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How Long Does It Take to Bike 30 Miles?

Written by Gary Johnson / Fact checked by Henry Speciale

how long does it take to bike 30 miles

2 Hours for 30 Miles: Is it an Impressive Biking Feat?

Did you know that biking is not about style? It’s more about how far you went without pushing yourself. Most bikers usually track their mileage as it provides motivation.

As an experienced biker, my friends always ask me, “How long does it take to bike 30 miles?”

Well, two hours is enough, but there are some underlying factors to consider. Get to know them here, and together, let’s improve our bike skills.

Go for It

Cycling for 30 miles for two hours is considered a good pace for slow, fast, and experienced bikers. So, you would not have to fret about going faster than that.

However, there’s a huge possibility that you would not feel too good by the time you finish this mileage. The soreness would course through your body, starting from your shoulders, then your hip, and down to your legs.

But if your fit body is used to strenuous exercise, you should not have much problem with this issue, especially if you train your lower body properly.

I discovered that bikers and athletes who strengthen their lower limbs can go smoothly with their activities the next day, even if they just returned from a long bike trip.

If your decision’s firm on riding thirty miles, know if the trip will be a one-way 30-mile ride or a 15-mile ride to and from, which totals 30 miles. Knowing precise lengths can help you train for the entire distance.

To give you a tip-off on how it feels, watch this guy’s video about his 30-mile bike ride experience.

The Good Side

Going for 30 miles is a challenge for everyone, especially if you are a newbie. You’ll experience pain. But this pain you will go through will actually feel pleasant, particularly in the recovery stage.

It is known as “good pain.”

You might feel exhausted at first, but it will benefit your health in the long run. It makes you leaner and mentally fit. Your joints also gain excellent flexibility, and constant biking will improve your lung capacity and muscle strength.

When Will I Experience These Benefits?


A biker can easily achieve these benefits by maintaining the correct balance of five, ten, and twenty miles in a week.

You do not even have to go cycling every day. Just make sure that your cycling sessions come with gradual improvement every week.

Take It Slowly

I cannot stress this enough, but when going for a bike trip, always take it gradually, and you will be more than fine.

Keeping this mentality can do wonders for your performance. Your approach towards a 30-mile goal will determine the time it takes to ace the target.

While some bikers cannot achieve a 13-15mph average, other cyclists can go for more than 25 miles per hour. Not everyone has professional biking skills; what’s important is that you enjoyed the whole trip.

This infographic will also help you learn more about the times and average speeds of the levels for cyclists.

Consider the Weather

Achieving your 30-mile goal requires a thorough plan and preparation.

Traveling in strong winds can either be a pro or a con. Strong winds work just like gravity. If they’re against you, terrible headwinds can hinder your speed.

But if the wind flows with you, it can give you a one-of-a-kind speed boost that saves you several minutes each mile.

Aside from the wind, sun and rain also play a part in your speed and overall performance. If you like to go on long journeys, ensure that most succeeding days are sun-lit. Sunny days are ideal for cycling because it gives you better control that results in faster speeds.

On the other hand, the rain makes your bike control more challenging because you’ll be compelled to choose between a hybrid and a mtb. These bikes are known to have greater friction. You also have to control your speed as the roads get slippery.

Want to Make Your Biking More Worthwhile?


Go for a bike tour with your friends. Cycle in groups and choose to bike on flat highways in good weather conditions. This will enable you to reach your goal without even noticing.

Have a Good Bike Companion

I already mentioned the importance of bikes in particular weather conditions, but it won’t hurt to dive deeper into these bike talks.

If you experience sores even at low speeds, then it’s more than likely that your bike is a factor in those aches. Wrong bike sizing and wrong bike type can hurt you more than a breakup.

Bicycle types mainly depend on the road type they will go through. If you cycle through smooth, paved trails in your city, a road bike is for you. Even if you maintain a slow pace, a 30-mile tour will take about 2 hours on a road bike.

Road bicycles only need little effort to pedal and are lightweight. These ideal features make you faster as you can focus more on mileage than force.

Mountain bikes, or mtb, are ideal for bumpy terrains and hilly lands.

Lastly, hybrid bikes act as a midpoint between the two bike types.

Weights and bikes also have a common denominator. Cyclists who switched to carbon fiber bikes revealed that they gained a 5 to 10% acceleration. When I think about it, the numbers are great. But this crucial change usually benefits the fit ones only.

Because if you’re heavy, saving a few kilos on your bicycle won’t make much of a difference.

Also, peripheral bike gears like tires make a minor difference in mass and speed.

Grab Good Equipment

Have you set your mind to go for thirty miles on your next bike trip? If so, you will have to bring 2 water bottles with you, especially if you pass through deserts or open areas that give longer sun exposure than usual.

Try the Simple Modern Insulated Water Bottle that efficiently preserves your water’s temperature, keeping you fresh and hydrated throughout the trip. This product comes with a good design that perfectly fits any type of bike.

But if you know that the route has convenience stores here and there, you can also just bring one bottle and stop by the store for refills.

Sportswear is also crucial to your speed because it can break through terrible headwinds. Plus, wearing light and comfortable attire lessens your overall weight and increases your road performance.


With all the tips in this article, you will surely ace a 30-mile bike ride. Keep a Simple Modern Insulated Water Bottle when going for long distances and choose flat, straight tracks in good weather, especially if it is your first time aiming for 30 miles.

Prepare yourself for this mileage target by keeping yourself fit through exercises and healthy diets. Besides that, always remember to:

  • Go at your own pace.
  • Equip yourself with good bike gear.
  • Never give up.
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