Ride Information

Schedule of ride:

  • 7 am: Meet at the Cheeseman Park Pavilion¬†
  • 7:10ish: Start ride headed West along 11th Ave to Bannock St.
  • 7:25: Arrive at Civic Center Park
  • 7:25-7:55: 30 minutes for breakfast and celebration at Civic Center Park
  • 7:55: Start second leg of ride West along 11th Ave., to Mariposa, to 13th Ave.
  • 8:15: Arrive at CDOT

Ride Details

Ride Start Time

06/26/2019 - 7:15pm

Ride Start Location

Pavilions at Cheesman Park
1900 E 11th Ave
denver 80206

Ride End Location

2829 w howard place
denver, CO 80204

Ride Organizer

krista Flynt
(303) 757-9996