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How Much Does a Mountain Bike Cost? – Update in 2023

Written by Gary Johnson / Fact checked by Henry Speciale

how much does a mountain bike cost

For those seeking adventures with cycling, getting a mountain bike is an excellent choice. It is perfect for off-road activities where you need a robust and reliable machine to get you through several trail challenges.

However, there are different types of mountain bikes targeting specific users. They come in various price ranges and offer several features. So, how much does a mountain bike cost? The cheapest mountain bike is as low as $180, and the most expensive can go as high as $11,500.

For more details, continue reading this guide.


MTB Price Ranges 

Entry level bikes differ from professional mountain bike, as well as their corresponding prices. You need to conduct a little research if you want to know the right type of MTB and its respective mountain bike prices before making your purchase.

1. Entry-level

For beginner or amateur users, we recommend using an entry-level mountain bike first. You can enjoy the basic features and get more acquainted with using a mountain bike.

At the budget price, this type of mountain bike can cost you between $400 and $800.

It is ideal for simple trails because it may lack special features to endure the challenges of hard trails. But an entry-level mountain bike can still be upgraded if you progress in cycling.

2. Mid-range level

If you use a mountain bike for several months and want to go for an upgrade, you can check out products with midrange prices. A good mountain bike of this kind can cost $1000 to $2000.

With the cost of mountain bike, you can enjoy a front suspension and excellent bike components. You can take this kind of MTB for casual ride and on tougher terrains.

However, unlike professional bike, midrange ones have some components that require upgrades over time. They are not as robust and durable as expensive ones.

3. Entry-level full suspension

If you are looking for an entry-level with full suspension mountain bikes, you need to prepare $400 to $500. They are not as expensive as midrange ones, but they are reliable and ideal for beginners.

For instance, entry level full suspension mountain bike cost for a Specialize Camber Comp 3.0 is around $500, while the Giant TCR Advance 3 entry-level full suspension is $400.

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4. Mid-range full suspension

For average bikers, you would want to enjoy an excellent bike with all the basic features. Mid-range full suspension bikes offers you the best bike experience without costing too much. The price range is from $1000 to $6000 for this type.

Prices of different types of MTB

As mentioned earlier, MTBs are of various kinds. Each kind is ideal for specific trail and bike activity. The price point of every type also varies depending on the features and brand:

6. Trail bikes


If you are frequently passing along rugged trails, the best MTB for you is the trail bike. This type of bike has components intended to endure rough trails. It has a light frame and full suspension which easily absorbs bumps and rocky road.

Buying this type of bike, especially when you are always running around rough terrains, is a wise decision. You do not need to visit the bicycle shop frequently because the parts and components are durable enough to withstand the type of road you normally takes. A decent bike cost for this kind is $500, while the expensive ones are around $5000.

7. Downhill bikes

This kind is known for an excellent suspension component. They are also lightweight and comes with an impressive braking system. The braking system is sturdy and very easy to control, especially when you are going downhill with your bike. The price is around $4,000. The cheapest downhill mountain bike can be $1,000 and up.

8. XC Bike


If you love using your mountain bike for long rides, you should get an XC bikes. They are specifically designed for long distances given that it offers comfort and convenient pedaling system. An entry level bike of this type can cost around $750 to $2000. If you want the best and top of the line models, you should prepare $10,000 for this type.

9. Enduro bikes


For competitive mountain biking, getting an Enduro bike is an smart choice. Most of Enduro bike are lightweight, fast, and easy to navigate. The wheels of Enduro bikes are normally thin, so you can accelerate quickly while on the road. They are ideal to use when going uphill, and at the same time, easy to navigate and control downhill.

With Enduro bikes, you can experience light frames and a full-suspension setting. These features make the bike run faster compared to any other type. They are also perfect for experience cyclists. Enduro bikes has an average cost of $3,000.

10. Electric mountain bikes


For those who want a mountain bike, but does not want to exert too much effort pedalling, you can opt to use electric mountain bikes. They are some of the most expensive types because of the additional features and systems that come with them. At an average, the bike starts at $4,150.

Why Do Mountain Bikes Cost So Much?

Mountain bikes so expensive compared to regular road bikes because of the bike components they feature. These components such as the frames, wheels, and tires provide users a better ride experience.

For instance, a lightweight frame can already cost $4000 while a excellent wheels can go from $300 to $3000. These components alone can make your MTB very expensive. The handlebars, grips and pedals also affect the price of a mountain bike.

Why Is There Such a Difference in Price?

As mentioned, an inexpensive mountain bike price can start from $180 and up to an ultra expensive one of around $11,000. There is a huge price difference because of the materials, features, and components installed in the mountain bike.

For example, you can either have a steel, aluminum, titanium, and carbon bike frame. The prices of these materials vary depending on the weight, durability, and longevity. Steel bike frames are the cheapest, while a carbon frame is the most expensive.

It also applies to other components like bike fork, wheels, crankset, chains and cassettes. The price of bike suspension with a diameter of 80mm is different from the ones with 210mm. Bigger wheels, on the other hand, are costlier than small ones. Factor in the tire tread and thickness, as well.

How to Save Money When Buying a Mountain Bike?

If you want to make your mountain bike less costly, you should take advantage of deals and discounts being offered by retailers and manufacturers on their current-year models. According to Reddit, most of the time, newest mountain bike models are discounted during the fall and winter seasons or end-of the year to make place for the next year’s bike models.

What Are the Differences Between an Expensive Mountain Bike and Cheap Mountain Bike?

The difference that is highly observable between the expensive and cheap mountain bike is the built. You will easily notice that expensive ones have fine built, more sturdy, and come with state-of-the-art bike components and parts. They are more durable but lightweight and slim but sturdy.

Cheap mountain bikes may sometimes look expensive, but when you use it on very rough terrains, you will most likely have to send to repair shop frequently. You will not feel more confident using a low-priced MTBs.


Mountain bike is one of the most preferred type of bikes among cyclists. You can use it on regular commutes and even on off-road adventures. Nevertheless, you have to choose the right mountain bike and consider your skill level to identify the type of MTB you need.

MTBs vary from one type to another, so it is important to know how much does a mountain bike cost before making your next bike investment. Good thing, we have this guide prepared for you to help you determine the right MTB and its corresponding cost. May this assist you in finding the perfect bike for your lifestyle and needs.

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