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How to Carry a Skateboard on a Bike? (5 Most Effective Methods)

Written by Gary Johnson / Fact checked by Henry Speciale

how to carry a skateboard on a bike

Riding a skateboard for short distances is always a great idea. But using it for long distances can pose some serious challenges. Many would resort to bringing their bike along with a skateboard, especially when taking a longer road.

But without hooks or handles, how to carry a skateboard on a bike? There are practical ways to bring a skateboard on a bicycle and make your ride convenient. To do this, you can use skateboard straps, a rack, an old backpack, or a bungee cord.

Things You Need for This Tutorial


1. Skateboard straps

If you want to attach your skateboard to your body, you will probably need skateboard straps. This is a short sling that can be attached to your board, so you can bring it anywhere you want. The straps are normally made of strong cloth or nylon material, so they can carry the weight of the skateboard.

2. Skateboard bag

For better protection and security, you can also use a skateboard bag or skateboard holder for bike. It can hold your board and you will not have to worry about your board falling out. Compared to straps, however, you would need to shell out some money for a good bag.

A skateboard bag is a specialized carrier that can perfectly fit a skateboard. It comes in different sizes depending on the board you have. Some come with a mini pocket, so you can carry things other than a skateboard.

3. Backpack

If you have a backpack with enough storage space to carry a skateboard, it may be the next way to go. It is economical since you would not have to visit a store to buy a specialized bag. However, you would need straps to secure the skateboard into your bag.

4. Skateboard bike rack

In case you do not want to carry a skateboard on your body while riding, using a skateboard bicycle rack is a good option. This bike rack is also customized to securea skateboard conveniently. It comes in various sizes depending on the kind of skateboard you have.

5. Bungee cords

Bungee cords are elastic, and you can use them for installation. It is very versatile, especially when carrying a skateboard. With a bungee cord, you can place the board on your bike rack or even on the bike frame.

Efficient Ways to Carry a Skateboard on a Bike


1. Using a skateboard bike rack

Before buying a skate rack for bike, inspect your board. It is important to check the measurements of your skateboard, so you can get the right rack. Once you have the proper bike rack size, you can install it on the bike.

Install the rack on the bike frame

The rack is normally installed on the bicycle frame. Ensure that the frame is durable enough to hold a skateboard. Attach your skateboard to the rack and keep its truck face outside. In this way, the bike wheels cannot scratch or damage your board.

Install the rack on the rear bike

The skate rack is versatile. Aside from attaching it to a bike frame, you can install it behind your bike. Since most racks are lightweight, it would be a breeze to attach them to the bicycle. You can just snap it in place and use the built-in Velcro straps to secure the placement.

Then, you can put the skateboard on the rack using grip tape. It is vital to use the tape so you can fasten the board properly.

2. Using a backpack

Sometimes using a backpack to carry your skateboard can be very tricky. You have to use straps on the bag, so it can carry your board well. Choose a strong and durable strap that comes with locks or velcro tapes. Then, you need to attach these straps to every end of the bag and slide your skateboard inside the bag.

Ensure that the straps are loosened to conveniently put the board inside. For this step, you should slide the skateboard inside with the wheels facing out. Then, you can adjust the straps and tighten them to secure the board.

3. Using a skateboard bag

A skateboard bag is one of the easiest ways to carry the board. You can just comfortably slip the skateboard in the bag. This is hassle-free since the bag is made especially for skateboards. The shape of the bag can easily accommodate your skateboard.

4. Using skateboard straps

For those who love off-road adventures, straps are a good way to conveniently carry your board while riding. With straps, your hand will be free of any form of obstruction. You can focus on navigating the road and minimize destruction or discomfort.

The skateboard straps also allow you to adjust the position of your skateboard. Since it is normally attached to your body, you are confident that the device is secure. There are two ways to use the straps with your skateboard.

You can use it to carry the board in front of your body or install it on your back. Either way, it is convenient and lightweight. More importantly, straps can easily carry skateboards of any size. It is versatile and flexible to use.

5. Using bungee cord

Bungee cord is a manageable and versatile material you can use to install your skateboard. With bungee cords, you can haul just about anything onto your bicycle, including a skateboard with handlebars. All you have to do is prepare two or more cords.

You can place the skateboard on the rear rack of the bike or on the bike frame. If you want to install it on the bike rack, it is important to place the wheels or skateboard trucks in the cage spaces. In this way, the board can sit steadily on the rack.

Then, with the use of bungee cords, loop the cords around and secure the attachment. Ensure that your skateboard does not sway from side to side. If this happens, loop another cord to double the security.

Also, check this video to know how to carry a skateboard on a bike:


There are several efficient ways to carry your skateboard on a bike. You can choose to buy specialized products like a skateboard bag or skate rack to help you with the process. They provide security and hassle-free method to bring a skateboard with a bicycle.

There are also practical or economical approaches such as using bungee cords. All methods that were mentioned are safe, fast, and effective.

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