their moving counterparts, the internal cable routing installation is fixed on the machine. So whenever your bike produces a vibration noise, this could mean that the exercise bike is inadequately installed.

Knocking Noise on Exercise Bikes


It isn’t likely for exercise bikes to make random noises. Your bike making noise when pedaling may imean that something wrong is going on with your bike.

Based on the brand type, here are the reasons why you have been hearing a strange knocking noise on your exercise bike:

1. Peloton

A Peloton knocking sound while pedaling could indicate a problem on its lower bracket. However, it still varies based on the noise that it produces.

It could be helpful to do these simple Peloton maintenance processes. If the problem persists, you can contact Peloton to help fix your exercise bike.

2. Proform

Proform exercise bike knocking noise could be an implication of two things. It can either be a cause of a loose chain or a friction between the derailleur and exercise bike frame.

To fix the loose chain, you can tighten it using the manufacturer’s instructions to tighten Proform exercise bikes’ chain.

3. Echelon

For Echelon exercise bikes, a knocking noise indicates a loose nut on the wheel. It can be worrying to some, but all you need to do is to follow this video for proper guidance.

Kindly note how to carefully follow the instructions for tightening measures, as prescribed in the Echelon website FAQ page.

4. Marcy

Marcy exercise bikes that produce a clunking noise could be due to a dry bearing. Putting on some grease to the clutch spring can be helpful in getting rid of the irritating sound.

How Do I Stop My Bike From Knocking?


Exercise bikes come in handy for those looking for exercise cycling alternatives. As a step towards an active, healthier lifestyle – it is also valuable to care for your exercise bikes.

Here are some of the best ways that you can do to maintain your exercise bikes:

  • Clean frame

Stationary or not, keeping your exercise bike clean is a hygienic process that you should take in mind. You can clean the bike frame bi-monthly or weekly in simple steps.

Using a soap and sponge, you are good to go!

  • Vacuum interior

Since exercise bikes are stationary, dust could accumulate over time. Reach out dust particles by vacuuming your exercise bike’s interior.

Doing so could help to avoid interior issues that may arise in the future.

  • Grease pivots

For smoother bike cycling, you should provide moisture on the gears. It is crucial to guarantee that every component is right in place – especially the pivots, keeping water away and reducing friction pressure.

  • Check springs, cables, & shocks

Monitoring visible aspects of your exercise bike is essential in keeping the machine for a long run. It will also gauge how strenuous your use of your exercise bike is.

  • Lubricate chains

Part of every exercise bike maintenance is to lubricate its chain. Doing so would be helpful to make pedaling smoother, allowing you to do your workout comfortably.


There are different meanings behind a knocking noise when pedaling exercise bike. Interpreting the exact type of noise coming from your exercise bike would help you understand the next step that you are about to take.

Whichever the case, such a noise denotes that there could be some broken component with your machine. Although you can undertake some immediate steps to remedy the issue, it is still crucial to talk with a professional machine technician to take proper measures.

A no-noise exercise bike ride is assuredly enjoyable. We hope you have found an applicable answer to your exercise bike noise problem in this article.

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