Riding your bike to work is as easy as ABC.


DRCOG and the Way to Go team are making on-street cycling easier for commuters through the promotion of Active Bike Corridors.

Take the guesswork out of planning your urban bike ride by using the ABCs.

Commuting by bike should be safe, fun and accessible. In partnership with Bicycle Colorado and other local advocacy groups we have highlighted bicycle corridors across the metro area that lead to Bike to Work Day superstation or station cluster areas. If you travel these routes, you'll encounter a high number of cyclists, making your trip a safer and more enjoyable one. Join us in making a happier, healthier and less congested city for everyone! 


Okay, sounds great: what are these routes?

The ABC routes appear as a fixed layer on the Bike to Work Day map: you'll be able to see them as you check for stations and plan your route (pro tip: there are lots of stations clustered on or near these high-traffic routes).  

Questions about the ABCs? Please contact us at btwd@drcog.org