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How Much Should I Spend on a Bike? (Price Guide 2023)

Written by Gary Johnson / Fact checked by Henry Speciale

how much should i spend on a bike

If you’re looking to buy your first bike, there is a lot to think about. But the question always asked, “How much should I spend on a bike?”.

From entry level to high end bicycles, the average price for a bike should be around $100 – $3500 and above. And with so many different factors influencing your bike cost in USA, you’ll never have to go back to Reddit again!

This guide will hopefully help you understand how much you should spend on something that lets you coast down a mountain or road with ease.

Average Bike Costs


A good bicycle cost varies widely according to the type of bicycle and its features. If you want to know how much to spend on a road bike, the entry level for road bike pricing should be budgeted from $1200 to at least $1800.

On the other hand, the amount that you have to spend on a mountain bike is more expensive than road bikes. Since many types, brands, and materials are used, even a trail MTB can cost from $1000 to a whopping $5000.

For more details, we have compiled a price range list for different quality bike types.

Bike Types Price Range
Mountain Bikes

● Hardtail Mountain Bikes

● Full Suspension Mountain Bikes


$900 – $5,440+

$2,000 – $13,000+

Road or Gravel Bike $1,000 – $10,000+
Hybrid Bike $500 – $1000+
Touring Bike $1,600 – $2,200
Folding Bike $350 – $9,000
Fixed Gear / Fixies $350 – $1,600+
BMX Bikes $200 – $2,000+
Cruiser $330 – $1,300+
Fat Bike $500 – $2,000
Electric Bike $750 – $14,000

Knowing how much for a good bike will still depend on the available bicycles at your local bike shop, but knowing the expected range can help you budget early on.

Rules You Can Consider Before Spending on a Bike

If you are looking to buy a brand new bicycle, then plenty of options available on the market today will suit your needs.

The average price varies depending on where you live, what bike discipline you use, and how much money you want to spend. To get the most out of at least a decent bicycle cost, you must keep in mind certain rules when canvassing for your two-wheeler.

1. Bicycle Type

Different bicycles can be used in different terrains and bike disciplines. You must first decide how and where you will ride your bike.

Will you use it for racing, downhill terrains, curbs, off-road tracks, paved roads, or others?

Bikes for off-road are built differently from bikes meant for paved roads, and so are bicycles with other features, such as electric bikes and folding bikes.

This is important to consider when you spend on a bicycle because using a specific bicycle on the wrong terrain could damage your bicycle, leading to faster wear and tear. Accidents can happen if the bicycle is incompatible with the bike discipline.

2. Budget


The budget is one of the decisive factors in whether a cyclist can purchase a quality bike for a fair price.

If you don’t invest in quality the first time you buy, maintenance and repairs will surely cost you soon.

It is also not a great thing to overspend unless necessary; not everyone has a deep pocket, and being wise with your bike spending can help you spend more on other cycling accessories such as clothes, etc.

3. Body


Cycling is indeed a great sport that doesn’t burden the body as much as other physical activities like running. But still, you must check your physical condition to see if you can handle cycling.

For example, avoid buying a fat bike if you have a weaker pedal force since they are heavier than your regular bike.

If you are on the weaker side and want to cycle for leisure, then an affordable commuter bicycle can do the job. A commuter bicycle or city bike cost around $500 to $6,000, with 6,00o being the average price for a custom commuter bike.

4. Bicycle Knowledge

The average cost of a bicycle can be considered cheap to some or expensive to others. When considering the amount of spending you need for your cycling activity, you must check with yourself the amount of knowledge you have regarding cycling.

If you are a newbie, there are a couple of entry-level bicycles for road bikes to mountain bikes that you can choose from for just $800 – $3,500. You can set this limit when looking for a bicycle you want to use regularly.

Once your skills and knowledge increase, you can upgrade your bike to a mid-range or high-end bicycle to test them yourself.

5. Used bikes

However, you don’t have to only consider a brand new bike cost. You can also opt for getting a used bike from various places like garage sales or even online via eBay or craigslist.



Is It Worth Paying More For A Bike?

Well, if you’re looking for the best bike, paying more than the minimum may be a wise investment. The average bike price from the above price range should be enough to get you an entry-level to mid-range bicycle.

And if you’ve got cash to spare, you can use them to prepare your bicycle accessories, especially if you want to make this activity a regular hobby.

It is a no-brainer that branded bicycles cost more since manufacturers will use newer technology and premium materials upon production. You can expect to spend more if you want a high-end frame or components, and these features will help your speed and overall bicycle performance.

Difference Between Cheap And Expensive Bicycles

If you are contemplating getting a cheap bike or a more expensive one, then you must know the pros and cons of each type.

If budget is a huge turning point in your decision-making, weighing the advantages could help you in deciding which is better in your current case.

  Cheaper Bicycles Expensive Bicycles
Bicycle Frame  

● Stainless steel or aluminum

● Heavier than carbon fiber or titanium frames


● Carbon fiber or titanium,

● Lightweight and strong

Shock Absorption ● Steel coil springs ● Air spring shock with hydraulics (lightweight)
Drivetrains and Rolling Element Bearings ● Less convenient to operate

● Less efficient technology

● Longer life span with proper maintenance

● More efficient with technical engineering

Wheels ● Cheap plastic bushing materials ● Better materials (High-grade aluminum or titanium)

● Tightly sealed bearings

Overall Performance ● Less durable than expensive bikes and more susceptible to wear and tear ● Superior quality, faster and more comfortable to cycle.

Although expensive bikes top in terms of the overall specs, the cheaper bicycle also has its own charms that most people can go with.

Cheaper bicycles are actually easy to get and believe it or not, even department stores sell bicycles. But since they are low-cost, they are also less durable. But hey, with their cheap price, you can just dispose of them and buy a new one!

Is Biking Cheaper Than Driving?

This year, the average cost of cars increased to $50,000. While there are also second-hand options available for those looking for a vehicle as a mode of transportation, the gas price, which has increased to $3.84 per gallon on Nov. 10, 2022, is a huge pocket digger.

If you consider this, buying a wholly assembled bicycle is WAY cheaper by a couple of thousand bucks.

Regular maintenance costs around $60 – $150 for basic to major tune-up. And since regular maintenance should be done no less than twice a year, you will only add at least $120 – $300 per year to the budget. That is still a whole lot cheaper than a car!

There are even tons of students who bike for college, as it is eco-friendly to go to and from places while avoiding traffic. Therefore, the budget commuter bike option is available almost everywhere.


If budget is a concern, don’t be afraid to shop around to find the best price. Knowing how much should i spend on a bike, is a great mindset when starting cycling and even for already experienced cyclists.

After all, as with any sport, the more comfortable and durable your equipment, the more enjoyable it will be and the longer you’ll be able to stay in action.

There are many other options with equivalent features and competitive prices, so take advantage of them!

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